Your attitude towards your parents is your most authentic character.

Your attitude towards your parents is your most authentic character.

Being kind to your parents is a person's greatest blessing.

I don't know if you have noticed that parents become slower and slower as they get older.

they no longer do things quickly, they begin to be careful when they go out, they can't use more and more smart products, and they make more and more low-level mistakes.

is followed by the children's dislike, perfunctory, and even merciless accusations and abuse.

but think about it carefully, who will not make mistakes in this life? Who doesn't get old?

the attitude towards parents is the most real character of a person.

parents are the first stop in our lives

I watched a video of a middle school student kicking and kicking a middle-aged woman at the corner of the street.

he kicked hard, growling and kicking at the woman angrily.

but the woman did not fight back, huddled in the corner, leaving the boy to vent his anger.

it turns out that this is a mother and son from Guangdong.

the boy is a middle school student and the girl is his mother.

because she is suffering from mental illness, the mother is always worried that her son is not safe outside, so she secretly follows her son and wants to "protect" him.

but this kind of pay comes in return for the dislike of his son, who feels that it is a shame to have such a mother and often beats and abuse his mother.

so there is a scene in the video.

but someone asked her: do you blame her son?

the mother replied: I don't blame him. Because I'm his mother.

the sentence "I am his mother" makes people feel sore.

how many parents in this world have been bound by the title "father" and "mother" all their lives since they had children.

give birth to a child in October and raise him painstakingly for his safety and health.

work hard outside all his life to earn money to support his family, just to give him a better life.

but in the end, it is not the child's understanding, but dislike. I think no matter who it is, it is impossible to accept such a result.

Liu Shengdong has a passage in his sacrifice to his mother:

No matter how much the mother gives to her child, she always feels that she still has a lot to owe. Children give very little to their mother, and they all say that they are filial piety.

Chinese parents spend their whole life planning for their children and try their best to save their best for their children.

if children fail to serve their parents well, they should at least forgive their hard work and patiently respond to their concerns.

when you want to lose your temper, think about the hardship of your mother's pregnancy in October and the difficulty of your father's earning money to support his family.

A little more patience and less blame can warm their hearts and calm their tiredness.

parents can only accompany us for one journey of life

I have heard a saying: when parents are here, there is still a way in life, and when parents go, life is only on the way back.

I didn't understand this sentence when I was young. I didn't understand the meaning of the sentence until I really grew up.

watched a video two days ago.

the video shows an old lady sitting alone at the door in a daze, quietly wiping away her tears.

the family members said that the old lady had passed away and left very suddenly. By the time the family received the phone call and hurried home, she was already dead.

they are devastated because the old people are only in their sixties and they always think that they still have a long time to spend with them.

after being devastated, the families plucked up the courage to open the video to see the old lady's final surveillance footage.

only then did I find that the old man was sitting at the door early that morning. She should have been unwell, bent her back and quietly wiped away her tears.

after 12:00, she entered the house, got on the Kang, and never got up again.

but even though she was not feeling well to this extent, she still didn't call her children outside to call them back, because she didn't want to disturb the children who were out there.

it was not until the neighbors came to visit that I found that the old man was coming to an end.

the family cried and said: usually there are people in the house, but there is no one on that day.

regret: if I had known what I said that day, I wouldn't have gone out.

but the world is changeable, who would have thought that it was only a departure from home that became a farewell.

at this point, I think of Ji Xianlin.

when he was young, in order to pursue higher career achievements, he worked hard outside until he got the news that his mother was critically ill.

Unfortunately, it's too late.

Ji Xianlin read the two words left by his mother once and hurt once.

if I knew you were out, I wouldn't come back. I really regret letting you go out.

I have been thinking about you day and night these years. This kind of pain is unimaginable.

he began to regret leaving his mother.

but it's too late.

when we were young, we always thought that we would wait until the day when we could make a difference, and then serve our parents well, but as we grew older, our parents grew older, and no one could tell which would come first, tomorrow or the accident.

maybe one morning, maybe one afternoon, the person you love most has been separated by yin and yang ever since.

so, while you can still fulfill your filial piety, while the time is still good, play more.Make a phone call and give your parents more company.

Don't let your love for your parents become a lifelong debt.

Don't let your children become a lifelong regret because they want to support them.

reconciling with our parents is our lifelong lesson

I have heard a story that deeply pierce my heart.

said that an old man went to the store to repair his mobile phone, and the repairman checked it for a long time, but found no problem.

so he said to the old man, "your phone is not broken."

unexpectedly, the old man cried as soon as he heard this: my mobile phone is not broken, why can't I get a call from my child?

the maintenance staff was speechless for a moment, and when I heard this story, I had mixed feelings.

but too often, filial piety ends in words. When it comes to getting along with each other, some people criticize and abuse their parents, and some complain to their parents.

some people leave home in anger and don't want to see their parents for a long time.

there are many people who stay away from their parents in the event of an accident.

remember reading a hot post: should you sever the relationship if you are dragged down by your parents?

the questioner is a young man who has to give his parents some money for their old age every month because his parents are in poor health and have no savings.

in line with the principle of tilting resources towards himself and future generations, he wants to give up his parents and make a clean break with them.

in this way, resources are not wasted on them.

think for yourself: if you are looking for someone who wants to abandon his parents for the so-called better life, do you dare to live with him for the rest of your life?

if something really goes wrong in life, what else can't be done by a person who can even abandon his parents?

there is a scene in Little Shepherd.

Xia Junshan took his son back to his mother's house for the Spring Festival. He and his mother had a bad relationship all the year round, and their relationship was cold.

when they quarreled about their children, Xia Junshan could not control his emotions and shouted to his mother:

what should it be like to be a parent?

since childhood, you have always denied me and blamed me. When something happened, you and Dad also blamed each other and shirked each other's responsibilities. Are you a good example?

Mother froze, her eyes mixed with confusion and amazement.

she then replied Xia Junshan: you are right, you grew up violently drinking the northwest wind, and you and your wife had better not quarrel for the rest of your life, otherwise your children will only bear grudges and no gratitude!

in a word, it is not only the difficulty of raising children, but also the voice of my heart over the years.

but look back and think about who has no ups and downs in life, whose emotions do not have ups and downs, and who can be a person who will never make mistakes.

if a man is not a sage, who can make mistakes?

this is the first time for us to be children, and isn't it the first time for parents to be parents?

most parents, they have given everything they have to help us, and they have tried their best to create better conditions for us.

even after they have given you everything, they will apologize to you with regret: sorry, Mom and Dad didn't give you anything better.

and we, since childhood, have not been hungry, have not been displaced, seldom look at people, rely on the protection of our parents.

We stepped on our parents' shoulders to get to where we are today.

if you can, try to eliminate those mistakes, be more patient with them, and complain less.

the grace of giving birth is the greatest kindness in the world.

reconciling with parents is a lifelong practice for a person's children.

your attitude towards your parents is a role model for your children

and what you do to your parents will affect not only your relationship with your parents in this life, but also your child's relationship with you in the future.

your attitude towards your parents is how your children treat you in the future.

my friend Xiaolin once told me a story:

said that when her child was three years old, she took the child back to her mother's house for a few days, perhaps because she relaxed at her mother's house.

when there is no water in the cup, she will shout "Dad, get me some water".

there is no fruit on the table, she will act coquettish at her mother, "Mom, cut some more fruit."

once she couldn't help getting angry at her mother and complained. The child learned it in a few minutes and yelled at her when she went to sleep at night.

then she suddenly realized that she was a mirror of the child, and her behavior would be reflected on the child.

years later, when we become parents, our children become us.

your attitude towards your parents is what you write about your child's attitude towards you.

therefore, do not underestimate this matter.

if you can, try to achieve these "three noes", which can improve your relationship with your parents as well as your family style.

Don't let your parents live alone, spend more time with them

think of Grandma Zhang, her neighbor, her childThey all work outside and come back to see her once a month.

so Grandma Zhang always makes a mark on the calendar when her son comes back.

she counted: this month will be over in three days, and it's time for the child to come back.

she calculated: grandson likes Sweet and Sour Spare Ribs best, which butcher shop has the freshest ribs.

every time I look at her leaning eagerly against the door frame, I feel unspeakably uncomfortable.

as parents, they have worked hard all their lives for the health of their children, and all they want is for their children to come and see more when they are old.

if time permits, go home and see your parents more often. If time is limited, make a phone call, dial a video, and get in touch with your parents.

Don't let their desire become a kind of disappointment, don't let their hard waiting become a luxury.

Don't give them a bad temper, be more patient

I watched a video in which a mother, with a presbyopic glasses, asked her child carefully: where was the add friend you mentioned last time, and why can't I find it?

unexpectedly, the child scolded in the face: how many times have I said that you still don't understand, don't learn!

then he slammed the door and left.

the times are developing, and it is normal for them to grow old and fail to keep pace with the development of the times.

if one day, your parents become nagging and begin to rely on you, don't rush to get rid of them, they are exposed to new technology to get closer to you, and they learn new operations to reduce your burden.

be more patient with them, just like when you were young, they taught you to dress and write over and over again.

Don't always complain about their slowness, be more considerate

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someone once commented on the relationship between children and their parents, saying that in a family, you are the boss, and your parents are workers who work for you for half your life.

although the words are heartbreaking, they are also profound.

now that you have grown up, your parents are too old to be busy.

stop trying to squeeze them, be more considerate, be considerate of their thoughts, and take care of their bodies, which is the duty of your children.

Don't forget that parents are the way you come and the lights on your road.

is the strength of your life and the support behind you.

, forward the article. May the parents in this world be respected a little more, and may the children in this world have less regrets.

being kind to your parents is a person's greatest blessing.