Is Zhou Xun and Huang Lei's underground love affair exposed? After 19 years of concealment, their relationship can no longer be hidden.

Is Zhou Xun and Huang Lei's underground love affair exposed? After 19 years of concealment, their relationship can no longer be hidden.

The essence of marriage and love is reality, but not just reality.

in particular, the "Xiaomin family", which has been constantly discussed recently, has been on the screen at a time in moments.

after 19 years, Zhou Xun and Huang Lei finally renewed their relationship in front of the screen.

in 2002, "Orange Red" was a hit, and Zhou Xun's Xiuhe was in love with Huang Lei's Yaohui, which made it difficult for many "Xunlei Party" to call for peace.

years have passed, both of them have passed through the green years, and the romance has been gradually replaced by firewood, rice, oil and salt. Once again join hands with the "middle-aged Mary Sue" plot, not only not imagined greasy, but feel a clear flu.

they each play the role of a divorced single middle-aged child who is about to take the college entrance exam. without the dog's blood and the protagonist filter, they can still interpret the situation of the middle-aged in the relationship.

Huang Lei and Zhou Xun began a sweet but ups and downs love story, tacky but romantic.

the seemingly mediocre "second spring" of middle-aged people makes people unable to extricate themselves from "taking sugar".

Liu Xiaomin, played by Zhou Xun, was born in an ordinary family, had an ordinary marriage, her husband did not take up the responsibility, drank too much, and even slandered his wife for cheating on her marriage.

the disgraced Liu Xiaomin had no choice but to divorce and leave Beijing.

after working conscientiously for many years, she did not become a "bossy president", but a middle-aged single mother running between life and her children.

such a plot seems to have lost the cheerfulness and heroine of ordinary TV dramas, but this is precisely the true growth path of an independent woman.

maybe you will fantasize that Chen Zhuo, played by Huang Lei, is a messianic man who brings an open life to Liu Xiaomin.


Chen Zhuo was also divorced, and his ex-wife Li Ping was arrogant and strong, disdained of his mediocrity, turned around and married Hong Wei, who was well-off.

they each have an unhappy marriage and live in the same place, touching each other and healing past scars in the process of looking for love.

the love affair between Liu Xiaomin and Chen Zhuo is like a "secret love affair" on campus, which is always worried about being caught by parents and teachers.

the failure of first marriage has more or less cast a shadow on each other, and the children will not be affected by the college entrance examination soon, so they can only deal with this relationship carefully.

Chen Zhuo picked up Liu Xiaomin from work by car. In order to avoid the eyes of the people around him and the society of acquaintances, he had to wait far away.

on the first anniversary of love, Liu Xiaomin and Chen Zhuo agreed to have a big dinner to celebrate.

who would have thought that as soon as he arrived at the door, Xiaomin's son and mother quietly came back from their hometown, and Chen Zhuo could only pretend to be a ride-hailing driver and left angrily.

even take advantage of the gap when Liu Xiaomin went out, she rushed to her home non-stop to clean up the traces of their common life.

the worst part of the play is that Li Ping, Liu Xiaomin's best friend, is Chen Zhuo's ex-wife.

the cram school that Liu Xiaomin's son wants to attend is run by Li Ping, and her daughter also goes to school here.

under the accident, the two families got together in an extremely embarrassing situation.

fleeing the social circle around me, fighting wits with parents and children, and avoiding ex-wife and ex-husband, I have to sigh that this love is really tiring.

although the secret love affair of middle-aged people is very sad, it also has a lot of sweetness.

every time Chen Zhuo picked up Liu Xiaomin from work, she would buy a bag of fried chestnuts with her favorite candy in advance.

when she sleeps soundly in the car, Chen Zhuo will carefully adjust the air conditioning temperature.

when the big meal was not finished, Chen Zhuo carefully arranged a "starry sky" in the trunk and sent it quietly when Liu Xiaomin's family was asleep.

specially opened the champagne, prepared a thoughtful little gift, and repeatedly stressed that it was not a proposal ring.

romantic and measured love is envied by people.

the paper can't contain the fire after all

, Li Ping found a private investigator to investigate Chen Zhuo, he and Liu Xiaomin cautious love or forced to see the light, the two had no choice but to break up.

seeing this, many people will ask:

both of them have been separated from their previous marriage for more than a decade, and being together will not hurt anyone, so why can't they reap happiness?

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is it true that middle-aged people don't deserve love?

it is not a question of whether they deserve or not, but whether each other's circumstances are worth remarrying.

the attitude of the elders, the opinions of each other's children, and even the public opinion of the social circles around them can easily repel the middle-aged people's pursuit of love.

if each other can meet their needs both spiritually and materially, and do not have to worry about their children becoming victims of love, and do not have to worry about the opposition of their parents and the gossip of acquaintances, it is worth investing again.

the Liu Mei family in "A Family with Children" is the reorganized family of the middle-aged after remarriage, and has realized a kind of idealized family reconstruction.

Xia Donghai

and Liu Mei both took care of their children after divorce and remarried after they met and fell in love with each other.

Xia Donghai is reasonable, Liu Mei is industrious and capable, Xia Xue has excellent grades, Liu Xing is naughty and mischievous, and Xia Yu is strange, which constitutes an ideal combination of happiness.

the reason why they can live happily and harmoniously is inseparable from the following factors:

Liu Mei's ex-husband's support for her reorganized family, and will give care to Lesser Snow and Xiaoyu;

Xia Donghai treats Liu Xing as a friend and does not ignore the feelings of his children.

Liu Mei, no.Will give more preference to Liu Xing in front of Lesser Snow and Xiaoyu;

each other's elders treat their children equally.

the family of five accept each other, the last marriage reached a settlement, each other's parents are happy to see its success, who can refuse such a marriage?

isn't the meaning of remarriage to make your quality of life better?

if you have to face countless troubles to get married, it is happier to simply fall in love.

just like the relationship between Chen Zhuo and Liu Xiaomin, it was a last resort. It is not easy to enter the besieged city. It is better to stand on the edge of the besieged city, advancing and retreating.

in the original work, Liu Xiaomin and Chen Zhuo's mutual friend Lao Qian, who had not married his girlfriend for nine years, decided to surface and prepare to get married.

as a result, all the troubles came, and the house, children, old people, relatives, old money and girlfriend were a little unable to go on.

it's really hard to dive again.

Marriage can also be divorced, which seems to last longer.

the superposition of cumbersome relationships and things is even more painful.

"the family has children" is the ideal, and the "Xiaomin family" is the reality.

in the process of falling in love, you keep discovering each other's strengths, but marriage is not. Marriage needs to live, and you have to constantly digest each other's shortcomings.

so it's normal to get cold feet in the middle of a marriage.

divorce is not a disgrace, and remarriage does not mean that your life has been devalued.

many people put an overly rational consideration of marriage instead of exploring its original meaning.

are middle-aged people unfit to talk about love?

will remarriage be criticized?


everyone has the right to choose, and no one is more qualified than you to say who is more suitable and who is more worthy of love.

there is only a disappointing marriage, stop loss in time; love that can be satisfied and expected is worth trying.

to face the reality, middle-aged people may need more restraint, but the pursuit of happiness and love is not the right of young people, it has nothing to do with age, it depends on whether the people you meet can start a new life.

the essence of marriage and love is reality, but not just reality.

should be a combination of reality and expectation.


, may you meet your own tenderness and preference in the bustling sea of people, make the little things beautiful, and enjoy yourself in peace and warmth for the rest of your life!