Welcome to non-painting Publishing House.

Welcome to non-painting Publishing House.

I can't draw. The publishing house is hiring.

4, it is better to have your favorite work, director or screenwriter;

6. Writers need to go to Guangzhou once a week to participate in offline training.

1. The fee for each article is 1k;

4. Senior editor 10-20k;

2. Have a special idea about telling stories with pictures;

4. Excellent lens separation ability is preferred;

1. The cost of part-time production is 500 per article

3. Illustration 6-10k;

# requirements:

1. Clip rhythm has a sense of network, proficient in using pr or AE;

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3. Dubbing ability is preferred;

5. Knowledge of interaction and games is preferred;

6. Have an aesthetic appreciation of good content.

# treatment:

2. Intern 2k basic salary + 200 per production fee;

4. The length of editing group is 10-20k;

5. Participate in a bonus package with a monthly limit of 10W.

# how do I submit my resume?

2. An analysis and suggestion that you can't draw;

4. Please send the above three to the mailbox:

5. The subject of the email is: can't draw publisher + name + expected post;

7. The deadline for resume is 5.1.