To 2022: live a good life, is the best living condition!

To 2022: live a good life, is the best living condition!

Every girl who seriously pleases herself will transform into a better self.

2022, Luo Zhenyu did a hot search.

but uncle is not surprised.

because this is not the first time he has been on the hot search at the beginning of the year, and I believe it will not be the last. After all, there are still many performances after his New year's speech, which will accompany us for a long time.

so when it comes to Luo Zhenyu, what's the first thing that comes to mind?

his unique perspective in Luoji thinking?

or his sharp point of view in "Strange Theory"?

what the uncle thinks of is his amazing "crushing spirit".

I don't know if you find that everyone in life wants to succeed, but very few people can succeed.

many people like to blame talent for their failures and think that talent limits them.

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but in Luo Zhenyu's view, if a person can do something to the extent of "banging", even if the person has no talent, he can reach an amazing extreme in the end.

he himself has been carrying out this spirit of kowtowing.

since he founded Luoji thinking in 2012, Luo Zhenyu has been banging on his voice for 60s a day, which he says he will do for 10 years.

at first, many people didn't believe it. After all, it was very difficult to say something clearly by voice within a minute, and it happened to be no more or less.

but it turns out that Luo Zhenyu did it.

some people wonder how these 60 seconds of audio are recorded?

some people think that these 60 seconds don't seem to be difficult?

in fact, when he is in good condition, he can have a finished product three or five times, but when he is in bad condition, he has to record it very many times.

on one occasion, Luo Zhenyu couldn't figure out his 60-second voice the next day.

when he thought of 3 o'clock on the office sofa, he couldn't help falling asleep. He woke up at 5 o'clock and continued to hold it until the content was ready.

you see, no one can casually succeed, those glamorous behind are desperately fighting with themselves.

this is undoubtedly a great thing.

nowadays, 60 seconds of voice every day has become a gold-lettered signboard to "get" APP.

in addition to banging 60 seconds of voice every day, the annual New year speech is also the goal he has set for himself.

yesterday, my uncle's circle of friends was called "Friends of time" by Luo Zhenyu's New year's speech


brushed the screen.

however, unlike before, people are unable to watch it at the scene this time because of the epidemic.

so this is the first time that Luo Zhenyu has given a speech in front of an empty seat.

in fact, Uncle was very worried when he received the news of official refund at that time. He didn't feel relieved until he saw Luo Zhenyu's familiar fat face.

I remember Luo Zhenyu said in 2015 that for 20 years in a row, he would give a New year's speech every year to accompany enterprising Chinese people to bid farewell to the New year and welcome the New year.

every speech, live

is full of people

, and sometimes it is difficult to get a vote.

every speech can be called a thinking feast, and countless people are looking forward to it, waiting for Lao Luo to accompany us in the New year with his knowledge.

his unique ideas and sharp point of view, amazing at the same time, can always bring us some different thinking and inspiration.

in the promotional video, Luo Zhenyu mentioned his understanding of time management. He said:

the best time management is not to push yourself harder and squeeze the efficiency of your time to the fullest, but to put a share of time to multiple uses.

and this has to do with the strength of the skin care brand

Pu Erjia

"have been trying to convey to us happen to coincide."

recall, have you ever had such an experience:

A friend recommended a book to you, but when you are tired, whenever you have free time, the desire to rest and relax always trumps everything.

I saw a course on the Internet. You always want to listen to it after work, but every time you are busy, it is late at night.

in the end, I didn't finish the book, and the class was shelved, so you can only complain helplessly: "Hey, there's not enough time."


in fact, it's not that you have too little time, it's just that you don't know how to use it efficiently.

the "good-looking time" advocated by Fu Erjia can make you look better and enrich your spiritual world at the same time.

for example, when you apply a mask for half an hour, you can choose to listen to a few songs, empty your mind and relax at the same time, or listen to a few classes to improve yourself while being beautiful.

in this way, you have accomplished more things in the same half an hour, and over time, the gap between people has slowly opened up unconsciously.

I very much agree with such a sentence: "the real practice is not in the mountains, not in the temple, but in society." Each of us lives in spiritual practice, and we also practice in life. "

Yes, even the process of applying a mask can become part of self-cultivation.

when you learn to make use of time, when you find a better way to get along with time, and then continue to precipitate and improve yourself, you can live to be what you want step by step.

this time, Fu Erjia wants to let more people understand this concept of life that makes them better and better when bidding farewell to the New year and welcoming the New year.To discover another possibility of life.

there is a saying on the Internet: "only those with similar souls can meet, and those with the same values can be friends."

the fate between Fu Erjia and Luo Zhenyu is not only because they have the same concept of time, but also because they both have the "fighting spirit" to compete with themselves.

if Luo Zhenyu is banging on 60s voice and New year's speech, then Fu Erjia is banging on product development.

you should know that the development of any kind of product will face all kinds of difficulties.

and cost control is a key indicator, and it may even determine whether the product is profitable or not.

but Fu Erjia always insists on putting the effect of the product first and choosing a more suitable raw material process.

all this is all because of five words:

to Value for Users.

what users need, they will develop what they can make users better, and they will work in the corresponding direction.

this is the belief that Pu Erjia has adhered to for many years, and this persistence has also achieved Pu er Jia.

as soon as their products are on the market, they sell very well.

on all the major recommendation platforms, many fans and even stars praise it after using it.

in Little Red Book, if you search with the keyword "Fu Erjia", you will find more than 80,000 recommended notes.

female white-collar workers in a certain workplace

because of work, I often stay up late, and after a long time, I begin to have all kinds of skin problems on my face. I have used a lot of masks, but the effect is not good. Later, my colleagues gave me an Amway facial mask. After I insisted on using it for a period of time, my skin slowly improved, and now I am the billboard for Fu Erjia to walk!

employees of a company

after I failed to express my love before, I felt that my life was dark. Every time I saw myself in the mirror, I felt an unspeakable dislike. It wasn't until I met Pu'erjia Mask that the situation began to change. Seeing the ever-changing beauty of myself, I gradually regained my self-confidence and walked out of the shadow of confession failure.

A skin care expert

as a skin care expert, I have used many brands of skin care products, but Fu Erjia is really worthy of unlimited buyback in my mind!


some people may wonder why so many people recommend and share spontaneously.

in fact, the reason is very simple, because it is easy to use.

No user is confused, what really moves people is always professionalism and attentiveness.

it can be said that Puerjia is a brand bought by consumers!

nowadays, Pu Erjia has become a "good thing of happiness" in the hearts of many girls, helping people to live calmly and elegantly in the fragmented time.

every good thing that explodes happiness will be deeply remembered by the public, and every moment hit by beauty is worth sharing and recording.

as at the end of every year, yesterday, my uncle received a brilliant year-end summary and sharing from his book friends backstage, and felt that everyone was slowly making life better this year.

A book friend @ who has been following Uncle for 6 years has not only unlocked the new skills of flower arrangement and diving, but also realized the flag of "one Book a week". He has read a total of 48 books in the whole year.

A-Yao, a book friend who has only taken 8 days off in the whole year, loves to eat fish, practices her English hard, constantly improves her business standard, and makes 23 big lists. At the end of the year, she was successfully promoted to the core of the company, and is not far from her small goal of buying a house.

@ Lili paste, a book friend who likes beauty and make-up fashion, not only succeeded in the postgraduate entrance examination, but also got the offer of her favorite company. Douyin account, which she did in her spare time, also exceeded 100000 followers in December.

the book friend @ CoCo, who is shrouded in the shadow of being lovelorn, insists on listening to our audio while exercising every morning, soaking his feet while applying a mask before going to bed, and finding his most comfortable state of life. Although she is still alone in the Spring Festival, her skin is better and she is more confident. She firmly believes that she will meet the soft-hearted Cupid in 2022.


in the past 2021, we accompanied everyone to recharge and grow up, grasped the power of time, and took every day seriously with an attitude of 120 points. We practiced both inside and outside together, and found the light of life more or less.

as the book who moved my Cheese says, "Life doesn't follow someone's wishes." Change may come at any time, but facing it positively will lead you to find better cheese. "

every girl who is brave and sincere and seriously pleases herself will transform into a better self and will reap the sweets of life.

Today is the first day of 2022.

the grievances of the previous year, the sufferings of the previous year, the regrets of the previous year …... It's all over.

the most important thing at the moment is that after a year of hard work, you deserve a gift to reward yourself.

in this day full of rituals, choosing Fu Erjia is not only a possibility to make yourself look good, but also a way of life that makes you better and better.

2021 Bye, 2022 Hello!


one book a week, no matter how busy it is, don't forget to recharge it.