This gift makes me confirm that he likes me very much.

This gift makes me confirm that he likes me very much.

I care more about how much he keeps for himself than how much he gives.

another roommate frowned and said this.

I thought of the above story because recently I saw a reader leave a message saying:

everyone seems to have acquiesced in giving expensive gifts during the holidays, otherwise they just don't pay attention to it and have no sense of ritual.

that was the moment my boyfriend opened the gift when we first got together, and I realized what a straight man is.

two years later, portable battery is still very new

the moment when the sophomore took part in the campus top ten singers competition;

the last one was a smile when he was rated as an outstanding graduate and took a photo with the headmaster.

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by contrast, she realized that it was naive to measure the meaning of gifts in terms of price at first.

I don't know if you have that kind of couple around you. They don't show their love very much, but they just live their little life with peace of mind.

this is the college roommate I wrote about at the beginning.

she replied: "Life is my own, and now I want to save money for more important things, such as replacing a bigger house and a better car."

after listening to these words, I realized:

of course, it is not that money is not important, money is one of the measures of many things, but it is only one of them.

I think the girl must have been immersed in a relationship with sense of security to be able to say such a conclusive thing with such a relaxed posture.

but maybe we can try to have a "not so expensive, but also very attentive" Qixi Festival.