See a person's moment thoroughly

See a person's moment thoroughly

Time will help you filter out the hypocrisy, and experience will temper the truth for you.


have you ever had this experience?

in a certain moment, some people around you suddenly become ferocious, which makes you feel strange.

you thought he had suddenly changed, but in fact, it was only then that you saw his true face.

in reality, it takes us a long time to get to know someone, but it only takes a moment to see someone clearly.

the season is like a stream, passing by in a hurry. People can pretend for a while, but they can't play for a lifetime.

if you want to see a person thoroughly, take a look at these four points.

money see human nature

there is a joke on the Internet:

there was a man whose friend borrowed 10, 000 yuan from him, but when he paid it back, his friend only paid back 9999 yuan.

he asked his friend why there was a piece missing.

my friend said, "if you add in the interest, you should have charged an extra eight yuan, because I had a handling fee of 10 yuan when I withdrew the cash, and I was the one who suffered the loss."

my friend had nothing to say, but sneered.

10 yuan can see a person clearly, which seems ridiculous, but in fact it is heartbreaking.

the world was in a panic, but in order to break the silver, it was the broken silver that made people look ugly.

the writer Mizu ran told a story:

A real estate owner plans to reward an old employee with a house in order to thank him for the loyalty he has followed for many years.

so he asked his veteran staff to choose from the real estate he developed.

the old staff directly chose a large house with a floor area of more than 120 square meters.

the boss did not expect that the old staff was so greedy and disappointed, so he insisted on sending a set of 80 square meters of newly needed housing.

but the old staff not only did not thank him, but disliked that he sent it too small, and threatened to resign.

the boss finally saw the nature of the old employee, took back the house directly, and agreed to the resignation request of the old employee.

Mark Twain once said, "fanatical desires induce dangerous actions and absurd things."

greed and anger are entangled, and desire is hard to fill. Once people get lost in it, they are apt to lose their minds.

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money is like a mystery net, which not only obscures feelings, but also tests human nature.

in fact, it's not shameful to love money, it's shameful to be greedy.

A person who is too greedy, you never know what he will do for money and is not worthy of deep acquaintance.

trough can be seen in the hearts of the people

someone asked: "which moment in your life makes you feel cold?"

highly praised replied: "when you are in the darkest moment of life, but the people around you are watching coldly."

in the comment area, the experience of an anonymous netizen hit the hearts of the people.

A few years ago, a friend was short of funds to start a business and asked him to borrow money. He lent money to his friend without saying a word.

my friend was grateful at that time and promised that he would do his best if he could help in the future.

later, my friend's business became better and better, and he soon returned the money to him, and the two exchanged frequent contacts and visited each other during the holidays.

Last year, his business failed, from multimillion-dollar to penniless and entangled in legal disputes over financial disputes.

in order to win the case, he wanted to hire a good lawyer. Remembering that his friend's cousin was a well-known lawyer, he asked his friend to help him pull strings.

but friends always find excuses to prevaricate, either saying that my cousin is not in China, or that he can't get away from his busy business.

in desperation, he had to find his friend's cousin's company with the attitude of trying.

only after a close chat with his cousin did he know that his friend had never mentioned him to his cousin at all.

when the waves pass through the sand, the trough can be seen in the hearts of the people.

only when people roll through the quagmire can they really understand the people of the world.

writer Feng Jicai has a good remark:

"some people are willing to lend you their umbrella on a sunny day. When it rained, he left quietly with an umbrella. "

in this world, the thinnest is human, and the coolest is the heart.

when you are in a busy city, you are full of friends, and when you are at a low ebb, you are ruthless.

No matter how dark your dark hours are, the people you see are evil.

see character in high places

psychologist Philip Zimbardo proposed a "Lucifer effect":

means that under the influence of a particular situation or atmosphere, people's character, thinking and behavior will show an incredible side.

especially when people stand high, they are most likely to get carried away and show arrogance and insolence.

in reality, some people are supercilious as soon as they gain power, while others are modest and introverted at high places.

Mei Lanfang, a master of Beijing Opera, is the latter.

Mei Lanfang not only put down her posture and worshiped Qi Baishi as her teacher when she rose to fame, but also often studied ink and laid paper for her teacher.

once, Mei Lanfang and Qi Baishi went to the same house as a guest.

after a while, Mei Lanfang arrived, and the host and guests swarmed in to greet him.

after a brief greeting, Mei Lanfang searched everywhere for her teacher.

seeing Qi Baishi being left out in the cold, he squeezed out of the crowd to Qi Baishi.In front of the stone, he respectfully called "teacher" and bowed to say hello.

the guests were surprised to see this, and they knew that the old man was the famous Qi Baishi.

Qi Baishi was also quite moved by this. A few days later, he specially presented a picture of sending charcoal in the snow to Mei Lanfang. The prompt read:

"I remember that the former dynasty enjoyed peace, and cloth clothes moved the public secretary.

now it has been reduced to Chang'an City, and fortunately Meilang knows his name. "

there is no better character for a man to be high than to be proud of himself.

have heard a saying:

"all domineering and bluff is a sign of inner weakness;

the really strong can produce a kind of compassionate tenderness from the bottom of their heart. "

mature ears of rice bend over, and the vast sea is silent.

the best time to see a person is to see his posture when he is proud.

those who can overcome vanity, treat others and be humble will not be bad in character.

Family members see the truth

in the hit TV drama "the Age of Awakening", there is a scene that touches the heartstrings.

after returning from Waseda University in Japan, Mr. Li was directly employed as editor-in-chief of Jiayin magazine.

No sooner had he settled down in Beijing than he rushed back to his hometown in Hebei.

when he walked into the yard and saw the two children carrying water, he hurriedly ran forward to lend a hand.

but the children didn't know him and shouted, "Niang, Niang."

the wife thought it was a weasel again, and when she heard the news, she came out of the kitchen and muttered, "what if it's not a weasel?"

he said happily, "stupid."

his wife was stunned and stood still. He said to his wife with tenderness, "Sister, Hantuo is back."

after dinner, he patiently taught the children to play chess. After his wife was busy, he gave his wife a skilled massage and exchanged his ideas.

when his wife was worried about holding him back, he comforted patiently, "how could that be?" Not to mention how down-to-earth I am with you behind me. "

outside, he is a talented and sought-after leader of new ideas. at home, he is just the father of his children and the fool of his wife.

there is a classic dialogue in the movie the Godfather:

"do you have time for your family?"

of course I do. "

"well, a man who doesn't take care of his family is not a man at all."

Home is the habitat of the body, and the family is the safe haven of the soul.

people drop their guard and show their true appearance only in front of their families.

those who are gentle outside but grumpy and grumpy at home must be the ones who hide the sword in their smiles and stay away as soon as possible.

A person who is not good at words outside, but is gentle and considerate to his relatives, must be a hot person in his heart, worthy of deep acquaintance.

A person's attitude towards his family is his most authentic background.

like this sentence very much:

"Life this bowl of chicken soup, always skim off the surface of the oil, in order to see what is in the bowl."

everyone's bowl is mixed with hypocrisy, without flashy, it is difficult to see the truth.

you don't have to be too warm to get to know people, you don't have to be too fast to get to know each other, let the feelings grow slowly and let the roots take root a little deeper.

on the road of life, it is self-evident who is a fellow traveler and who is a passer-by.

because time will help you filter out hypocrisy, and experience will temper your true feelings.

, share with you.