Your volume reveals your self-cultivation.

Your volume reveals your self-cultivation.

Controlling one's own volume is not only respect for others, but also a person's self-cultivation.

have you ever experienced the following unpleasant experiences?

when you have a leisurely cup of tea in a teahouse, someone talks eloquently;

when you eat quietly in the restaurant, someone talks loudly as if no one is there;

when you concentrate on reading in the bookstore, some people laugh and play loudly.

it is very selfish to speak loudly in public places with no regard for others.

the level of speaking voice can often reflect a person's quality and self-cultivation.

Liang Shiqiu said that it is instinctive for a person to speak loudly, and it is civilized to speak in a low voice.

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controlling one's own volume is not only respect for others, but also a person's self-cultivation.

speaking softly is the best family style

what's the last sound you can't stand? Someone replied:

as long as I speak loudly, I don't like to hear it because I'm afraid.

for a time, I suspected that my mother didn't like me, or even hated me. Otherwise, why did she always talk loudly to me?

from the volume of their parents' words, children can feel whether their parents really love themselves or not. Shouting and scolding loudly, how can you make your child believe that you love him?

whispering is the best style of a family.

Hu Shi, a master of the same generation as Lu Xun, said, "my teacher is my loving mother."

Hu Shi's mother was gentle and magnanimous, spoke softly to everyone, never said a word that hurt people's hearts, and even if she suffered a loss, she never quarreled with anyone.

Hu Shi made a mistake, and his mother never scolded him or beat him in front of outsiders.

but in the dead of night, close the door and calmly reason with Hu Shi.

tell him, "you have to follow in your father's footsteps. I only know this complete person all my life. You should learn from him and don't embarrass him."

Hu Shi said, "if I can learn a little bit of good temper, if I can learn a little bit of kindness in dealing with others, if I can forgive and be considerate-- I have to thank my loving mother."

his mother's soft voice is Hu Shi's best example.

in the rest of his life, when he had contradictions and conflicts with others, he was able to resolve them without impatience and gentleness.

in many cases, gentleness is a powerful force that can resist the slander and malice of the world.

speaking loudly is like a ruthless knife that hurts the heart of the family and plunges the family into unease and fear.

controlling the volume of your voice and speaking gently to your family is the beginning of a happy family and the best tutor for a family.

the volume of speaking reveals your self-cultivation

the volume of speaking hides one's inner quality and self-cultivation.

some people have such a loud voice that they can hear him roar for two or three miles and swear hoarse when they are angry, showing lack of breeding and disrespect for others in their bones.

and some people whisper no matter what happens, which makes people feel like a spring breeze.

I still remember a video in which a delivery boy arrived late in a torrential rain in Beijing and humbly apologized to the customer, but was loudly abused by the customer for three or four minutes:

"are you ashamed to be so late? What does it have to do with me to close the road in the rain? Just a few words of embarrassment, okay? Look at what you look like. What is it? I must complain about you. "

after scolding, the customer angrily threw the takeout on the ground, and the takeout boy left, which made people look very sad.

there is a temperature in the volume of speech.

the atmosphere is as cold as winter, cold to the heart; whispers are as warm as spring sun, dissolving the coolness of the world.

there is an impressive scene in the Family of Thieves.

Mrs. Xiangtai and her sister went to the snack bar to steal things, and her sister was found by the grandfather of the snack bar when she was stealing snacks.

but the old man didn't get furious, let alone scold them loudly, or even say that they were "stealing".

but compared their special gestures when stealing, and said softly to Xiangtai, "Don't let your sister do such a thing again."

then he gave Xiangtai and his sister two packs of snacks.

soft whispers, like the spring breeze and rain, have the power to warm the heart and are often more persuasive than scolding loudly.

how can you continue to be indifferent to this world after deeply feeling the goodwill and warmth of this world?

from then on, Xiangtai's soul began to wake up and began to think about whether stealing was right.

in the volume of speaking, you can see a person's soul and make people feel whether you are vicious or kind, vicious or gentle, indifferent or compassionate.

the voices of dignitaries have been low since ancient times

Cai Kangyong said:

"it is best to lower the volume consciously when speaking, not only because too loud will disturb others, but also because if a person can't control his own volume well, it will make it difficult for others to trust your abilities in all other aspects."

as the saying goes, "the voice of noble people has been low since ancient times." people who are really strong never compete with others in the volume, but convince people with their real strength.

youdao is: "solid ink silent empty ink sound, full bottle does not move half bottle shake", speak aggressively, aggressive, often strong and dry paper tiger, with the volume to cover up their own guilt.

reallyPeople with courage and strength always speak gently and softly to others, because they are confident, so there is no need to make it public.

the volume of your voice is what you look like on the inside.

soft voice, although soft but the most powerful, can change the spring breeze into rain, warm this cool world.

May you speak softly and be more patient with your family;

May you be kind, gentle and resistant to the cold of the world;

May you have the courage to be calm and not afraid of the storms of the years.