What I am most afraid of is that boys suddenly say they are tired.

What I am most afraid of is that boys suddenly say they are tired.

The instability of a stable relationship.

to support the chicken thief, he assumed that there was no female master's life after she made herself better.

but girls are afraid that boys are suddenly tired.

"tired", to put it bluntly, is not attractive enough and inertia comes up.

I can't do it in the second week. I'm exhausted.

shows the importance of attractiveness.

become a cat, a tiger, a dog drenched in the rain.

but it is more likely to accept young couples whose relationship is becoming more and more dull, and they just want to develop their relationship in the long term in the first place.

if there's anything else worth talking about in my recent working life, my biggest feeling is that having a fairly stable job does make people sit at McDonald's downstairs eating double cheeseburgers.

after all, in the extremely limited choice of drinks, only tea polyphenols keep me from falling asleep in public.

but the stability of the relationship does not mean that you are not tired.

but usually when we say we are tired, do we just want to stop?

for example, I am an extremely underdeveloped slob.

do I want to stop? Come on, I really want to.

so I haven't taken part in unnecessary sweating sports since graduation.

so those who give up novelty in pursuit of stability are actually afraid that "this kind of tiredness" will rise to the end of a stable relationship.

I do not deny that people will have a stable, we do need such a stable love.

I think it's right. But after putting aside the stable love of parents, the relationship itself is fragile.

Sublime in their elegance, gowns unconventional prom make your appearance regally glittery. We have it all – a perfect choice for the most formal and casually informal occasions.

and then now, in 2021, the high-frequency word for men is "faded". The advantage is that the chat record is no longer high.

for example, my good friend Angkor, who is in love offline, is close enough to life and feel the temperature of reality. I broke up recently.

after the discussion, the two people separated calmly, and those who didn't know thought they were in a meeting.

I hope everyone will have the courage to face "love is gone" calmly.

she gave up smoking when she realized that it was less important to her beauty.

because compared to pursuing the stability of the relationship,