When a person completely let go of you, he will do this to you.

When a person completely let go of you, he will do this to you.

No matter how difficult it is, it will pass. It's no big deal.



Night reading


A friend told me the other day that she had occasional dreams about her ex-boyfriend recently.

there is no inseparable plot in the dream, just a vague figure, but you can tell it's him at a glance.

I think of a saying to the effect that

when you dream of someone you haven't seen for a long time, that person is forgetting you.

maybe love is a thing that can't be hidden. When you love, when you don't love, when you plan to part, decide the past.

and I think there should be two real ends in a relationship.

once was when one of them mentioned separation, and the other was when the person who loved more finally let go.

when I miss someone, I can't help opening each other's social account.

which item does he like on Weibo? there is a new hot pot restaurant in the picture of his moments.

attention to those details is proof of care.

on the contrary, if a person stops peeking at your social account, silently giving you likes, and asking you tentatively where your moments are going today, it means he is already putting it down.

expect others to love yourself, it is always easy to be disappointed, to love yourself in a down-to-earth manner is the most reassuring.

even if two parallel lines have ever intersected, they will only be farther and farther away after that.

in the future, you have your days, he has his scenery.

can not help but contact a person, is the most direct evidence of liking each other.

not contacting a person for a long time is the most direct way to forget the other person.

if you don't love, you no longer need to get emotional comfort from your response;

is relieved, so even if we lose contact, it doesn't matter.

do not contact, do not disturb, say a quiet farewell to the past.

give up each other's most important positions so that you can invite more suitable people in.

after separation, some people appear calm, but do not miss any opportunity to dig up ex news among mutual friends.

and some people, when talking about each other, do not say a word, but the expression on their faces reveals their emotions.

there are also people who just laugh off their exes, even if they inadvertently talk about their exes.

experienced a lot of things that happened around me, and I found a truth:

people who really let go will not bother to inquire about each other's recent situation.

may mention you occasionally, but only by accident;

I may still think of you, but I won't miss you any more.

losing the desire to share is the beginning of the end, and losing the desire is the beginning of letting go.

those who have made up their mind not to love will no longer miss your past, nor will they look forward to a future with you.

when a relationship ends clean and thoroughly, let bygones be bygones.

No matter how many happy moments I have had, I no longer miss them; no matter how sad I have been, I no longer care about them.

those who imagined the future together are annulled one by one when they break up.

I don't blame you for not walking with me all the time, but in the future, we have to separate and go our own way.

did you actually find out?

sometimes it is not inseparable from that person, but it is difficult to get used to life without each other in a short period of time.

once happily cultivated the days when I had TA by my side, but I had to face the situation of being alone again.

habit is scarier than love.

it must be admitted that it is a very powerful thing, because it is easy to cry, easy to lose helmet and remove armor.

but now that the show is over, sooner or later we


must pull away from the thinking of two people's life and return to their own life track.

maybe it's a hard and long process, maybe loneliness always comes unexpectedly, but when you finally make up your mind to say goodbye to this relationship and this person,

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when you finally formally look at your past and future, when you finally come out, you will find:

and life goes on, and we always have a chance to start all over again.

, just keep looking forward, okay?