The bigger the pattern, the more blessed the woman is.

The bigger the pattern, the more blessed the woman is.

May you be able to cultivate into a big pattern of women in the future.

there is a saying:

"the pattern of a woman is very important. If the pattern is bigger, life will go smoothly."

A woman with a small pattern is confined to trifles all day long, and her life will only get worse and worse.

A woman with a large pattern chooses to manage her life with wisdom in order to see a bigger world.

in the final analysis, a woman's blessing is often the result of her own choice.

the bigger the pattern, the greater the blessings.

A woman with a big pattern,

Let bygones be bygones and live up to the present

I have seen such a question: "what is the source of pain in life?"

there is a wise answer: "I can't forget, I can't let go, I can't afford to lose."

many women are restricted by themselves all their lives.

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once the past becomes a cell trapped in your own cell, all the future is without light.

in the movie Angel Love Beauty, there is a beautiful landlady whose husband died in an air crash.

outsiders think that she is so obsessed with her husband because of her deep feelings for her husband.

however, this is not the case. Because of empathy, her husband specially flew back to divorce her.

her husband's betrayal was like a thorn in her heart, which made her suffer so much in the following countless nights that she could not get out of the shadow.

the biggest internal friction is clinging to the past.

it is not good to live in the present if you just wrestle with the past.

the larger the pattern of a person, the less he is entangled with the past.

just like Sheng Qi, a powerful girl in Shanghai, she fell in love with her English teacher Song Ziwen at first sight at the age of 17.

however, because of the low rank of the Song family, Sheng Mu strongly opposed this relationship and used an excuse to transfer away from Song Ziwen and forcibly separated the two.

at parting, Sheng Aiyi gave Song Ziwen the gold leaves symbolizing the pledge of love, and told him:

"I'll be waiting for you to come back."

in her best years, she waited courageously for seven years, and at last she didn't look forward to falling in love, only to fail.

willing to die, the years are no longer, everyone thought that she would not be reconciled.

however, after a serious illness, she decided to let go and never struggle.

later, when Song Ziwen wanted to renew her previous relationship, she also left coldly.

in the years since then, she has always maintained an attitude: no retrospect, no contact, no dialogue.

because of this, she was able to move on to her next marriage, founded "the first Yuefu in the far East", and maintained her elegant demeanor until her death.

not pestering seems to be forgiving others, but in fact you are letting yourself go.

the more entangled, the more time will be wasted, and the greater the sunk cost will be. In the end, you will be the one who gets hurt.

once read a sentence:

"many times, we have to accept the sudden loss, spilled milk, lost wallet, lost lover, broken friendship in the world."

if you lose it all, don't pester it any more. despite our regrets, we always try to embrace a new life. "

years are a journey with no return, good or bad, all scenery.

Life is too short, let bygones be bygones and let bygones be bygones.

No entanglement is the best way for a woman to live.

A woman with a big pattern,

Don't be confused about big things, don't care about small things

there are two kinds of women in the world who are doomed to have a bad life:

one is a person who is in a hurry and has no idea when he comes across something big.

the other is those who are slightly dissatisfied with their own wishes and raise the line to a higher plane of principle and care less clearly.

"if there is no height in life, all you see is problems; if there is no pattern in life, it is all trivial."

A woman with a really big pattern will never haggle over trifles, but show her wisdom in meaningful events.

as Sanmao said:

"if you worry less about things, you will naturally become calmer and happier if you have less to worry about."

if we spend all our energy on trifles, we won't have time to improve ourselves.

C.S. Wu is such a wise woman, known as "Madame Curie of the East" and the first female president in the history of the American physical Society.

because the difficulty and challenge of the experiment is too great, many scientists are reluctant to waste time. In order to verify their predictions, Yang and Li finally turned to the physicist C.S. Wu.

C.S. Wu spared no pains to do experiments in laboratories in New York and Washington, where he could only sleep three or four hours a day and was in a state of high stress.

many people say that C.S. Wu is responsible for at least half of the award, but she doesn't care about fame and fortune.

"I have never done research in order to win a prize."

, she never mentioned it, nor did she care whether it was not a feud, but maintained a good relationship with Yang and Li and continued to devote herself to the next study.

C.S. Wu knows how to put the overall situation first, watching the Chinese gain a foothold in physics research, which is the pride of the country, and she is happy from the bottom of her heart.

in 2021, the US Postal Service issued a permanent stamp commemorating physicist C.S. Wu. Only a few physicists, such as Einstein and Fermi, have won this honor, which is the pride of Chinese all over the world.

Great events are not confused and require a mature mind to distinguish between right and wrong;

Don't worry about trifles, you need to have a free, easy and open mind.

A woman who lives well is not always free of troubles and trifles, but because of her:

be able to calm down in case of major events, ignore trifles, focus on the overall situation and build bridges in the face of water.

this is the big pattern of intelligent women.

A woman with a big pattern,

can enjoy the best and bear the worst

there is a question on Zhihu: "Why can some women be lovely in everything they meet, and what kind of life they can live in poetry?"

the most popular answer is:

because they can enjoy the best and bear the worst.

there is a kind of woman who can live a healthy life no matter what kind of life she gives her.

Zhang Zuolin's wife, Zhang Shouyi, is such a woman. She was born out of wedlock and mingled in the theater when she was a child, but she was deeply loved by Zhang Zuolin and became the first female head of the Shuai Mansion.

although Zhang Shouyi had a rough life, he was knowledgeable and wise when he grew up, and he did things wisely and decisively, so he became a good wife of Zhang Zuolin and attended various activities with him.

this is the most glorious moment of her life. Zhang Zuolin shouted affectionately, specially built a two-story building for her in DaShuai Mansion and bought her two villas.

instead of relying on favor and pride, she brought all her family to the new house, and the whole family got along harmoniously.

people's life is not always beautiful scenery, always mixed with torrential rain and snow.

the women who can enjoy the best are often able to stay calm in the worst of circumstances.

in the Huanggutun incident, Zhang Zuolin's special train was bombed. When he was out of breath, the women only screamed and Zhang Fu was in chaos.

Zhang Shouyi forcefully endured her grief, first calmly stopped her family from crying, and then published in the newspapers the news that her husband had returned safely.

in order not to make people suspicious, she spread the news that the marshal was not seriously injured and arranged for military doctors to go in and out of Zhangfu every day and let her servants deliver meals normally.

Zhang Shouyi, who lost her husband, covered her tears with a smile, showed no flaw in the interview with a tricky reporter, even dressed beautifully to deal with the wife of the Japanese minister, and opened champagne to congratulate the marshal on his misfortune.

the handsome mansion is brightly lit and haunts the faint smell of soup, and even people in Zhang Fu feel as if Zhang Zuolin is still alive.

such a woman dealt with the change calmly in the worst situation and held on until Zhang Xueliang returned to Shenyang to formally mourn Zhang Zuolin, thus avoiding the Japanese army from taking advantage of the opportunity to start a war.

A woman who really has a big pattern, even if she falls from the infinite height of the scenery to the bottom of the dark valley, she will burst into a different kind of energy.

as Bi Shumin said:

"there is a certain proportion between good days and bad days. Women with a really big pattern can see the scenery on the fence at the top of life, and they can also work hard in the trough."

be bearish when you are happy, and be open when you are down, so that you can be fearless in the future.

the road of life is always downwind, there is also wandering, put aside the dark clouds and thorns after the indifference, is the real life.

Ningjing was once asked in an interview: "do you want to be 20 again?"

she answered confidently and generously:

"I finally walked so much that I have this undestroyed heart, and I don't want to be young."

Women who have really seen the world will always have a different temperament, gentle but powerful, indifferent but connotative.

after they have read all the thousands of sails, they have developed a mature world outlook and managed their lives in a larger pattern.

I hope you can cultivate a woman into a big pattern in the future:

can cherish feelings when fate comes, but also say goodbye to each other when fate goes.

it is rare to be confused and put aside trifles when you can make a big deal in cooking tea.

you can pour a drink in a star restaurant and eat Spicy Hot Pot by the side of the road.

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