Zhang Zhilin, 50, exposed his asexual life: after ten years of marriage, he is a brother who sleeps in the same bed.

Zhang Zhilin, 50, exposed his asexual life: after ten years of marriage, he is a brother who sleeps in the same bed.

There is a kind of love called Zhang Zhilin and Yuan Yongyi.

during this period of time, couples in the entertainment industry are on and off, and many stars are set to collapse.

the end of the year is like a rush to the performance, making people move back and forth in the melon fields.

under all kinds of negative news, # Yuan Yongyi has three sentences without Zhang Zhilin # rushed into the hot search and saved countless impacted hearts.

netizens have said that I have been saved by love again, and the daily life of middle-aged couples is too easy!

Zhang Zhilin and Yuan Yongyi have always been regarded as model couples in the entertainment industry.

the reason why people like them is not the indulgence of giving out sugar and grain blindly, but the real daily life of sweet and sour.

Daily mutual resentment, all kinds of dislike, complaint addiction. All kinds of expressions that you don't think should be called love are shown incisively and vividly in them.

every time let the uncle sigh, young people's coy secret love is nothing, middle-aged couples play is exciting!

earlier, in a program discussing how husband and wife get along, Zhang Zhilin was asked, "do you still need contraception now?"

Zhang Zhilin looks surprised!

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"what? Contraception?


We don't have that kind of behavior. why do we use contraception?

do handshakes also need contraception? "

this wave of remarks made Yuan Ang-Yi laugh.

this mutually damaging love, who has seen it, does not say "Zhang Zhilin, how brave"!

some people say, how can you be happy in an asexual marriage?

in fact, the daily life of middle-aged couples has never been superficial love.

the feelings of middle-aged couples are more heart-to-heart, generous preference, company and unforgettable kindness.

Today, let's take a look at the marriage between Zhang Zhilin and Yuan Yongyi, who are not a model couple.

Marriage begins with the three values, loyal to equal strength

Zhang Zhilin has always been known as the "god of immortality". At that time, with the image of "Brother Jing" in "The Legend of the Condor Heroes", he became a classic in the hearts of countless people.

netizens shouted one after another, "you can feel Yuan Anyi's happiness across the screen!"

in fact, a good marriage has always been, you are good, but I am not bad.

it is a close match to hold on to the marriage.

after watching Yuan Yongyi, who doesn't envy Zhang Zhilin's happiness?

Yuan Yongyi was a good-looking and good-acting star at that time.

Zeng Zhiwei once joked that "Yuan Anyi is not beautiful" and was immediately opposed by many people, "where is it not beautiful? how beautiful it is!"

the name "pretty" comes from this.

there was an interview with Yuan Yongyi, "everyone says that if you can subdue a handsome guy, it must be that the driver is skillful."

Yuan Yongyi said confidently, "I'm just beautiful."

despite her beautiful appearance, Yuan Yongyi won the Sister Hong Kong championship at the age of 19, and won the Best New Artist Award at the Academy Award at the age of 21 for Alfie and Aki.

and then won the Best Actress Award by virtue of "New unable to fall in Love" and "Golden branches and Yuye".

this relationship, which is called a model couple, is not only "you are handsome, I am more beautiful", but also "you are good, I am not bad" competition.

in this relationship, there is no relationship between being attached and being attached. They rely on each other, but remain independent. From the beginning of meeting, they attract each other evenly.

A good marriage is that I spend all my money on you

earlier, on the issue of economic independence in a talk show, Yuan Yongyi said, "Zhang Zhilin and I are very independent."

the host was surprised, "you all shoot the show together, how can you be independent?"

Yuan Yongyi calculated very frankly, "it is to split the accounts, each accounting for 50%." But I am very independent and seldom use my own money. "

many netizens can't help giving Liangliang a thumbs up after reading it:

Yuan Yongyi redefined what economic independence is!

everyone knows that Yuan Yongyi loves to buy bags, so much so that she regards bags as her life.

Zhang Zhilin complained on the program that Yuan Yongyi bought a bag, saying that her buying a bag was like a robbery.

even told Yuan to stop buying bags.

I can see that the "resentment" is very deep.

but even if he is not satisfied with Yuan's crazy purchase of bags, Zhang Zhilin practices it all the time, saying, "all my cards are swiped by my wife, and all my money is spent by my wife."

on his birthday, he will give Yuan Anita's favorite bag and write "Buy" on the birthday card, giving his wife an absolute green pass for shopping.

said not to buy any more, but the body honestly took the initiative to send bags, daily shopping, either waiting for Yuan to buy bags, or to accompany Yuan to buy bags on the way.

in the program, Zhang Zhilin was asked, "if your life is only 24 hours, what do you want to say to Yuan Yongyi?"

Zhang Zhilin was silent for a moment and said firmly, "I will ask Yuan Yongyi, do you have enough money?" If you have said enough, I will feel at ease. "

the love of middle-aged husband and wife is very direct, but they think about you everywhere, worrying about your life without me, you can have a better and sincere life.

because I love youSo even if you are not satisfied with your crazy desire to buy and spend money indiscriminately, you will still pay for it because you like it and prepare a bank card for you.

because I love you, even when I come to the last moment of my life, I only think about whether you will have a good life in the future, whether you have enough money to spend, and don't feel at ease by wronging yourself.

Yuan bought all kinds of bags, but it was always Zhang Zhilin who bought her bags.

couples who "quarrel" have longer marriages

many people know that the daily life of Zhang Zhilin and Yuan Yongyi is the reality of the world.

when two people get along with each other before and after the camera, they often turn on the mode of blackening and opposing each other.

Zhang Zhilin: "is there anything you really want to say to me?"

Yuan Yongyi: "I hope you don't get fat anymore."

Yuan Yongyi: "what do you need me to do for you before I go on a trip?"

Zhang Zhilin: "No, you take care and enjoy it." Because there is no need to get in touch with each other these days, it is very cool and happy. "

Yuan Yongyi: "can Zhang Zhilin wear one piece of clothes for several days?"

Zhang Zhilin: "she is a careless person with a loud voice and fast action. She can never be seen as the champion of Miss Hong Kong." She is fine physically, as long as she has enough to eat. "

the two are very much like the old husband and wife complaining to each other.

they have endless black material about each other, and they don't show any mercy when they complain, showing the authenticity of a middle-aged marriage.

but they will also be there for each other when they are sad, and they should give no less sense of security.

"even if you leave, I won't find another one."

when you notice that the other person is really angry, stop immediately:

"in case Zhang Zhilin is unhappy one day, I will stop and be good."


the noisy daily life is inseparable from the maintenance of each other's heart.

they will find each other's unfulfilled desires in their relationship, but they will never step on each other's bottom line.

Zhang Zhilin and Yuan Anyi, who quarreled more and more sweetly, never wanted to win or lose.

in these trivial contradictions, they accept each other more, accept each other's shortcomings, and accept "even if you are not perfect, I still love you."

I understand your "complaint". You can catch me and become the most flavorful seasoning in their marriage.

the man who takes the initiative to admit his mistake is the treasure of marriage

some people say that no matter how happy a marriage is, there will be 200 divorce thoughts and 50 strangling thoughts in this life.

husband and wife will inevitably have troubles and contradictions large and small when they get along with each other for a lifetime.

how to resolve conflicts often determines whether a marriage is a dewy relationship or a companion to grow old.

Yuan Yongyi also complained bitterly in the program, and Zhang Zhilin often quarreled.

even when there was a fierce quarrel, Zhang Zhilin slammed the door.

sometimes Yuan Anyi breaks down to want a divorce.

but every time she calms down and asks herself, "do I still love this person or not?"

in any marriage, contradictions are inevitable.

but if you still love, be like an adult. Don't say something irreparable and regret it for the rest of your life.

if you still love, take the initiative to be soft and give the other person a step close to you.

Zhang Zhilin always says that they are not a model couple, and they have a lot of quarrels and conflicts.

but when the reporter asked him, "who bows his head first after a fight?"

Zhang Zhilin hesitated for a moment and said truthfully:


one of the things I fear most in marriage is that I have come to live with you, but you want to fight with me for right or wrong.

to admit "wrong" voluntarily does not mean that you have lost, but that you still love her and that you do not want to let go.

Zhang Zhilin once said: "every time I quarrel, I always think about what will happen if I lose her, so I cherish it very much. I would rather take the initiative to admit my mistakes and make peace, because I cherish every day with her, a man!" It's okay to admit your mistake. I'm afraid it's too late to regret losing it. "

there is no perfect marriage, only love that is willing to tolerate and compromise.

imperfect marriage, perfect love

Yuan Yongyi was famous for her wayward temper in the entertainment industry when she was young, which offended many people and was banned for a period of time.

for a time, Yuan Yongyi's negative news was everywhere, and there was even a scandal of being "nurtured" by wealthy businessmen.

everyone is waiting to see Yuan's joke, but the rumor is unfounded and there are not many ripples in the end.

what people didn't expect is that in 2007, Yuan Anyi personally admitted the rumor that she had been kept in the program "Zhiyun Dinner":

"when I was young, I met a meticulous man who took care of all your life.

Don't worry, don't worry, you can do whatever you want the next day.

I think this is a lot of girls who dream of living like a princess. "

Yuan Yongyi really wanted to let go of the past and start a new life, so she put those who were hiding in the dark in front of the public and accepted the criticism of the public.

as Yuan Yongyi said, "I am willing to admit what I have done wrong. This cannot be deceived!"

at that time, she was also ready for a big event.To prepare for the storm.

my only regret is the harm that this storm may have caused to Zhang Zhilin.

however, in the face of all kinds of questioning and media containment, Zhang Zhilin did not flinch, but always stayed with Yuan Anyi and shared the burden with her.

Zhang Zhilin said, "everyone has a past. I don't care about her past. I just regret not knowing her earlier, so that I can better protect her."

after so many years, facts have proved that all of Zhang Zhilin's promises are being fulfilled one by one.

even though the marriage is incomplete and unhappy, Zhang Zhilin knows the true meaning of getting along:

"We often quarrel with each other and quarrel about trifles.

Yuan is not the kind of person who can cook for me, nor is she the kind of person who will press my shoulder when I am tired.

but I know that no one is perfect, and neither am I. so, it's fine. "

there has never been a perfect marriage in this world, and most of our happiness depends on consideration and tolerance for the rest of our lives.

there is a kind of love called Zhang Zhilin and Yuan Yongyi.

, may all the people you and I meet are sweethearts, who don't love everything but you.