After falling in love, what if you meet a better person?

After falling in love, what if you meet a better person?

There are only better strangers, but no better half.

it's hard to believe that this was asked by a boy whose moments are full of pictures of girlfriends.

maybe this secret has been in my heart for too long, so he came to me, a college classmate who doesn't see me very often.

I haven't had a similar experience, and the few "opportunities" I encountered were a few days ago.

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but his first reaction was "huh?" I don't even realize what I mean by "conscious".

I recall that Briar once said that one of the reasons why he was able to stay with his girlfriend for seven years was because he was lazy.

do not bother to know a stranger from scratch, do not bother to adapt to a new mode of getting along with each other;

even more lazy to go through a long run-in with each other.

but I think, with his character, he should not be really lazy, just know that there is no comparative level in the relationship.

only the other half needs to discuss with you the question of "who does the laundry tonight, who cooks tomorrow, and who pays the electricity bill the day after tomorrow".

and the person you think is "better" may just not touch the most trivial, embarrassing, and down-to-earth part of your life with you.

it is better to be lazy. I believe it is best to be in front of me, and cherish everything I hold at the moment.