Wise men build bridges, fools build walls.

Wise men build bridges, fools build walls.

With umbrellas in case of rain, there is a bridge.



there is a verdict in A Dream of Red Mansions: the bed is empty in the shack, and the bed is full at that time.

"Wat full bed" refers to the family of Guo Ziyi, a famous general of the Tang Dynasty.

the Guo family was rich and illustrious. When their children and grandchildren celebrated Guo Ziyi's birthday, the board used in the upper dynasty was full of beds.

Guo Ziyi fought against foreign enemies all her life, supported the four dynasties and saved her from enslavement by foreign enemies.

the meritorious service is high without shocking the lord, and he holds the armies of the world, but he is not suspected by the monarch.

85-year-old died well at the age of 85, and his descendants were sheltered. Seven sons-in-law and eight sons-in-law became officials in the dynasty, all of which were humerus, and the family flourished for hundreds of years.

this has a lot to do with Guo Ziyi's ability to resolve conflicts and accept all rivers.

Wise men build bridges

Land and river crisscross.

the bridge is connected and the wall is isolated.

build one more bridge, you can have one more road.

build one more wall, there will be one less road.

those who are isolated are isolated from others, and only those who accept them can accept all rivers.

the famous Tang Dynasty general Li Guangbi and Guo Ziyi are equally famous, and their military achievements are neck and neck.

but in the early years, the relationship between the two was very bad.

both middle-ranking officers eat at the same table, and they don't say hello.

look at each other coldly and ignore each other.

later, the emperor appointed Guo Ziyi as Grand Marshal of soldiers and horses, and Li Guangbi was assigned to work under Guo Ziyi.

Li Guangbi was scared half to death for fear that Guo Ziyi would find an excuse to kill himself.

Li Guangbi lived up to his entrust. during the past seven years, he fought numerous tough battles and helped Guo Ziyi share the tremendous combat pressure.

it was because of the addition of famous generals like Li Guangbi that the war was finally calmed down.

Tang Suzong once thanked Guo Ziyi from the bottom of his heart: "although my family and country is really rebuilt by the minister!"

Li Guangbi is also highly respected by later generations and is known as "meritorious service has been put into the first place in ZTE."

later, Li Guangbi and Guo Ziyi were both equally sealed when the imperial court described the meritorious service.

there is a bridge with an umbrella in case of rain.

the bridge is the extension and connection of the road. Only with the bridge can the road be smooth.

to build bridges with others is to pave the way for yourself and build more bridges for others, so that other people's road is easy to walk, and their own life road is naturally easy to walk.

fools build walls

bridging is a blessed bond, while building a wall is a bad one.

everyone is not an island, all people are connected to each other.

walls are conflicts and obstacles.

the ancients said: do not say all, accumulate morality; do not do anything, leave the way back.

if you have no words and no room for doing things, you are building a wall.

Guo Ziyi holds military power, and Yu Chaoen, the minister of the Korean Central Government, hates him very much.

while Guo Ziyi went to battle, Yu Chaoen sent someone to dig the ancestral graves of the Guo family.

there was an uproar in the court, and the emperor was also nervous: Guo Ziyi had a large army in his hand and did not know what he would do.

unexpectedly, after Guo Ziyi returned to Beijing, she called on the emperor.

he said, "if you are the main soldier for a long time, you cannot ban the tombs of the disabled. The tombs of the former courtiers are not a scourge."

it means that I have led the army for many years, killed too much and sinned, and now that the graves of my ancestors have been dug up, it is a scourge, not a man-made disaster.

A bloody storm became invisible, and the emperor admired him with admiration.

later, Yu Chaoen invited him to a private banquet, and Guo Ziyi's men wanted to take 500 elite soldiers and escorts there. as a result, Guo Ziyi took several family children there.

Yu Zhaoen was greatly moved to see Guo Ziyi's open mind.

said: "non-public elders, can there be no doubt?"

praise Guo Ziyi as an admirable elder and gentleman.

after that, Yu Zhaoen thoroughly subdued Guo Ziyi and never clashed with him again.

on the contrary, although Li Guangbi made outstanding military achievements, he did things ruthlessly and made great efforts to defeat Shi Cui under the protection of the emperor.

if his men make mistakes, they will be severely punished and will not give face to anyone.

Li Guangbi's officialdom was always unsuccessful because he offended too many people, and he ended up depressed at the age of 57.

multiple friends, multiple paths.

if you make more enemies, the road will become more and more difficult, slowly, there will be no way to go.

it is better for an enemy to solve than to tie the knot. To be convenient with others is to be convenient with yourself.

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as the old saying goes: if the wall is knocked down, it is the door.

similarly, when the door is closed, it is the wall.

when you build a wall in your heart to get along with others, you lose a door to your future.

when you knock down the wall in your heart, the road ahead will be much smoother.

, may we all build bridges, tear down walls, achieve each other with excellent people, and become better ourselves step by step.