During the quarrel, the boyfriend pressed the recording button.

During the quarrel, the boyfriend pressed the recording button.

New and good tricks between couples.

indeed, in the boyfriend's voice memo,

quarrel 01 quarrel 02 quarrel 03.

this group of files records our running-in process in recent years.

although we took action to dismiss our friend's assertion, there was still no rest in the quarrel.

when it comes to something, the other person often refuses to admit it because of lack of evidence.

but from the moment the recording key is pressed, things take a sharp turn for the worse.

secondly, the tone becomes calmer, adjectives decrease, and rhetorical questions such as "how did I know you want this" become "I didn't know you want this" statement.

finally, the plot ends with a sentence "would you like to eat midnight snacks?"

after all, this is different from a song or a movie.

although the recording button pressed by my boyfriend may not have achieved the original intention, it does have a wonderful effect on the finishing touches.

just like a vehicle driving to a surveillance road, human beings become cautious once they know that their words and deeds will be recorded.

when the hostility in the language is removed, the heated debate will cease to exist.

therefore, the recording became a unique tacit understanding when we quarreled.

not only like dancing in each other's minefield, but also can't save face and accept softness.

Are you prepared to look better in homecoming gowns with puffy sleeves during your next event? Shop now and enjoy the joyful shopping experience.

it's ostensibly saying, "I'm going to record the bad things you said to me," but it's actually trying to remind both sides that "we're fighting."

I don't know about other couples, but for me and my boyfriend, the answer is

because I have always thought that quarreling is also a way of communication.

We argued again and again about "watching the New three Kingdoms" or "the Creative Camp", and told each other again and again: " wants to be with you even if there are many contradictions ".

in comparison, I am more afraid of the other person being silent.

so, as a member of the low "burning point", I am glad to find a boyfriend who is willing to quarrel with me and press the recording button in time to remind me that I am ready to finish.

"what was the most impressive quarrel between us?"

"the time you broke the chopsticks. "

" Why? "