The scolded "the first pervert in the entertainment industry", spoiling his wife for 28 years: he is obviously a very good man.

The scolded "the first pervert in the entertainment industry", spoiling his wife for 28 years: he is obviously a very good man.

May the original heart remain unchanged and fiery.

when it comes to "domestic violence professionals" in movies and TV dramas, who is the first person that comes to mind?

domestic violence doctor Anjiahe may have to be at the top of the list.

in Don't talk to strangers, the footage of his ferocious face and beating his wife left a shadow on countless people's childhood.

who would have thought that the good old man who was praised, the "benevolent doctor" who rushed to save the patient on his wedding day, slammed his wife's head into the fish tank.

even put his foot on his wife's head and said hysterically, "I don't want to hit you either. You forced me."

the way he smiled at the corners of his mouth and approached slowly was really chilling.

maybe because the performance is too real and classic, Feng Yuanzheng, who plays the role of "an Jiahe", was once called a "abnormal professional."

even, whenever there is an incident of domestic violence, his image will be put on the hot search as a news picture.

but in reality, Feng Yuanzheng is a well-known ambassador for anti-domestic violence propaganda.

he is not afraid of misunderstanding and notoriety. Jianfeng points directly at the problem of domestic violence, making the public realize that "domestic violence is only zero and 10,000 times," and countless victims dare to take up legal weapons to protect themselves.

from playing the role of domestic violence to the advocate of anti-domestic violence, netizens have been praised: this is the right way to open public figures!

temporary worker in zipper factory, dare to dream of literature and art

Feng Yuanzheng was born into a military family. When he was young, his dream was to be a professional skydiver.

when he graduated from high school, he resolutely gave up the college entrance examination in order to participate in the national skydiving competition.

"you are too old and too thin to take the professional athlete exam."

for this reason, he missed the college entrance examination and became a jobless.

after being confused for a while, he entered a zipper factory with the help of his friends and barely became a temporary worker.

the work in the zipper factory is mechanical and monotonous, and Feng Yuanzheng doesn't like to see the end of life at a glance.

by chance, he met several interesting lovers of literature and art.

one of the teachers in the Chinese opera acting department was very optimistic about Feng Yuanzheng, and it was under the encouragement and guidance of this teacher that Feng Yuanzheng began to learn acting.

at the age of 20, he made up his mind to quit his job in the zipper factory and concentrate on acting.

however, the process of learning acting is not smooth.

in the aesthetic era of advocating "thick eyebrows and big eyes", his appearance was not favored by the public.

people around him routinely persuade him:

"you don't look like an actor. You'd better go back to the factory and make a zipper."

even the training teachers at that time worried:

"what can you do? They are not as handsome as Tang Guoqiang and Zhu Shimao, and they are not as ugly as Chen Peis. what can they do? "

but Feng Yuanzheng doesn't believe in this evil.

in 1984, Feng Yuanzheng applied for the Beijing Film Academy for the first time. After layers of selection, written examination, reexamination, and won the third place in Beijing District, Feng Yuanzheng was mercilessly brushed down in the interview.

the reason given by the interviewer is only a few words: "Image is not good."

he thought to himself:

"when I conceive sketches in class and listen to the teacher, I react faster than all my classmates. I have a certain talent in this respect."

facts have proved that Feng Yuanzheng's insistence is correct.

in 1984, Feng Yuanzheng met director Zhang Nuanxin in the examination room of the Beijing Film Academy.

at that time, the director was looking for "an actor who is not like Zhu Shimao or Chen Peisi, who doesn't look like an actor in the crowd."

this time, the opportunity hit Feng Yuanzheng.

he not only successfully starred in the hero of the film "Youth Festival", but also reaped the olive branch of Beijing Film and Chinese Opera because of his sincere performance in the play.

but unexpectedly, Feng Yuanzheng chose Beijing people's Art. He is not fascinated by fame and wealth, he wants to really polish his acting skills through the stage of the play.

in this way, in order to better control the role, Feng Yuanzheng became a student of people's Arts Class 85.

"perverted me alone, tens of thousands of happy families"

when he first entered the arts class, Feng Yuanzheng had the most experience in acting in movies and TV dramas in his class. Lin Liankun, the head teacher, warned him that "everything should start from scratch."

Feng Yuanzheng has always kept this sentence in mind.

when rehearsing the play "Beijingman" for the first time, the director advised him to wear cloth shoes and comb his back to find a feeling.

after the wardrobe is in place, he begins to sneak into the character to experience and ponder the character of the character. Even in order to get close to the character, he practiced traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy, raised pigeons and kept long fingernails.

Kung Fu lived up to painstaking efforts. As soon as he went on the stage this time, the director said with satisfaction, "it's kind of interesting!"

"Drama is bigger than Heaven" is a style handed down from generation to generation in Beijing people's Art.

Feng Yuanzheng always adhered to this original intention, and even missed his last meeting with his father because he took part in the "teahouse" performance.

that day, the hospital issued a notice of his father's critical illness, and his brother immediately called him and asked him to rush to the hospital.

Feng Yuanzheng thought, however, that his father had survived many times before, and this time he should be able to overcome the danger and suddenly stop performing. How could he live up to the expectations of thousands of audiences?

so he replied to his brother, "No, I have to perform," and specifically told me not to call me before the curtain call of the 10:30 Tea House. "

finally, the show was over, and between waiting for the curtain call, Feng Yuanzheng couldn't help calling home.

he specially chose the landline at home because he was gambling.

if no one answers the phone at home, it means that everyone in the family is in the hospital with his father, and his father is still alive.

unexpectedly, the phone was connected as soon as it was broadcast, and the wife on the other end of the phone sobbed and said, "Dad has left."

Feng Yuanzheng was silent for a moment, and his tears could not be stopped.

after knowing the whole story, Wu Gang hurriedly urged: "what are you thanking for? you go quickly!"

and this is the only time that Feng Yuanzheng has not made a curtain call in the past few decades.

later, Feng Yuanzheng came across the play Don't talk to strangers.

because of his amazing acting skills, the corner of "an Jia he" became popular, and Feng Yuanzheng became famous overnight.

but this fame has caused him a lot of trouble.

because the image of the violent man is so deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, he is reviled in the street, and his car tyre is always punctured inexplicably, and even his mother-in-law is skeptical about his character.

Feng Yuanzheng has no regrets. In his opinion, it is worth being aggrieved to be able to help more people get out of the shadow of domestic violence through his acting skills.

as he said in his speech: "if I am a pervert, I will be happy alone."

once you have fame, you have the right to choose your role. But in the face of many invitations, Feng Yuanzheng doesn't care that the character is not a big shot and the character is not liked by the audience. what he cares about is the inner soul of the character.

in Beautiful Shanghai, he played the sharp Shanghai brother, who was once thought to be a native of Shanghai.

△ Feng Yuanzheng won

Best supporting Actor at the 24th Golden Rooster Award

in if you are the one, he becomes a charming sissy Emory, a small design of "only a drill in one ear", which allows the audience to call it true;

in "there are no thieves", he created a strange and funny robber. Compare the orchid finger and shout, "be serious!" Don't laugh! "our robbery" has become the funniest part of the film.

under his acting skills, he has always practiced the belief that "the play is bigger than heaven."

compared with today's stiff acting skills of young fresh meat, Feng Yuanzheng, who is not afraid of the "abnormal" label and constantly pursues perfection, deserves our real respect.

"domestic violence man" is fake, but spoiling wife and man is true

back to life, Feng Yuanzheng is a really good man. Even in the big dye vat of the entertainment industry, there has never been gossip.

he is eight years apart from his wife, Liang Danni, and is a well-known model of sibling love in the entertainment industry.

after all, Liang Dani had a ten-year marriage before she met Feng Yuanzheng.

at that time, considering the 8-year-old age difference between the two, Liang Dani rejected Feng Yuanzheng's enthusiastic pursuit.

but Feng Yuanzheng didn't give up. He held a naked heart and said, "I can wait until you say yes."

A piece of true feelings finally moved Liang Dani, but both parents voted against it again!

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Feng Yuanzheng's parents do not approve of their son marrying a divorced woman who is eight years older than him.

Liang Dani's family is also worried that Feng Yuanzheng, who is younger, will give up in a few years.

the mother-in-law even wrote to Feng Yuanzheng personally, asking him to stay away from his daughter.

after marriage, Feng Yuanzheng dotes on Liang Dani very much.

because his wife can't cook, she often doesn't eat on time, so whenever Feng Yuanzheng goes out filming, he is always worried.

in addition to the interval between filming, remind the wife to eat, more times "trouble" friends to invite the wife to dinner, in order to solve the wife's food problem.

Feng Yuanzheng made a bold decision to "dink" in view of the fact that his wife was too old and that the risk of having children was too great.

but even if there are no children, the relationship between the two is no less sweet, and even every time they quarrel, it is Feng Yuanzheng who takes the initiative to be soft.

in 28 years of marriage, Feng Yuanzheng has always kept his promise to give his wife the most considerate companionship with infinite tenderness.

Today, both career and familyFeng Yuanzheng is methodically playing his own role, the original heart does not change, fiery unchanged.

, may we all, like teacher Feng Yuanzheng, spare no effort to the things we love, and be solid and determined on the journey of life.