When we talk about leaving, what are we talking about?

When we talk about leaving, what are we talking about?

I didn't actually leave.

among the articles I chose to click on, there are stories written by limy and koala after leaving the clutter.

in fact, oddly enough, I am theoretically qualified to talk about the topic of "getting rid of clutter". After all, my name hasn't been here for a long time.

but these things at the information level alone are not enough to decide whether to leave or not, because even though they still exist in my life, they are no longer on the same track as me, which is an undeniable fact.

I think we have to admit that the boundaries of some stages are not so clear, and that's what it seems to be when I get into a messy story.

more often, there is not a door that is destined to be open to you, and there are no people who welcome you here in the first place, there is only a lot of uncertainty.

and the so-called rebirth at the beginning of a stage, as early as in many "can find a suitable topic", "can send out the first article", "can get a sum of money to subsidize this month's living expenses" and all these uncertainties have disappeared.

Wanna go for for a flirty mermaid black dress and flaunt your body? Whatever your choice, take advantage of a huge discount of 70 percents!

and by the time these problems stop bothering me, I'm already there. A period of persistence paved my way, but also blurred the beginning of the node.

of course, this is just an intuitive feeling.

and I think the root reason why I didn't leave is not the case.

in the preface, Yi Sheqiang wrote about the difference between travelers and tourists:

at the same time, the gains are not an one-shot sale of souvenirs, and it's hard to get some kind of epiphany as soon as you get home. but in retrospect, we will realize that such a journey will slowly unfold in our lives, constantly create echoes, and eventually merge into our self-evolution.

also because it is a journey, the start and end nodes are not worth mentioning in front of its span.

just like the experience of Southwest Associated University has changed Wen Yiduo, Mu Dan, and so on, it is not only a mark, but eventually becomes a stream of blood. This messy experience is also the premise of all my later choices, although they may not correspond to each other.

finally, I have to admit that my writing style may never be so suitable for new media.

but I have also changed. Now I can accept the saying "cut the foot to fit the shoe" calmly and correct it modestly after receiving the comments.

at the same time, I think sometimes we don't have to talk about leaving.

even if we are no longer at the center of an event, we can still call the current situation a kind of fusion, a kind of dormancy before breaking out of the ground, a kind of co-existence with the same spiritual genes, and so on.

maybe when we tell the story of "leaving", the subtext in our heart is always,