We "participated" in the third Tencent Public Welfare Day.

We "participated" in the third Tencent Public Welfare Day.

Daily life /city /our family, the tolerance of negativity is too low.

September 2019, "I want to write on your heart."

the hospital is a strange place where good news and bad news alternate, birth and death cycle. "

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We went to Wuhan to record her appearance after recovery from our point of view.

May 2021, "Chongqing good people" is a special planner.

say it in an intuitive sentence:

September 2021, "I want to do this with you." "

We specially planned a creative video: do good things together.

there are five scenes in the video.

in these five seemingly unrelated scenes, say to you in a witty and simple way: "do the public good together."

since 1919, Tencent commonweal has invited us to participate in the "99 commonweal Day".

99 Commonweal Day also attracts more and more people to join it, with more activity content.

and at the bottom of the Tencent Commonweal Mini Program home page , there will be a real-time dynamic to show the latest situation of donations.

99 commonweal Day, "we" do good things together.