Let's mess with the cat.

Let's mess with the cat.

Waiting for you.

as a fat Garfield, Daiyu is very popular with us wherever she goes.

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it's probably nice to have a cat squatting next to you at work.

maybe she doesn't know that in this messy place, jokes can come true.

We will have a special "family" meeting in the cluttered studio: cluttered Pet Day .

and this time, apart from the messy pet day, we hope to get readers to come to the studio to chat and pet the cat at the same time.

because the office is small, and because of the number of people and pet activity space, we plan to invite 4 readers to participate in this "messy Pet Day" activity .

invite object.

in addition to the cluttered internal staff, we will specially invite two readers with pets to bring your pet to play offline with us. Pets are not limited to cats or dogs.

can readers without pets join us?

in addition to inviting 2 readers with pets, we will invite 2 readers without pets to participate in this "messy Pet Day" event.

activity time & location.

Guangzhou Metro Line 3 Datang Station, Haizhu Tongchuan Foreign Exchange, disorganized studio.

admission check-in: check in at the door, get admission tickets, get pet gift bags;

afternoon tea: throughout the event, we prepared afternoon tea snacks for shovel officials, eating and playing with pets.

add my messy WeChat account "zlwz010" and sign up according to the relevant tips in moments.

waiting for you.