The higher the level of people, the more "shameless"

The higher the level of people, the more "shameless"

Put aside the face of uselessness in order not to struggle in the eyes of others.

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there is a Chinese saying:

"A man lives a face and a tree lives a bark."

since ancient times, Chinese people have always had a "good face" in doing things-- it is certainly a good thing to have a sense of shame and ambition.

but if you break the inside for the sake of face, it is undoubtedly a stupid thing to sacrifice the root to the end.

putting down face and living a good life is the true wisdom of life.

the lower the level, the more people want to save face

there is a saying on the Internet that expresses the feelings of the vast majority of "face-saving" people:

"the more useless a person is, the more he clings to those insignificant bottom lines and maintains his self-esteem everywhere."

because at that time we had nothing but self-esteem. "

Yes, the more we lack something, the more we show off.

the lower the level of a person, the less confident he is, the more he or she takes face seriously.

in life, such examples abound:

in order to save face, funerals and weddings of rural people are held on a large scale.

it often takes years of financial and material resources to run a running water table to follow the trend.

after the banquet was over, the family had to bear their heads and heat up the leftovers over and over again.

in order to save face, people in the workplace are used to pretending to know nothing for fear of being found out where they will not know.

as a result, it is not only common to work overtime, but after a few years, the job is not satisfactory, and the promotion and salary increase is slim.

in order to save face, women borrow money to buy luxury bags, and men spend money on luxury cars. As a result, they go out with beautiful scenery, but go home with porridge and dishes and make noodles.

as the ancients said, "if a man drinks water, he knows whether he is warm or cold."

face is for others, but only you know whether your life is good or not.

when people reach middle age, they are already burdened with heavy burdens. If they are busy taking care of "face" again, life will naturally be dragged down by "face" and fall into an endless cycle day after day.

Let go of some unnecessary face in order to make your life really comfortable and happy.

"face" is not equal to "dignity"

in life, many people "save face" because they "want to maintain dignity".

in fact, in the adult world, face is not equal to dignity.

as the saying goes: face is skin, dignity is bone, is "inside".

face is an illusory thing, depending on whether others are willing to give it or not.

and dignity is your inner energy, which can be firmly grasped in your own hands.

Luo Yonghao, CEO of Smartisan, revealed at a talk show last year that he had repaid 400 million of his 600 million debt due to bankruptcy.

just like his original promise:

"even if the company shuts down due to force majeure, he will personally pay off all his debts in the way of 'performing'."

he did do it. He put down his face and posture, accepted the endorsement of the game, and started the e-commerce live broadcast.

even though he was complained about "eating ugly" along the way, when he was about to pay off his debts and start his life again, people paid homage to him again-he won back "face".

Tu Lei once said in the Battle of Love:

"face does not exist when there is no strength support, because there is no lining."

the so-called "face" is only the opinion of others.

people who can really achieve great things have given up "face".

because they all understand that it is not "face" but "inside" that allows themselves to live with dignity.

the higher the level, the less need for face

Nietzsche said:

"A man can put up with any kind of life if he knows what he lives for."

the higher the level of people, the less "good face". They know exactly what they want in their hearts.

many super-rich people have very low requirements for material surface, but higher requirements for inner spiritual growth.

Beckham asked his "Jingui" son to work in a coffee shop;

Mingdao accompanied his mother to sell vegetables in the vegetable market, just to make her happy.

Lin Zhiling squeezed the bus in Xi'an, and Chow Yun-fat often went to the vegetable market with his wife....

the higher the level is, the bigger the pattern is and the less "face" is regarded.

people with large patterns never focus on the material surface, they have a longer-term vision, will not be held back by the views of the outside world, but focus on their own growth.

and those who strive for "face" are of little value in themselves.

as the sentence says:

"face is the hardest thing in the world to put down, and it is also the most impractical thing.

it is very important to put aside the useless face and pursue the true value of the heart. "

Life is long, and there are too many more precious things than face, such as your dreams, your love, your hobbies.

for the rest of our life, let us put aside the face of uselessness, so that we can not struggle in the eyes of others, and then we can live out ourselves and pursue a higher life.

). The original title "the higher the level of people, the less need for face",

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