The worse the woman's character, the more she has these three "special hobbies". Don't make a deep acquaintance.

The worse the woman's character, the more she has these three "special hobbies". Don't make a deep acquaintance.

To make friends with a person begins with appearance, respects talent, matches character, and ends with character.



the acquaintance of a person begins with appearance, respects talent, matches character, and ends with character.

in your life, you may have met such a person who is gentle and harmless on the surface, but there is another personality behind it.

believes that the worse the character of a woman, the more she has these three "special hobbies", so don't make a deep acquaintance.

gossip, sow discord

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some time ago, the reader Min Min complained to me that she had been miserable by a female colleague.

the sister is very enthusiastic about Min Min, who is new to the workplace, showing her the environment and helping her sort out her work.

the two gradually become bosom friends.

if something goes wrong at work, Minmin will confide in her as soon as possible.

the sister warms her heart and comforts her every time, and patiently tells her the way to solve the problem. Min Min is grateful.

however, unexpectedly, one day Minmin was called to the office to talk and asked her to focus on her work.

only later did Min Min know that the sister often spoke ill of her to other colleagues and even passed on her pure complaints to the leaders.

other colleagues began to ignore Min-min, and the leader also thought that she was not active in her work.

some hypocritical plastic sisters, who are intimate with you on the surface, turn around and denigrate you to others.

you regard the other person as your bosom friend, but the other person is cheating you behind your back.

in their eyes, the so-called friends = their own stepping stones.

Miss Chen is also the kind of person who likes to form gangs in the office.

she often shows her popularity in front of her colleagues, praises her colleagues' excellence, but secretly does bad things, and often spreads gossip in the company.

she often adds something out of nothing to spread the little things that happen to her colleagues.

once, a colleague called his family to say something private, which was widely publicized in the office after she eavesdropped. In the end, the colleague had no choice but to resign.

there is a good saying: "those who say that people are right and wrong must be right and wrong."

such inconsistent people are quite scheming, pretending to be polite and friendly to you, but they are always gossiping, making something out of nothing, stirring up trouble, and always inquiring about other people's privacy. Then add to it and exaggerate the facts to spread.

it's hard to know if you get along with such a person.

Uncle wants to say that the villain who gossips is not easy to mess with. If you don't stay away from it as soon as possible, you will only get hurt.

love to be flirtatious, but I don't know what to do

the deviance between men and women seems like an instant, but in fact, it is the inevitable result of emotional accumulation to a certain extent.

the scariest thing in a relationship is that she clearly hurts your family and looks righteous.

"I didn't do anything with him, so you're being paranoid



some women, knowing that each other has a family, often pester each other and pour out their feelings.

or they clearly have a boyfriend, but also play all kinds of ambiguous jokes with other members of the opposite sex, asking them to do this and that for themselves, and say good night to each other in the dead of night.

even put his Wechat avatar with photos that make men think about it.

Dream is such a person.

recently she was in frequent contact with a male colleague on Wechat, calling her "dear" on the phone.

until one day, the girlfriend of a male colleague came to her door and publicly scolded her for being shameless.

the friendship between men and women has more or less a hazy sense of vagueness.

ambiguous words can not be easily said, even if it is a joke to grasp the line, because ambiguity is easy to be taken seriously, that will make the relationship delicate, at this time the relationship is not pure.

recently, Ruoyi fell in love with his boss and felt that he hated each other too late.

Unfortunately, the gentle boss already has a family.

if she suffers from the pain in her heart, she knows that love is presumptuous, and love is restraint.

it is immoral to be an interrupter, so it is better to turn this love into a kind of appreciation and admiration, and put more motivation into work together, which is also the most precious asset of life.

the two keep their distance in tacit understanding, and occasionally look at each other's moments and be content to know that each other's life is all right.

believes that if your love interferes with each other, you are not reconciled to it or hold a grudge if you don't get it, then maybe you still love yourself.

in fact, every relationship has some sensitive "hidden rules" more or less.

in life, behaviors such as intimate address, habitual sharing, ambiguous jokes, saying nasty words, excessive concern, saying good night to each other every night, and telling each other about their feelings of unhappiness have long gone beyond the boundaries of pure heterosexual friends.

this kind of ignorance is a kind of harm to anyone, which will only make the originally calm feelings fall into crisis and trouble, and finally have to ask for trouble.

often shows off, but despises others

Ali often turns on crazy husband-show mode at classmate reunions:

my husband gave me a bag on my birthday last year. On my birthday this year, he said we would go to Bali together. After that, the house was bigger and decorated with my favorite Nordic style.

at that time, another friend was preparing for a divorce and looked lost.

some friends remind Allie to take care of others.Feeling, however, Ali still went her own way and showed her love wantonly.

as a result, the friend left early, and everyone else was embarrassed and went back to their homes one after another.

some people like to show off in a high profile, trying to get the envy of others, but do not take into account the feelings of others, and finally become less and less popular.

do you still remember the "Shanghai socialite order event"?

A blogger wants to know what the life of a Shanghai socialite is like, so he spends money to sneak into a group of Shanghai socialite.

as a result, what happened next was shocking.

it turns out that in this so-called "Shanghai socialite" group, it is a high-end version of "Peixixi".

A lot of luxury goods, luxury services, etc., can be ordered by friends.

6 afternoon teas for Ritz-Carlton for two, 85 yuan per person;

pull 40 people, each for 125 yuan, you can enjoy 5000 a night top hotels;

1500 yuan to rent a Herm è s bag, each person is given 350yuan, you can recite it for a week;

some people even spell famous brand secondhand stockings;


the group name is also marked with a number, indicating that there are many fake socialite groups like this.

is "fake socialite" really that attractive?

Why do some women try their best to package themselves and show off everywhere even if they borrow money or even get into debt?

in the final analysis, it is vanity.

in order to win the envy of the eyes around, to fill the inner hole; in order to meet celebrities, want to marry rich and handsome, delusional to change their mediocre life.

in psychology, the more a person lacks something in his heart, the more he likes to show off.

because what she shows off is exactly what she desperately wants to have.

and people who are really rich seldom show off, because they are used to it.

as a matter of fact, a woman's superficiality still has meaning, and she has long been judged in the minds of others. She cannot forcibly change other people's minds by showing off.

it is immature to show off wealth, happiness and knowledge in front of others.

really strong, should be calm, maintain inner humility, high-profile things, low-key life.

the sense of security I need most to get along with people is "I don't need to guess all the time whether the people behind me will hurt me or not."

people who sow discord, those who love to play ambiguous games, and those who often show off, they always gloat after others and base their happiness on the sufferings of others.

finally told everyone that in the face of people with these three "special hobbies", you can be polite, but do not have a deep acquaintance.