To take good care of your body is to make money.

To take good care of your body is to make money.

May you eat well, sleep well, exercise well and live a good life for the rest of your life.

these two days, one is called

# Why did you leave the Internet factory #

went viral on Weibo.

A netizen

@ May Tree

tells the reason why he gave up a high-paying job:

" is 996 or even 007, which lasts for half a year. For me, this kind of 996 is really a kind of physical and mental destruction.

the whole person feels tired very easily, works mechanically every day, and has no interest in anything else at all.

when I wake up every morning, I resist the thought of going to work.

during that time, I was always anxious, sleepless and lost my hair every night.

I know that I have entered a morbid physical and mental state, and I need to climb out of this quagmire. "

in the comment area, netizens left messages one after another:

"you can't make all the money. Relax and take care of your health."

"to take good care of your body is to make money!"

hit the nail on the head.

when he first entered society, he always worked overtime and stayed up late endlessly for the sake of the so-called wealth and freedom.

the longer I work later, the more I find that:

Life is endless overtime, endless nights, endless money.

and the best business in life is to invest in your body.

go to the hospital once, spend too much money

I suddenly remembered the list of lives that stung countless people three years ago.

this is the hospitalization receipt of a 67-year-old man in Wuhan in November 2018.

one day the old man was not feeling well and was taken to the hospital

, the doctor determined that it was acute myocardial infarction.

during that time, when the old man spent all day in the hospital, he found that the money was like running water, tens of thousands of yuan, but it was gone in the blink of an eye.

the cost of first aid alone was 630000, and the cost of subsequent rehabilitation was nearly 1.04 million, not to mention the cost of recuperation after discharge.

the cost of hospitalization for 75 days is 1.7 million, with an average of more than 20, 000 yuan per day.

this is the weight of life that most people cannot bear.

over the years, the older I am, the more I feel afraid to go to the hospital.

because every time I go to the hospital, my wallet in my pocket becomes thinner and my confidence is reduced by receipts of all sizes.

what's more, every time I go to the hospital, the more I understand:

Hospital is a battle field between money and fate.

A penny is not much, but it can baffle countless heroic heroes.

an illness is not serious, but it can destroy an originally warm and perfect home.

as an ordinary person, it is too difficult to make money

some time ago, my friend Fang Song suddenly posted a moments:

"Life is not easy, there is always a heavy burden; life is really hard, everywhere is shackles."

I hurriedly asked him what was wrong.

he told me that as an ordinary person, it is not easy to make money.

my friend used to be an English teacher, but with the decline of the teaching and training industry, he was forced to change careers.

worked as a customer service, worked as a salesman, sold coolies, and finally became a takeout worker who raced against time.

in Beijing in November, it is normal to be cold and windy, and it is even more common to get lost and overtime and tired physically and mentally.

every meal delivery, there are several turns in the street, shuttling back and forth in the alley.

once, he received a list from a high-end mall and finally followed the clue to find the place, only to be complained by customers for overtime.

and this complaint made him work in vain for several days.

speaking of this, my friend can't help feeling: "it's hard to make money, it's hard to live, it's hard to live!"

Yes, no one walks more easily than anyone on the way to making money.

photography enthusiasts

@ King James

once took a picture called "City Fibrator":

at five o'clock in the morning, the city is still fast asleep.

in order to earn money to support his wife and children, a worker carried a long steel bar on his back and pulled it out of the inspection well on the ground.

his back was taut forward, like a fiddler on the Volga.

We are not the fiddlers on the Volga, but we are also struggling desperately in the bitterness of life.

in order to break a few taels of silver, a person travels all over the world, grievances and emotions learn to digest themselves.

for a little money, even if life is already a chicken feather, you still have to go through all the helplessness and suffering alone.

in the world of ordinary people, no penny comes easily.

everyone is carrying a heavy load on the road to making money.

the bottom line for making money is not at the expense of health

on Thanksgiving, Li Yong's wife, Ha Wen, posted a message on Weibo:

"May I stay with you all my life and wish you happiness forever."

but it so happens that the person who promised to accompany her all her life, the one who promised to give her happiness forever, will never come back.

back then, Li Yong hosted "Lucky 52" and "very 611".

the former won three awards in the "China TV list", including "TV Program of the year", "Best Game Show" and "Best Game Program Host".

the latter's national network ratings were once as high as 1.02%, with a viewing share of 2.71%, winning the first place in the variety show that night.

with the popularity of these two programs, Li Yong has also become a veritable "CCTV variety brother".

after becoming famous, in order to give his wife and daughter a better life, he was once carried forward by various propaganda, commercial performances and activities.

when people around him persuade him to take a rest, he always makes a sign-Lucky 52, and then smiles and says:

"my daughter is old, so it's important to make money!"

as a result, he fell ill on the healthy stage before he could wait for the lucky 52 of his life.

at 05:20 on October 25, 2018, Li Yong died of cancer at the age of 50.

from then on, he was separated from his beloved wife and daughter forever and became a person who would never meet again in a parallel world.

after Li Yong's death, there were rumors that he left his wife and daughter with assets of up to 200 million yuan.

however, no amount of money can make up for the grief that the people in the hearts of his wife and daughter are no longer separated.

because, in the face of life and death, children are so vulnerable to family, happy marriage and thousands of money.

people, don't forget at any time: no matter how important money is, you must spend your life.

the bottom line of making money must not be at the expense of health.


Don't boil if you don't feel well, don't wait until you lose your body to regret it.

the spirit is very tired, don't hold on, don't wait until you lose your health to regret it.

love yourself, take care of your body, and don't wait for the end of your life to regret it.

to take good care of your body is to save money and make money

I wonder if you have ever seen such a body value table on the Internet:

"Heart, 750000 yuan;

liver, 990000 yuan;

Kidney, 1.65 million yuan;

Choose a dazzling beach wedding dresses and accent a curvy body and assets ? Let them shower you with a display of exquisite taste.

the cornea of one eye is 150000 yuan;

it costs 140000 yuan per gram of bone marrow replacement;


after summing up, a person's body is worth nearly 300 million yuan! "

in other words, if you are unharmed, disease-free and painless, you are already a billionaire.

Schopenhauer said this sentence:

"the biggest mistake that human beings can make is to trade health for other things outside the body."

I have seen too many people who trade their lives for money--

in order to do a good job, take out fast food every day and prevaricate your stomach with junk food.

in order to catch up with others, he stayed up all night and stayed up late in exchange for the so-called wealth and freedom.

as a result, I am exhausted by the anxiety of making money every day.

have also seen too many people who are desperate to save money--

in daily diet, I am reluctant to eat, and I want to break a penny into two halves.

in the medical examination, I am reluctant to use it. I always think that if I can save, I am afraid that the money will be wasted.

finally, save yourself, suffer yourself, and raise happiness in poverty.

they do not know that money has a price, health is priceless, and living well is the greatest wealth.

they do not understand that health is the most expensive in life. To take good care of your body is to make money and save money.

there is a good line in the movie "piss off, Mr. tumor":

"Why did God make us sick?"

"that's because it reminds us that we only live once."

I like this sentence very much, so I admire everyone from the bottom of my heart who can manage their health well:

everyone who eats well, everyone who sleeps on time, everyone who keeps exercising, everyone who takes good care of his body.

they are the most ordinary people, the most admirable, and the hardest-working people.

likes a sentence very much:

"in the second half of life, the most advanced display of wealth has only four words-- the body is free of disease."


one less illness saves money;

if you don't go to the hospital once, you are saving money.

to take good care of your body is to make money.

because a healthy body is a person's greatest strength, and it is also the strongest backing on our way of life.

only if you have a healthy body, you can not only enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way, but also enjoy the family time with your relatives.

May you eat, sleep, exercise and live well for the rest of your life.

May you take good care of your body and live a disease-free and relaxed life.

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