Why do I have to make you fall in love.

Why do I have to make you fall in love.

Let's talk.

especially in the use of words, you should think carefully and read it over and over again. Is it appropriate to write this way? Does it look like you have a hard tone? Will you be unhappy after watching it? Do you think I'm too nagging and annoying?

but it doesn't matter, really, as long as you feel happy and comfortable. Because in the final analysis, what I want most is what kind of lifestyle you want, just feel happy and happy.


on the one hand, we know that many changes have taken place in the values of today's young people and those of our generation. For example, nowadays women are playing a more and more important role in society. There are plenty of people who should be strong, knowledgeable, insightful and independent.

on the other hand, I still want to talk about some of my thoughts.

I don't know if it is the reason why I have slowly entered my old age. I often forget recent events, and I occasionally remember clearly the events of the past.

sometimes Wechat you, just as you are busy, I am afraid to affect you, do not want to waste your time, want you to quickly do something to have an early rest, I will immediately say: stop talking, I want to take a shower and go to bed! You should go to bed early, too!

in fact, I often feel a little lonely and empty.

I'm still worried about flaws in my words.

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Children have grown up. They are not children who used to hold my hand when they go out the door. They have their own life, work and stress. They don't come to you often because they understand.

although your father has a bad temper, we often argue. But to be honest, in fact, a lot of times, he can make me feel that he still loves me.

when I was young, I thought it was no big deal. As long as I had money and friends around me, when I quarreled with your father, I would go out to eat, play, buy and buy.

maybe as we get older, we have our own lives, environments, and interpersonal relationships, and our friends will slowly move away from us when they enter another stage.

only then did I feel the importance of my family and my partner.

send me what needs to be changed

do you know what I mean?

of course, it has to be someone who loves you and tolerates you.

it's a good idea. If you have one person, you can live a good life. Money can buy a lot of things, and you can also go to a home for the elderly when you are old, but you can't buy real company.

many stars are not married and have children, but they will find the other half of life, rich and powerful people, who also need company.

everything has its meaning.

but then I realized that when people get along with others, everyone is independent, and it is impossible to have exactly the same person, so there must be contradictions, but he has also given me happiness and happiness.

because I love you very much, but I don't have much time to accompany you. I have grown old. I hope that one day when I can no longer accompany you, there will be someone who occasionally quarrels with you but loves you deeply, protects you and can talk to you.

not to mention that marriage can also be divorced, yes, it will exist. But you can't look at it with an established bad idea. I just want you to try to accept some people into your life, no more.