Here comes a man who is scarier than Lin Shengbin! Netizen: it's insane!

Here comes a man who is scarier than Lin Shengbin! Netizen: it's insane!

May every child be loved and treated gently by the world.

just now, the verdict was finally pronounced!

the verdict of the death of a sister and brother in Chongqing has finally been settled: the biological father and his girlfriend were sentenced to death for the crime of intentionally killing each other.

seeing the news, many netizens shouted that they were very happy!

this pair of insane demons have been severely punished by the law.

on November 2, 2020, a brother and sister under the age of three fell from the 15th floor in Jinjiang, Washington, on the south bank of Chongqing, killing them both.

it is said that the father of the child was resting at home at that time when he heard the news that the child had fallen from a building and ran down in a panic and didn't even have time to put on his shoes.

he sat slumped on the ground, beating his chest and feet, grieving, banging his head against the wall and wailing.

the picture was posted online, and netizens expressed their heartache and regret for the "accident" one after another, lamenting that "as the parents of their children, they do not know how long it will take them to get out of the shadow of losing their children."

however, unexpectedly, this case ushered in a shocking reversal.

"Sister and brother fell from a building" was not an accident, but a deliberate murder.

the killer was none other than Zhang Bo, the father who cried and was in agony.

unexpectedly, all this is a bitter drama directed and performed by the devil!

the truth behind this case is even more shocking and chilling.

it turns out that the "Devil Father" did not intend to kill his two children on a temporary basis.

but planned with his current girlfriend for a long time, pushing the child to the brink of death step by step.

in February 2020, Zhang Bo divorced his ex-wife. The two sides agreed that the daughter should be raised by the woman, and the son by Zhang Bo before the age of six and after the age of six.

he feels that children are stumbling blocks in his pursuit of happiness, so he chooses to "curry favor" with his girlfriend and decides to remove these two "obstacles".

so the two men began to plot how to kill the lives of their two children.

before the accident of falling from a height, Zhang Bo and his girlfriend Ye Chengxian actually planned three murders.

October 2020, the first murder plan, because the ex-wife followed all the way, failed.

but this failure did not make the two of them go astray. On the contrary, it made Ye Chengchen more impatient.

since then, Ye Chengchen frequently instigated Zhang Bo to act quickly.

not long after, on November 1, Zhang Bo took the initiative to find his ex-wife, falsely claimed to miss the children, and asked her to send the children.

maybe it was because the child's grandmother was at home all the time, and Zhang Bo didn't find a chance to do it.

in the evening, the daughter suddenly offered to spend the night at her father's house, thinking that it would be good for them to cultivate a relationship, so the ex-wife agreed.

on the day of the incident on November 2, Zhang Bo's mother was out on business, and Zhang Bo finally waited for a chance.

Zhang Bo rushed to the child's playing room and threw the two children directly from the 15th floor, resulting in the death of his daughter on the spot and the death of his son after emergency treatment.

their murder plan finally succeeded.

it is said that tiger poison does not eat children, this kind of person is not worthy to be a parent at all!

it is not that after having a child and having the grace of upbringing, you can control the child's life at will and deprive the child of hope.

Children also have their own personalities and thoughts, as well as their own likes, dislikes and wishes, and they should not be hurt!

sometimes it's terrible to think that parents don't have to pass exams.

not long ago, the "Neet clan" became a hot search.

what is "gnawing on a child"? As the name implies, some parents do not work on their own, but regard their children as a cash cow to support their families and enjoy their success all day long.

when children are supposed to be happy, they take on the burden of the family prematurely with their tender shoulders.

Little "Internet celebrity" Paige attracted public attention last year. The 3-year-old weighed 70 jin.

in order to get a lot of traffic and attract more attention, the parents unexpectedly forcibly fed their three-year-old daughter into 70 jin to make money!

in front of the screen, little Paige sat in front of a huge rice basin, wolfing down all kinds of food into her mouth.

Paige's food is getting more and more outrageous, including hamburgers, fried chicken, cola, instant noodles.

what can she know about a 3-year-old child? she just listens to her parents and chews mechanically.

as she ate, Paige couldn't eat any more, showing a pleading expression to her parents.

but as if invisible, her parents continued to add food to little Paige's bowl, no matter how low she begged:

stop messing around.

her parents promised and filled her empty plate with food as soon as they turned around.

overeating over the years has made her overweight, limping and making it extremely difficult for her to turn over.

but her parents regard Paige's "food intake" as "flow" to win attention and make a lot of money.

is very distressed and indignant, but Paige is not alone. Countless copies are still on display.

A child model named Google has been a child model since he was 3 years old..

she can shoot a dress for 120 yuan, and she can shoot 264 pieces a day, and her daily income can reach 31680 yuan.

she works more than 300 days a year, goes to school during the day, enters the studio after school, and doesn't get off work until late at night.

however, small Google faces the question "do you prefer to shoot a movie or a flat film?"

, she only dared to say carefully, "I don't like anything. I like to be like my classmates."


they all heard the children's cries, but so what? Do they care?

after giving birth to the child under the banner of love, but crazy to feed on the child, satisfy their own selfishness, for their own profit.

Children cannot choose their own birth or their own parents. The irresponsibility of parents is often the chronic murder of their children.

as a parent, if you bring your child into the world, you should assume the responsibility of being a parent, teach well and water it with love.

once watched a video on the Internet.

A 3-year-old girl will laugh when she hears the explosion outside.

as if across the screen, you can also feel the joy of the little girl.

in fact, it is because the environment in her home is rather chaotic, and explosions and fights can often be heard outside.

in order to avoid fear and cast a shadow on the child, her father lied: "there are fireworks outside and children are playing with toy guns."

and agreed that as soon as the sound of "fireworks" sounded, the two laughed at the same time.

because of life, some parents regard their children as a "tool" for them to make a living.

but some parents, even though their lives are riddled with holes, are still full of love to take care of their children.

parents who really love their children will give their children a happy childhood, rather than a lifetime of incurable pain.

everyone can be a parent, but not everyone is qualified to be a parent.

you know, raising a child is more than just giving birth to him and raising him.

giving birth to a child is really just the beginning. "parenting" is the foundation of being a parent.

there is a particularly moving passage in the movie "the Spring of the cattle herding Class":

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"every heart needs love, tenderness, tolerance and understanding. Every child comes from a pure and innocent place and should always be a treasure cherished by the world. "

Lucky people are cured by childhood all their lives, and unfortunate people are cured by childhood all their lives.

parents should understand that when children come into this world, they are waiting for their parents' love and warmth.

parents, as the closest relatives of their children, since they choose to give birth to them, they should strive to match the identity of "parents".

because no one is born a perfect parent, it must be accompanied by constant learning on the way to accompany the child.

from now on, I hope that all children can have a childhood away from harm, and that every parent can love their children well and prop up a day for their children.

May every child be loved and treated gently by the world.