When I finally dared to bring my boyfriend home.

When I finally dared to bring my boyfriend home.

It took a lot of courage to decide.

before getting on the bus, I asked him, "are you nervous?"

he smiled and said, "No, it's not the first time I've met your parents."

there was no traffic jam, and when I woke up, I was only a few kilometers away from my destination.

looking at the familiar scenery outside the window, I began to introduce him one by one: "look, that's my high school."

but his response was obviously absent-minded, with all his attention on his phone.

I glanced at Baidu's interface and the search bar said, "what if I go to my girlfriend's house and be persuaded to drink by my elders?"

I know he's nervous.

I have to hold his hand and comfort him in this way not to worry.

however, he felt much better after he bought a bag of fruit and two hibiscus kings, as if he had the strength to carry something in his hand.

instead, I was standing at the door holding the key, and I began to feel uneasy.

at that moment, we looked at each other for a second and did not speak, and the atmosphere was quiet and subtle.

I can see that it took him a lot of courage to go to my house to be "examined" by his elders.

he also seems to see that it took me a lot of courage to be "examined" by him.

when I arrived in Huizhou, it was still raining outside the window

I always felt that it was a very important thing to bring a man /girlfriend home.

even though I have met with each other's parents many times, it is always different to visit each other's house for the first time.

after all, meeting the other person's parents is just "people";

but when you come to the other person's house, in a sense, you are looking at the other person's "life" over the past 20 years .

just like before, my boyfriend only knows that my family lives in the city, supporting the best primary and junior high school in the city.

but at this moment, when he comes to my house, he will find that it is just an old and dilapidated boy of more than seventy square meters.

you will see that some of the cups on the coffee table have been broken, but are reluctant to change them.

will understand that this is a thrifty family of four. My sister and I were educated from childhood to childhood, saved by my parents for one yuan.

the prosperity I have seen outside is just stepping on my parents' shoulders.

this is a native family that I rarely mention.

is the reason why I, with high self-esteem and vanity, never brought my classmates to my home when I was a student.

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so I actually thought about it for a long time before I decided to take my boyfriend home.

the reason for hesitation is the same as many friends who have similar experiences:

knows that this is a link that a relationship must go through, but is not sure whether it is a hurdle that we can cross.

looking at my boyfriend and listening carefully, I thought this guy pretended to be a good boy.

unexpectedly, I was walking in a nearby park with my boyfriend after dinner. He suddenly said:

"your parents are very good."

"they not only bought a house, but also raised two children to send you to college, and now it's not easy for your sister to go to high school."

this is unexpected, but it is reasonable.

instead of being exhausted in a relationship that is always unable to be honest and needs to be enterprising all the time.

finally finished, my boyfriend and I are going to eat the wonton cooked by my mother.