Life, the four cheapest behaviors, I hope you have none

Life, the four cheapest behaviors, I hope you have none

It is better to have a sincere heart than to communicate with people and then have a talkative mouth.

in real life, many people like to know a person through external evaluation.

some people pay attention to ability, some people pay attention to character, some people pay attention to wealth.

as a matter of fact, what really reflects whether a person is good or not is not his or her character, ability, or wealth.

after winning the Nobel Prize, Tu Youyou lamented:

do not chase a horse, use the time to chase a horse to recommend, when the spring blossoms, there will be a number of horses for you to choose.

in dealing with the world, all kinds of forests are self-cultivation.

as a human being, the cheapest behaviors are the following four. I hope you have none of them.

get ahead of yourself, like swollen faces and fat people

for some people in life, the most favorite thing to do is to brag in front of others and do everything beyond their abilities.

I have a classmate who has just bought a house and is carrying a large mortgage. The pressure of life is obvious.

but every time a friend asks him to borrow money, he says yes.

every time he eats out with his friends, he scrambles to pay the bill.

for this reason, friends often quarrel with their wives.

his wife felt that he was beyond his limits and had no diamond, but he liked to do porcelain work.

Friends feel that we have a good relationship and that affection is more important than money.

some time ago, the biggest quarrel broke out between a friend and his wife since they got married:

when others borrowed money, the friend promised. Later, because the family did not have enough money, the friend went to cash out the credit card, borne the high interest and lent the borrowed money to others.

after his wife knew about this, she filed for divorce on the spot and went back to her mother's house overnight.

you know, it is not terrible for a person to have no money. The terrible thing is to pretend to be rich even though he has no money.

the writer Yi Shu once said:

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face is the hardest thing for a person to put down, and it is the most useless thing. The more you care about it, the heavier it will be and the more difficult it will be for you to move.

there are always many people in this world who, for the sake of so-called face-saving, help others do things beyond their ability regardless of the consequences. In the end, they will only bear hardships.

as the moral Classic says:

"he who knows others is wise, and he who knows himself is wise."

A person must know exactly how many pounds he or she is.

has no principle and bottom line, and likes to take advantage of others

in our lives, we often encounter such scenes:

you write articles. Why don't you help me write a promotional manuscript for the opening of my new store?

I want to travel to your city in a few days. Will you give me food, accommodation and play?

you have nothing to do at home anyway, why don't you help my child with his lessons?

you have so many fans, can you help me promote my new product for free?


many people think that since we are relatives and friends, it should be very easy for you to do something for me for free.

however, friends are not resources that can be used for free.

Cai Kangyong once said:

between people, there is an emotional account. Every time you make each other happy, you save a little more, and every time you make the other person sad, you save less.

if you only ask for something from others and don't know anything in return, then two people will eventually get tired of seeing each other.

everyone should understand this:

No one in this world is born to owe each other.

in Zeng Guofan's Family Letters, Zeng Guofan proposed to the younger generation that "Nine do not pay."

one of them is: "those who like to take advantage of bargains do not pay".

Zeng Guofan said: do not take advantage of people at all, and do not take people's money lightly.

people who are greedy for petty gains gain small profits, but lose their hearts and minds.

people who like to take advantage of others have no dignity and are selfish. Of course, others will not like them.

flatter others, like to lie low and do small

have seen such a story:

A rich businessman has two good friends.

one of his friends is sweet-mouthed and often flatters him, saying all kinds of flattery to rich businessmen as if they were free.

therefore, the rich businessman likes this friend better and often buys something novel for him.

another friend is rather dull and does not know how to say nice things to make rich businessmen happy, but every time rich businessmen need help, he is always the first to come forward.

once, the rich businessman and these two friends went on a trip.

suddenly the storm hit, and the rich businessman fell into the sea unsteadily.

at this time, the flattering friend stood on the deck pretending to be anxious and shouted, "hold on, I'll save you right away."

however, he didn't take any action.

A relatively dull friend, regardless of his own safety, jumped into the sea for the first time to save the rich merchants.

to be a man, if you only know how to curry favor with others, you will only lose your dignity.

when we get along with others, only when we are equal can we sympathize with each other and never give up.

it is better to have a sincere heart than to be able to talk to others.

there are too many false things to deal with in this world.

to judge whether a person is worth interacting with, you can't just listen to his mouth, but more importantly, look at his actions.

as the writer Mo Yan said:

deliberately to like others, damage, can only be their own dignity.

flattery and flattery will only dislike people.

only by warming your heart with affection can you get your heart.

I can't keep my cool and like to show off everywhere

as the saying goes, "A wise man is more reserved, but a fool often shows off."

if you think about it, it is true.

A jeweller once went to London to attend a gem auction.

period, he saw an old man sitting next to him, dressed unusually, but with several gems inlaid on his watch.

so he asked the old man, "your jewel watch is valuable, isn't it?"

the old man sitting next to him smiled and said, "No, it's just a very ordinary watch."

after hearing this, the jewelry merchant showed off to the old man that his family was in the jewelry business, and there were countless precious stones in the family.

the old man sitting next to him listened calmly to his story and praised his prowess.

after hearing the old man's praise, the jewelry merchant became even more complacent, talked about his various methods of identifying jewelry, and ridiculed to the old man, "if you understand this, you will identify jewelry in the future."

auction, the jeweller sold a precious sapphire for £60,000.

after the show, he took the jewel and showed off to the old man next to him.

but did not want to, at this time the old man spoke:

I saw what you said just now, and I think you are also very good at appreciating jewelry, so I didn't remind you that I didn't think you bought this gem, but it's not worth it.

the jewelry merchant was shocked. After many inquiries, he learned that the low-key old man turned out to be the world jewelry tycoon Graff.

I quite agree with one sentence:

the more you show off, the less you will lack.

youdao is the most taboo of life since ancient times.

in fact, the most important thing in dealing with people is to be "half full".

in this world, people who are really capable and do things are very low-key.

A fat man with a swollen face will only cause a lot of trouble.

if you like to take advantage of others, you will often suffer great losses.

flattery to others will only lead to disrespect;

show off everywhere, revealing your own shallowness.

to be a man and do things, if you have the above four behaviors, you will only get ridicule from others.

, whenever we seek a proper career and follow the right path, may each of us do things in a down-to-earth manner and be real people.