The last day of 2021: forgive everything before you go to bed and wake up as a new life.

The last day of 2021: forgive everything before you go to bed and wake up as a new life.

Let bygones be bygones, everything wins, and happy New year.

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sow Lin Jing

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the mercy of time is that no matter what you have experienced in the past, there will always be the dawn of dawn.

on the last day of 2021, forgive everything before you go to bed and wake up as a new life.

when the morning sun rises and the morning wind blows, you will find:

everything can start all over again, everything is brand new.

yesterday's troubles, clear zero

the book of life, turn over this page before you can write the next chapter.

think about this year, do you often mess up your mood for trifles:

sometimes it's a setback at work, sometimes it's a stumble in life, sometimes it's an argument while chatting.

you are still suffering over and over again in your heart when it is clear that it is over.

I was so angry about it that I couldn't sleep.

in fact, whose life is not on fire and smoking at the same time.

the dust falls on the clothes, just brush it off gently.

on the last day of 2021, remember to take out your trash before going to bed.

people's hearts are only big fists. Only by clearing the troubles can we embrace happiness.

you know, the withering of a flower cannot desolate the whole spring.

it is more important than anything else to take good care of your mood at any time.

unpleasant life, reconciliation

the unhappiness of adults is helplessness and normality.

being away from home, working alone, constant accidents and a lot of stress.

this year, you may have unknown loss and pain that you cannot confide in.

have you also shed tears on a sleepless night; in the deserted street, collapse and silence.

now if you look back, you will find:

those who once thought that they would never be able to cross the hurdle have already become the dishes that served wine yesterday.

on the last day of 2021, I said hard work with myself who has persisted all the way up to now.

Let the joys and sorrows of the past dissipate in the wind.

God does not concentrate good luck on one person, and neither does bad luck.

you have to believe that what life owes you will be made up elsewhere.

Don't worry, don't hesitate, don't hesitate.

as long as you keep going, something good will happen.

past injuries, let go

Life is a battle against a hundred, and there is no one in the world without being hurt.

in the past three hundred days, you must have had many moments of helplessness and despair:

may have been the closest person, but it gave you the heaviest blow.

may be a friend who has always trusted, but he taught you the most painful lesson.

I have been lying in bed for countless nights. I am sad why I am the one who gets hurt.

when people are alive, keeping notes increases knowledge, but holding grudges increases pain.

in the new year, stop punishing yourself for other people's mistakes.

holding a grudge is like putting a piece of earth in your heart, and to let go is to plant flowers on this piece of soil.

sometimes forget, not to forgive others, but to get rid of yourself.

Family discord, let go

it is said that people can not avoid daily friction in the trivialities of firewood, rice, oil and salt.

this year, you may have quarreled with your parents and quarreled with your lover.

even when they are impatient, they say disgusted and unpleasant things to each other.

the fate of a family is that long is long and short is short.

all the quarrels that I don't want to forget are laying mines for the future.

all the barriers that you don't want to break down are cooling your feelings.

on the last day of the year, let bygones be bygones.

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talk about the little things, let the misunderstandings go with the wind; talk about the big things, and let the knot open.

Don't look back, don't dig up the past. Forgive the little things and discuss the big things.

your own imperfections, accept

maybe everyone lives in an imperfect self.

this year, did you ever feel sorry for people who didn't like you and annoyed for things you couldn't do?

always envy other people's lives, but be bitter about their own shortcomings?

mature people can not change the world, but know how to accept themselves.

maybe you're not thin enough and you don't earn enough.

maybe you've done your best and can only live a normal life.

No matter how ordinary life is, it also has its own shining points.

No matter how ordinary a job is, it has its value.

Love yourself well, and life will be gentle to you.

unfinished goal, restart

in the past year, the day seems to have been pressed on the accelerator button.

stop-and-go every day, the blink of an eye to the end of the year.

at the moment, you may be complaining that you are not working hard enough for the collapse of your plan; at the moment, you may be regretting the waste of another year.

it doesn't matter, don't complain, don't worry. It is impossible to catch up yesterday, but it can be done tomorrow.

say goodbye to past procrastination and confusion, be friends with time, and let the goal restart.

read a few more pagesBooks are wealth over time;

run one more time and stick to it is a healthy compound interest.

to take one more course is to add insurance to the future.

where your time is spent, the flowers of life will bloom.

2022, Xiangyang

sometimes in the dead of night, do you often have the same feeling:

I've been spinning around like a top for a year, busy but I don't know why.

is always in a hurry, but forgets to have a good meal and see the scenery.

the new year is coming, don't wronge yourself, don't owe your life.

work hard, have a big meal, buy a gift, and treat yourself well.

days are boring, so find a hobby, buy a bouquet of flowers, and surprise yourself.

the outside world is impetuous, just read a book, listen to a song, and give your body and mind a holiday.

2022, put down if you can't figure it out, and turn if you can't get through.

go to bed when you are tired and smile when you wake up.

Life shines only when there are little stars in my heart.

Eason Chan has a lyric that feels warm every time he hears it:

"as soon as the new comes, the old one is forgotten." Anyway, you know, troubles will solve them. "

the 2021 that is coming to an end, the good and bad things will become a thing of the past.

after dawn, there is a new day, and after today, there is a new year.

all the regrets this year are laying the groundwork for next year's surprise.



, bid farewell to 2021 and greet 2022 together.

I wish that every day in the future, my heart will grow like flowers and trees and grow in the sun.