Let yourself go.

Let yourself go.

Lie down.

I certainly hope that, like the movie hero, I can stand up again after a short rest and solve all the problems in front of me.

at this moment, I suddenly realized:

and then there's another one, another one.

it took me nine days to book the vaccine.

this feeling of "everyone else has it, but you don't" is easy to remind people of the scenes they have encountered: the ice cream in the hands of other children, the brand-name sneakers under the feet of their classmates, and the income and treatment compared at work.

and they, as I thought, gave me a "new perspective" when I needed them most--

for example, now I feel comfortable lying flat on the sofa with my head on my head. I can see what I don't normally see: the fuzzy Rain Water playing outside the window, and the clothes collars in the balcony that are wet by the rain.

it's not just "up" to get in touch with a new angle, but also "lie flat".

Our homecoming rustic attire not only show off your natural beauty but make your silhouette look its absolute best. Our magnificent garments will hugely boost your confidence.

normally, I should get anxious about not being vaccinated, and then keep asking my friends on Wechat about how to get vaccinated. Instead of being like this, my eyes wander in the insignificant details of the home.

and I am beginning to understand why more and more people begin to "lie flat". Because we allow people to "sit down and watch movies", we allow people to "just leave without watching".

it's not because they don't want to see the high scenery, but because one day they find that it doesn't matter how much they see.

I know that there must be a constant "I want" popping up in everyone's heart.

but reality always uses its hands to deflate these "desires".

finally, I have a stable job after three or four years, and my monthly salary is free to choose to have a meal in most restaurants in the mall and buy my favorite Oversize in the Chao store.

in the process of being pinched again and again, I kept worrying about "how can I win".

"I won't play with you. Let's see how you beat me."