"the hardest boy in Tsinghua University" scraped the screen: "it turns out that this is what he really is!"

"the hardest boy in Tsinghua University" scraped the screen: "it turns out that this is what he really is!"

Gather you and me a little bit of warmth, burn the light of hope of the students!

some time ago, there was a hot search that pierced my heart.

an anonymous post from "Tree Cave" of Tsinghua University made countless netizens cry when it was scanned on the social platform.

Dong Zhu came from a poor single-parent family and was admitted to the coveted Tsinghua University.

however, intense joy is followed by worry about reality.

my family has been unable to afford a penny since I went to college. 5000 yuan in tuition and 750 yuan in accommodation have become the biggest obstacles on the way to study.

his family was unable to support him, so he had to fight for it on his own.

when he entered school, he paid his tuition and miscellaneous fees by applying for financial aid and scholarship, and the remaining 3200 yuan was his living expenses for eight months, which was only 400 yuan a month.

how do I use it?

his careful calculation makes people feel sorry for it:

Breakfast: 4 Mao soybean milk + 2 25 hair buns + 1 egg.

lunch: four taels of rice, ninety cents + half a dish with soup, mix the soup in the rice and eat it with a grunt.

Dinner: it's still 4 taels of rice and 90 cents, with some vegetarian dishes.

lived like this for two years, and in his junior year, he began to work part-time as a tutor, 100 yuan an hour.

reluctant to take a taxi, I went there by bike for 12 kilometers back and forth.

fortunately, although life was hard, the master of the cave clenched his teeth and struggled with fate, and later he successfully got the opportunity to protect graduate school.

after graduate school, he no longer applied for financial aid from the school, and he felt that there were people who needed it more than he did.

he can continue to work part-time while taking care of his studies, which is enough to support himself.

but there are still many families


Children who have no way to go to school are struggling.

therefore, from the beginning of graduate school, he will set aside 3200 yuan every semester to support four children who have difficulties in going to school.

because I have been in the rain, I also want to hold an umbrella for others.

everyone who has been oppressed by life knows that fate is destined to be unfair, birth is doomed to be impossible to choose, and only one can be relied on in this life.

they understand the unusual meaning that reading brings to them, so they will be grateful and want to pass on this love to more people.

can also feel deeply:

for ordinary people, reading is the only way to realize their dreams.

it is undeniable that in this world, everyone wants to spend the rest of his life safely and comfortably.

however, life has a long way to go, and there has never been a smooth road and starlight.

after this year's college entrance examination, 19-year-old Song Heyu was admitted to Shaanxi University of Science and Technology.

he majored in art, and the single subject of art color got a full mark in the art examination in Shaanxi Province, which was also the first in Shaanxi Province.

but behind this achievement lies his unspeakable grief.

but the bad luck was caught off guard, and his father had a sudden cerebral infarction, which led to hemiplegia.

Song Heyu's family usually live on the minimum standard of living. Before his father had an accident, the family's life depended on his father's hard work.

his mother and sister are both first-class disabled and can't take care of themselves.

since childhood, he has never felt maternal love, and his mother is more like a stranger to him.

because his mother is unconscious, she won't respond to him even if she hears him call her mother.

now, my father is suddenly ill in bed, which is undoubtedly making things worse for this shaky family.

three people in a family of four have fallen ill, and what awaits him is not only a precarious life, but also a difficult way to go to school.

even before the college entrance examination began, Song Heyu had already ushered in a trial of fate.

before entering the society, the burden of the family has fallen heavily on his shoulders.

it is hard to imagine what difficulties this young boy will face on his way to life in the future.

what is even more surprising is that there are still many people like Song Heyu.

in the corner where we can't see, there are still many unknown pains.

Shan Xiaolong of Ningxia was admitted to Tsinghua University with an excellent score of 676.

Shan Xiaolong was still working outside when he learned the news of admission.

in order to lighten the financial burden on his family, after the college entrance examination, he chose to work on the construction site.

he starts to work at 9 o'clock every morning, and he has to move about 12000 kilograms of steel bar a day. Although the work is very tired and hard, he doesn't give up because he knows that he needs money to go to school.

even if he eats steamed buns, he is reluctant to give up meat stuffing. In his words, "A vegetarian steamed stuffed bun is 30 cents cheaper than meat stuffing."

sometimes, he wants to have a rest, but for his dream of going to college, he chooses to stick to it.

holding a shabby button phone in his hand, he once envied his classmates' smartphones. However, envy is only temporary, he knows that he can not compare, can only compare with learning.

Children without umbrellas can only run barefoot in the heavy rain.

they always need to spend more than the usual number of efforts in order to get rid of the shackles of fate.

I always feel that if I hold on to something, I won't be held back by life.

and reading is the lifesaver.

becauseThey know better than anyone that reading is the easiest way to change their destiny.

some people are in tall buildings, others are in deep ditches. Some people are bright, others are covered in rust.

for children with favorable family conditions, reading books may be an easy thing to do.

however, for children from ordinary families, reading and life are always the topics of the item list.

all kinds of practical difficulties lie ahead, and there are always some children who have to stop here.

some people say, can the dream of going to college really belong to children in adversity?

Uncle thought, the answer is yes.

the college entrance examination is not only a chance for students in the cold window for more than ten years, but also carries the hope of families.

but it is undeniable that most of the time, for children with difficulties in school, the ivory tower in mind is an unattainable luxury.

this time, Yangzi Evening News and Jiangsu Xinuo Industrial Co., Ltd., with the support of Jiangsu Charity Federation, launched

commonweal projects.

project aims to help students in adversity realize their dreams of going to college by calling on the strength of society.

for their


want to put on the wings of flying.

according to my uncle, the money raised by this project will be used to subsidize some poor and excellent undergraduate students in Jiangsu Province to admit freshmen.

up to now, Yangzi Evening News Sunshine Scholarship campaign has lasted for 19 years. By gathering the strength of social love, it has accompanied more than 5100 students to realize their dream of entering the university campus, and has also contributed to more than 2000 pairs of help.

during the 19 years of student aid, more than 25 million yuan in financial aid has been sent out, and more than 5100 stories of youth have been honed and sublimated by struggle.

of course,

Public welfare projects, in addition to helping students in temporary difficulties and solving their urgent needs, another goal is to hope that the attention and participation of society can bring them the spiritual motivation to struggle.

individual power may be small, but when it comes together, it becomes a bright light.

it will illuminate the darkness ahead and the road of life in the future.

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therefore, Uncle is here to appeal to everyone, within the limits of our ability, to gather you and me a little bit of tenderness, burn the light of hope of the students, and take actions to protect their dreams.

to enter

commonweal projects,

contribute your love ~

after entering the donation interface, you can see

"single donation"

button, you can offer your love according to your actual situation.

after the donation is successful, each donor will receive an electronic donation certificate.

every youth who strives for their dreams deserves a better future. Don't let their dreams stop.

behind every dollar you donate, there is a changed fate.

Let kindness become a habit, let love relay, and let the initiative to change fate be firmly in the hands of the students.

contribute a love and hold up a piece of hope.