Take care of this, take care of that, who will take care of you?

Take care of this, take care of that, who will take care of you?

Life is too short to be reasonable in everything and force yourself to respond to every request.

in this world, there is a kind of people who live the most tiring life.

they are always used to hiding their emotions, afraid of conflicts, putting others first and wronging themselves to accomplish everything.

they are always used to taking care of other people's feelings and dare not refuse easily in the face of other people's requests for fear of making each other unhappy.

they seem to get along well with everyone, but the sadness behind them can only be felt by themselves.

but you always take care of this and that, and who will take care of you?

Life is too short to be reasonable in everything and force yourself to respond to everything you want.

you know, not everyone in this world understands your kindness and sincerity, and not everyone deserves your sincere treatment.

who cherishes your efforts?

Xu Zhimo once said: "foolish people who like to give their hearts may be deceived, but they may not be able to get others'."

in life, there are always such foolish people who are warm-blooded to everyone and devote their hearts to their hearts.

but never thought, their own desperate to pay, who will cherish?

I can't help thinking of a piece of news I once saw.

in Guangzhou, there is a Mr. Shang who runs a waste collection station.

he used 1/3 of his income from waste collection to help migrant workers and homeless people.

for those homeless people who want to go home, he pays to buy them tickets and send them home.

he has been helping them wholeheartedly for more than ten years.

but later, the industry was in the doldrums, his business lost more than NT $100,000, his life was very tight, and his financial support to everyone was correspondingly reduced.

during the Spring Festival that year, he invited all the homeless people to dinner and gave them red envelopes of 100 yuan each.

who would have thought that at this time, an old man who had received assistance for more than three years was unhappy and directly reported Mr. Shang to the police station and abused him:

"they used to give 500, but now they are so famous that they look down on me?"

others said, "there must be support for doing good deeds, but if you only give so little money to my financial aid, have you embezzled the money?"

it is chilling to see these accusations.

most of the time, you are honest with others, thinking that if you really give, you will get the kindness of others.

however, the reality is often the opposite. You give everything you give, but others don't take it seriously at all.

if you give with all your heart and can't get half the treasure of others, stop the loss as soon as possible.

Don't let those who are not worth it fail your heart.

you take care of everything, who will take care of you?

the writer Taizaizhi once said:

"my misfortune lies in my lack of the ability to refuse. I am afraid that once I refuse others, I will leave a rift that will never heal in each other's hearts."

do not realize that if you do not know how to refuse and give in without principle, you will not be able to get half the gratitude of others.

over time, you will connive at others to hurt yourself.

in the Japanese drama "calm Leisure", I was very impressed by the character of the heroine Oshima.

Oshima, 28, works for a company in Tokyo.

she smiles every day, always observes her words carefully, takes into account the emotions of all the people around her, and never dares to express her opinions.

will never refuse others, no matter who asks her for help, even if she is busy, she will respond to everything she wants.

on one occasion, she took the blame for the mistake made by a colleague.

even though she was aggrieved, she didn't argue with her colleagues.

Oshima thought that if he was kind to others everywhere and wronged himself to cater to everyone, he would win everyone's love.

unexpectedly, instead of thanking her, her colleagues asked her to do all kinds of extra work.

they also built a group behind the big island, in which they discussed how to get her to do things.

knowing all this, Oshima felt extremely cold and found that his kindness was worthless in the eyes of his colleagues.

when you get along with others, you always grieve yourself and take care of others everywhere. as a result, does anyone cherish your efforts?

you take care of everything, who will take care of you?

the person who doesn't take you to heart, no matter how kind you are to him, he will not be grateful to you.

people who don't cherish you, no matter how much you help him, he won't give you the slightest concern.

Bi Shumin said: "refusal is a right, just like survival is a right."

in the face of those unreasonable requests, you don't have to force yourself to please others all the time, and refuse when you should.

Don't let your kindness become a capital for others to hurt you.

only when you give it to the right person will you not be disappointed.

I agree with a saying: "Life is so short, why let people who don't care about you affect their mood; hearts are so precious, why let people who don't know how to cherish consume your feelings?"

your life is so long, don't let those who are not worth it consume your heart.

it is really expensive, not everyone knows how to cherish it.

only when you give your heart to the right person will you not be disappointed.

Shaddock has a friend who has a modest family and recently bought it with a loan.Housing, a sudden increase in economic pressure.

so he called to borrow money from pomelo.

before, he came to pomelo for help. Pomelo tried his best to help as long as he could.

but unexpectedly this time, pomelo refused. She said bluntly that she had money, but she couldn't borrow it.

Shaddock explained that she had had a lot of unpleasant things because she borrowed money.

in the past, I lent money to my classmates, but few of them could get it back.

when the repayment deadline came, he called and asked for it, and the other party denied that he had never borrowed any money.

in the end, not only did the money not get back, but also the friends were lost.

after listening to the grapefruit's explanation, my friend said he understood that the two had no estrangement because of this matter, and they still get along happily.

in life, the more people you meet, the more you understand that a good relationship often doesn't need to be ingratiated.

but even if I turn you down, you won't blame me for it.

be direct and honest with each other, do not need to work hard, and get along freely.

it doesn't matter if you need to grieve yourself and work hard to maintain a relationship.

everyone's energy is limited, so don't be consumed by those who are not worth it.

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your heart should be left to those who are worth it, so that they will not be disappointed.

in interpersonal communication, if you take care of this and that, who will take care of you?

Life is too short. Don't always think of others and blame yourself for everything. It will only spoil others.

Why do you bother to take care of the feelings of people who never take care of you?

when you meet those who don't know how to cherish and get worse, don't be soft-hearted and guilty, and refuse decisively.

the less you know how to refuse, the more you will suffer in the end.

Don't be afraid to offend others. If you refuse, you must refuse. People who really understand you will understand and understand your difficulties.

not everyone in this world is worth risking everything to give your heart, your heart, to those who really understand you.

May all the good people you meet and everything you give can be sincerely waited for for the rest of your life.