Let nature take its course. God has a plan.

Let nature take its course. God has a plan.

Do your best and listen to your destiny.

Yan Jiao

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Laozi Daojing

We will have all kinds of different experiences in our lives, including good ones and bad ones.

gain and loss, poverty and wealth, sorrow and joy.

all this, we can't predict.

Chuang Tzu said, "if Bai Ju crosses the gap between heaven and earth, it's just all of a sudden."

Life is short, and if we keep dwelling on the past, we will be vexed and miserable.

I was lucky to get it, but I lost my life. Look down on gains and losses and let nature take its course. Is the best state of life.

look down on gains and losses and let nature take its course

as the old saying goes, "misfortune is where good fortune depends, and good fortune lies where misfortune lies."

Laozi tells us: misfortune and good fortune depend on each other, and gains and losses go hand in hand. You don't have to care too much about the gains and losses in life, just let nature take its course.

in ancient times, a woodcutter lived in poverty at the foot of a barren mountain.

one day, a wandering Taoist passed by and went to the woodcutter's house to ask for a bowl of water to drink. When the woodcutter saw a visitor coming, he warmly received the Taoist.

when the Taoist left, he gave the woodcutter some magic seeds and told the woodcutter, "if you plant these seeds on the barren hill behind you, your life will slowly get better."

the woodcutter took the seed and thanked the Taoist. After the Taoist left, the woodcutter immediately went up the mountain with a shovel, found the best land, and planted the magic seed.

, the woodcutter would go up to the mountain to weed, water and fertilize.

under the careful care of the woodcutter, a few months later, the magic seeds had grown and produced a kind of fruit that they had never seen before.

the woodcutter picked one and tasted it. It was sweet and juicy, so he picked some and sold them in the market. Sure enough, it was not long before they sold out.

the woodcutter was so happy that he thought to himself that he had made a fortune this time, and the chief Taoist really didn't lie to me.

the woodcutter burst into tears and months of hard work came to naught. The discouraged woodcutter returned home, and his life was still poor.

A few months later, when the woodcutter went up the mountain to cut firewood, he could not help but come to the place where he had planted the fruit tree, but was surprised to find that the fruit tree that had been broken by the bear had now grown into a fruit forest. The tree bears innumerable fruit.

only then did the woodcutter know that it was the bear that had eaten the fruit stone that had fallen on the ground, and it took months of growth to grow into what it is now.

and the woodcutter's life is getting better and better because of this fruit forest.

people's life, everything can not go well, there are gains and losses, is the normal state of life.

get, do not be too surprised, lose, do not need, too sad.

get calm, lose indifferent, everything that happens with an ordinary heart to face, gradually you will find: everything is open, good luck comes, God has its own plan.

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ignore fame and fortune, let nature take its course

in the Book of morality, it is said: "who is the name and the body?" Which is more, body or goods? Which disease does it have to do with death? "

some people do not hesitate to damage their health in order to strive for fame and wealth.

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in order to get money, regardless of one's own health;

it's crazy to get what you want.

do not realize that sometimes you have to have it in your life, but don't force it all the time.

everyone has a fixed amount of wealth in his life, and if he insists on it, it will only bring disaster to himself.

in ancient times, there was a scholar who went to Beijing to take the exam. on the way, he had to cross a river, and the scholar took a boat with several of his colleagues to cross the river.

who knows, when the boat reached the middle of the river, there was a sudden torrential rain, and before long, the hull began to leak.

everyone had no choice but to dive to escape one after another. The scholar saw this, thought for a moment, and then jumped off the ship with everyone.

however, the scholar who jumped off the boat rowed desperately and did not swim as fast as the others, and his companions shouted to him, "you used to swim very fast, but now you are at the end."

the scholar replied, "before I set out from home, I was worried that my family money would be stolen, so I put all the copper money on me. The copper money was very heavy, so I couldn't swim fast."

people in the same trade hurriedly advised him: "then throw away the copper money quickly."

the scholar replied, "this is all I have. How can I throw it away?"

when others see that persuasion is fruitless, they no longer waste their tongues.

you should know that fame and money are external things that are worthless compared to your own life.

I was lucky to get it, but I lost my life. Look down on fame and wealth, let nature take its course, will not make the wrong choice.

Life is a spiritual practice.

Don't snatch what originally belongs to you. And you can't ask for things that don't belong to you.

do your best and listen to your destiny. Follow your heart and let nature take its course. God has his own plan.