To enrich oneself is better than to please others

To enrich oneself is better than to please others

From today on, take the time to please others to enrich yourself.


have you ever had a similar experience in your life:

put others first and never consider your own ideas;

always blame yourself for not doing well because of the fault of others;

dare not refuse other people's requests and lower yourself again and again.

you consider the feelings of others everywhere, but it is not until you are physically and mentally exhausted that you find that you have long lost yourself in the process of pleasing others.

Mr. Yang Jiang said:

"We were so eager for outside recognition that we finally knew that the world was our own and had nothing to do with others."

the most important thing in one's life is not to please others, but to enrich oneself.

Don't chase a horse, use your time to chase a horse to recommend it.

when the spring blossoms, there will naturally be a group of horses for you to choose from.

when you start to enrich yourself, everything you want will come because of you.

enrich the mind

A writer once compared the human brain to a warehouse, in which the goods are what we have learned.

for a person who doesn't like to study, the warehouse will be empty and the whole person will be abandoned slowly.

and those who constantly absorb the nutrition of knowledge, the warehouse will be enriched, and life will become more and more heavy.

Mr. Yang Jiang loved reading since he was a child. Her father, Yang Yinhang, once asked her, "what will happen if you are not allowed to study for a week?"

she replied without hesitation, "I lived for nothing for a week."

for Yang Jiang, reading makes her life colorful and allows her to find her lifelong career: literature.

We all know that Mr. Yang Jiang is not only a writer but also a translator, proficient in English, French and Spanish.

but what many people don't know is that Yang Jiang's Spanish is completely self-taught.

in 1957, a publishing house decided to translate and publish Don Quixote. Because Yang Jiang's writing style was good, she was invited to translate it.

in order to translate this work well, Yang Jiang, 48, decided to teach herself Spanish.

she holds the dictionary every day and starts from scratch, word by word.

most of the time, because there are so many reference materials, she can only spread them out on the bed.

when Don Quixote translated by Yang Jiang was published in 1978, it received rave reviews and was recognized as the best translation work.

it is the continuous learning that never gives up on self-improvement, which makes Yang Jiang a generation of translators.

A rich mind and knowledge is like an anchor in one's mind.

with this anchor, we will be able to resist the winds and waves of the sea and the unpredictable fate.

so don't forget to enrich your brain and hold your anchor at any time.

every book you have read and every bit of knowledge you have learned will be the greatest strength for you to ride the wind and waves.

enrich the pattern

what is the pattern?

Zhihu has such an answer:

"is reflected in the height of the goal pursued by a person, the breadth of vision, the depth of thinking, and the leisurely magnanimity embodied in this person."

Mr. Yang Jiang recorded such an experience in his prose.

one of her colleagues, Ji Yuanzhang, once ridiculed and bullied her.

later, his family fell in the middle



lying in the sickbed,

the family is too poor to open the pot.

when Yang Jiang knew, instead of gloating, she took the initiative to lend a helping hand.

she takes part of her meagre salary and sends it to his home every month.

this reminds me of what she once said: "at the end of reading, it is for us to understand the world in a more tolerant way."

it is because of this broad mind that she chooses to forgive the people she has hurt.

Professor Chen Guo of Fudan University once said:

if you can maintain an open-mindedness, self-cultivation and demeanor when you are most down and out, and when no one can understand you, this is the real skill to see your self-cultivation.

Let go of the grudge, but the big one is your own pattern.

the sea of life, the tide rises and falls.

truly mature people all know how to take a long-term view and no longer cling to the trivialities in front of them.

when you learn to open your mind, open your horizons, stand high and overlook life, you can live thoroughly and freely.

only by keeping a big pattern in mind can we live every small day well.

enrich your life

in life, it is inevitable that there will be times of boredom and boredom.

people who really love life are always undefeated by time and secularity. they can live spiritually and interestingly no matter when and where they are.

the life of Yang Jiang and Mr. Qian Zhongshu is like this, insipid and rich.

when she is busy, under the same roof, Qian Zhongshu writes hard at the other end, and Yang Jiang reads quietly in this corner.

some people say that the real fun of life is actually integrated into daily trifles.

Mr. Yang Jiang's book "the three of us" recordsMore details of the life of a family of three:

A family of three like to go to the zoo and discuss the habits and natures of all kinds of animals together.

when the family goes to a restaurant, Mr. Qian is short-sighted, but "deaf" and his daughter Ah Huan are smart and smart, they can always find out what kind of stories are being staged by guests at other tables.

go to the park, the family takes turns to perform talent shows.

many people in life complain that they work hard and are busy working and socializing every day, and the days are getting more and more boring.

it's not that life is boring, but that we lose our perception of it.

when we become more and more lazy, unwilling to toss about, and do not want to bother to live, we will naturally lead a gloomy life.

writer Jiang Xu said:

"the so-called interest in life is to treat everything in life with the heart of interest, and excavate the beauty in it for our use."

as long as you know how to refine beauty and inject thoughts into trivial daily life, then your life will naturally become more and more quality.

those who have poetic feelings in their hearts can always lead a steaming life.

enrich the soul

in 1997, Yang Jiang's daughter Qian Han died of illness, and soon after, her husband Qian Zhongshu also left her.

once the "three of us", now Yang Jiang is the only one left.

after that, Mr. Yang Jiang no longer liked to go out and stayed at home behind closed doors.

she devoted all her time and energy to her work, sorting out Qian Zhongshu's manuscripts while creating her own.

A reporter went to interview her, and she said humorously:

I have a lot of things to do now. I am the only one to do so. I am now a "unique family".

this "home" is the "home" of the family, not a "unique beauty". I have no offspring, and no one can do it if I don't do it.

in 2004, the collected works of Yang Jiang was published, and the publishing house was ready to plan a seminar on his works, but Yang Jiang said:

Compliment your decent grace in our rustic bridesmaid dresses. Browse through our fabulous collection of finest fabrics.

"it's not my business to sell books. I'm just a drop of water, not soapy water. I can't blow bubbles."

in life, she is becoming more and more simple and simple.

the clothes are not expensive, but they are extremely decent. There is never any expensive furnishings in the room, only a room full of books.

I have heard a saying: "the true nobility of a person lies in the abundance of the soul."

cut off useless socializing, put aside the gains and losses of honor and disgrace, and get rid of fame and material desires.

when your heart becomes rich and your spirit becomes full, you naturally don't care about the shackles of external material desires.

it is life that is simple and simple, but what is rich and noble is the soul.

someone once commented:

"for Mr. Yang Jiang, luck and misfortune are a carrying pole, but the baskets at both ends of the pole actually contain a rich life."

living in the world, we may not be able to change the length of life, but we can enrich our way of life.

with a full brain, to face the challenges of reality; with a broad mind, to accommodate the wind and rain of life.

to feel the beauty of life with a colorful life, and to carry all things in the world with a rich soul.

people in this life, there are countless beautiful things waiting to meet with us, continue to fill and absorb, in order to become a precious existence.

, from today on, take the time to please others to enrich yourself.

I wish you and I can enjoy the beauty of life, constantly enrich the background of life, live up to this trip.