You don't have to make progress.

You don't have to make progress.

There is no high or low way of life, only willing or not.

"all right." I said.

this kind of conversation is awkward and dry, reflecting our present situation:

this meeting is actually because we are going to another old classmate's wedding together.

but to be honest, I never thought it would be so awkward to be reunited after a long separation.

so A Jie talked a lot about his recent situation.

"what about you?" Ah Jie asked suddenly.

he was stupefied for a moment, and then said, "really, isn't it your company that just picked you up?"

"if you do, you should be able to find a better job soon." He comforted me and said.

but in fact, I care more about "how to find the job I want" than "how to find a better job".

I came to my senses and found that I was playing the familiar song "Nothing Gonna Change My Love For You".

this song Ajie played and sang at the freshman class meeting that year.

because he always seems to have more classes than me, takes a part-time job more frequently, even learns a guitar and knows more tunes than I do, so I often use him to push myself.

my impression of him changed when I graduated.

"I don't want to do a job that I can see at a glance." I give this explanation.

but Ajie basically did not hesitate to choose to go back to town and do a clerical job in a unit.

because at that time, I thought that staying and working in a big city was the only way to make progress.

"Internet companies are working too much overtime." Ah Jie's tone was the same as the reason given, light and fluttering.

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before we knew it, we arrived at the wedding scene, and the ceremony was already under way. Ah Jie, who is next to

, has been clapping.

because if someone (that is, me) yearns for "uncertainty", then someone must be yearning for "certainty".

my life with "uncertainty" exposed me to more new things, but I also lost the kitchen smoke, the softness of detergent foam, and the peace of mind to watch my family chew food.

same as Ajie's choice.

it turns out that in this chaotic world, he is the first to wake up and know what he wants.

at the end of the wedding, Ajie asked if he wanted to take me back.

"then be careful and send me a Wechat when you go back." Jie rolled down the window and said to me.

Life is sometimes so wonderful, as long as we meet again after a long separation, there will be new feelings.

it's a sad but grateful experience.

if you like to take risks, you don't have to stay in your comfort zone and comfort yourself with comfort.

then I encourage you to choose not to make progress.