Some things a boy wants his girlfriend to know:

Some things a boy wants his girlfriend to know:

Boys'"nothing" is not necessarily "something".

when I was working, I didn't go well for a while, screwed up a lot of things, and often doubted myself. During that time, people around me knew that there was something wrong with me as long as they took a glance at it.

at first, you often asked me what was wrong and what had happened.

my answer has always been: "nothing."

actually, no matter how many times I say it's okay, you know something bad must have happened to me.

but for many boys, it is difficult to say that they are very bad.

I admit that this is a bad behavior, which will make people around them think that they have done something wrong, and even lead to a lack of honesty between the two people.

but I want to say that self-esteem is important for everyone, and so are boys.

so when I say it's okay, I don't have to ask any more.

maybe one day, when I get over it, I'll tell you what happened, and I may regret why I kept my mouth shut.

but I want you to understand that a boy's "nothing" is not necessarily "something".

but it must be "I'll be fine."

moments in bad shape

if you haven't replied to my messages for a long time, I will also miss what you are going to do. I also feel uncomfortable when I see other boys talking to you and giving likes to your moments.

my family often says to me, "two people together, take more care of girls, men, be more generous and tolerant."

of course, most boys should do the same even if they don't listen to their parents.

it's just that every time I say I'm sorry first, I think that only I care about this relationship.

whether they are some of the so-called masters of love theory, or some bad friends around them, people will always say:

for example, if you are not fat at all, it really doesn't matter if you eat more; you look good without makeup, and you don't have to go out for two hours every time.

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Don't ask me whether the game is important or you are important, because you must be important.

in order to make you feel the joy of the game

actually, I have always wanted to marry you.

so, don't doubt my determination to go on with you;

good night.