If everything goes too far, fate will come to an end.

If everything goes too far, fate will come to an end.

Life is bothersome, Lesser Fullness of Grain is fine.

I have heard a saying: "in life, no matter what you do, you must be measured."

if you think about it, it is true.

if you say too much, you will easily hurt your feelings; if you do too much, you will easily break your way out; if you love too much, you will easily lose yourself.

if everything goes too far, fate will come to an end.

talk too much and hurt feelings

Douban netizens

@ Stars and roses

once shared one of his experiences.

he said that for a time, he failed to start a business and had to lose his job at home, and his wife supported all the expenses of his family alone.

once, while making soup, he accidentally fell asleep.

as a result, the soup was overheated, the soup overflowed everywhere, and the pot brought back by my wife from abroad was scorched.

when his wife came home and saw what happened, she denounced him face to face.

she said:

"I am ashamed to tell others that my husband is unemployed at home and the whole family depends on me to support him."

"you see, you are almost 40 years old, and you can't do this little thing well. No wonder you fail to start a business."

"Why did I fall in love with people like you in the first place?"

finished, she went back to her room to have a rest, but he froze and stood there without saying a word.

afterwards, my wife explained that something bad happened to her at work that day.

when I got home, I saw that the pot I had worked so hard to bring back was burnt, and I didn't say those words until I got angry.

even though it has been a long time since this incident, he has forgiven his wife.

but when I think of those words, there is still unspeakable bitterness in my heart.

everyone is in a bad mood sometimes in life.

it's just that those words that blurt out in anger can easily hurt each other's feelings.

sometimes, in your eyes, it is just a moment of anger, but it snows heavily in the hearts of others.

as Cai Kangyong once said in his book speak well:

"the wounds of speech are all hidden wounds."

it takes many years to warm a heart, and it only takes a moment to cool a heart.

the rest of your life is long, no matter who you meet, don't talk too much and think more about others in order to make your feelings flow.

do too much, cut off the way back

in the hit drama "Little willing", there was a scene that impressed me deeply.

Tian Yulan found that her son Yan Ziyou couldn't do two big questions in the math exam because Mr. Zhong didn't talk about it in class.

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but he talked about it in his extracurricular tutoring class, so he put the matter in a small group contacted by parents in private.

she also advises parents to jointly submit a letter to school, but other parents are reluctant to do so.

but she did not stop because of this, but directly denounced teacher Zhong in the parent group.

when she saw that teacher Zhong did not respond, she reported her real name directly, resulting in teacher Zhong being expelled from the school.

soon after, Yan Ziyou took the entrance examination of a gold medal tutoring class, which accepted only eight students.

but he just tied for eighth place with another classmate in the entrance examination.

in order to let the child go to school smoothly, Tian Yulan entrusted all kinds of relationships, but did not want to find that this teacher turned out to be Miss Zhong who was expelled.

as soon as he saw that the student was Yan Ziyou, he immediately refused to make up lessons for him.

when I was young, I always thought that when I met someone or something I didn't like, I just rejected it. I didn't need to think too much about it. Anyway, I would never see each other again in the future.

but as you get older and experience, you will gradually understand that the earth is round, and you will never know what hidden dangers your determination today will leave you in the future.

there is a saying in Caigen Tan:

"where the path is narrow, leave one step with the pedestrian." When the taste is strong, minus three points for people to taste. This is a method of extreme happiness related to the world. "

if you don't do things, you won't let yourself be besieged on all sides.

love too much, it's nothing.

I have seen such a heart-wrenching video.

since her marriage, the heroine has given priority to her husband's feelings.

in order to make her husband eat less takeout, she got up early in the morning and made lunch for him.

she will also buy clothes and shoes for him and prepare his clothes for the next day in advance.

she was afraid that her busy work would affect her family, so she applied for dispensable leisure work.

even during office hours, she would stare at her cell phone, worried that her husband would not find her.

as long as her husband does not reply to the message in time, she is worried that something is wrong with him and will make numerous calls until the phone is connected.

not only that, as long as her husband is on a business trip, she will ask for leave to go with him.

at this time, she suddenly realized that all her love for her husband had not been accepted by her husband.

in fact, loving someone is like holding a piece in your handA sponge covered with water, the harder you try, the faster the water disappears.

in many cases, all his efforts will only move himself in the end.

Love that is too hard is doomed to be a disaster; those who are too full of love are doomed to hurt the most.

Matsuura Mitaro, a master of Japanese life, once shared the daily life of him and his wife in his book "living with your Heart Today."

moreover, there will be one or two days a month to travel alone.

emotional expert Tu Lei once said: "seven points for a lover is enough, leaving three points to love yourself."

the more you love someone, the less you love too much, and leave a little space for each other, so that the relationship can last longer.

as Sanmao once said:

"I love others carefully, because they are less likely to spread. I don't want to be profound, I just want simplicity. "

everything goes too far, fate must be done

writer Guo Ziying said:

"Lesser Fullness of Grain is not satisfied, so he is prosperous. this is just like life, it always needs a little expectation, a small progress, a small satisfaction, and life is not too full, because Lesser Fullness of Grain is perfect."

Life is bogey, Lesser Fullness of Grain is fine.

for the rest of your life, you should be measured, whether you talk, do things, or love others, leaving some space for others and a way out for yourself.

May you look half open, drink a little drunk, speak with a ruler, do things with accuracy, and love your lover with seven points.

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