Live trailer: disorganized X super plant.

Live trailer: disorganized X super plant.


some friends are confused and will ask backstage, "Why are you doing live broadcasting?"

but if you really want to know an answer, my answer is:

Let's play one game after another, slowly take this road well, go on.

1. Any clothes ordered in the studio will be accompanied by our cluttered custom brand;

2. Ten live blessing bags are given out free of charge, and inside are "disorganized x resilience " joint shoes.

3. The first 300 orders of the studio (any amount of order) will be given a "temporary crying point" tissue and a blessing signature of the super plant "Fangqing Pine".

but in addition to the benefit of the studio, we also combine a relatively special brand, "Super Plant"

, which is not only an imaginative original product design, but also makes plants magical, which can make plants distributed in different places appear interestingly in front of human beings through some wonderful combination of forms.

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