We completed a tolerance between ordinary people.

We completed a tolerance between ordinary people.

Let go of expectations.

after doing it for a while, she told me sheepishly that she didn't quite understand an operation. Could you help her?

since working, I have met a lot of my parents' peers, who remind me of my parents from time to time.

that day, she had an online class at more than seven o'clock in the morning, but she couldn't get into the studio, so she called me up.

I held back my temper, studied the software as fast as I could, solved my mother's problem, and then went back to bed.

I get up again, get my phone, press the camera button, put down my phone, and go back to my room to lie down.

added a hard slam to the door in the middle.

I didn't want to respond, but the sentence "the working mode that is upside down day and night is not good, I might as well go home and take an exam" and "what to do when I get married after being so lazy" makes me feel like I have to say something.

later, we had a fight on our cell phones in the same room.

I don't know when to start, my mother and I began to quarrel frequently.

it's actually very hard to quarrel with your family.

I think this is because when you hurt the one you love, you are also hurt by the other person.

then I realized that the quarrel between us didn't solve anything but emotional catharsis.

so I gradually choose to reduce the friction between us in a submissive way. For example, I directly agree with or acquiesce to some of the things my mother said.

but I know in my heart that this is a lazy way to avoid problems and address the symptoms rather than the root causes.

go back to the elder's home side.

not only have similar eyes and mouth, but also similar personality traits.

there are some thoughts in my mind that are almost in my throat, but I haven't said anything.

she expects me to provide timely help, to lighten her burden of housework, and to be a sweet and clever daughter.

think about what I did to my elders and my mother when faced with software that I was not familiar with.

the contradictions between us, in the final analysis, are because we expect too much from each other.

I expected too much of her as a daughter, but I never thought that apart from her motherhood, she was just an ordinary person.

I don't know why she suddenly said that.

Be ready to buy yourself the elegant burgundy evening gowns with sleeves and stand out in a crowd. This is the perfect place for your stunning collection!

it was just at that moment that I felt that the harsh demands and expectations between mother and daughter were gone.

so I started talking about her all the time, emphasizing the horror of the virus and the importance of epidemic prevention.

her words made me reflect that I was really like an old mother at that time.

but if I have a child, I hope she /he will find out about it earlier, then we won't get along with a heavy expectation.

after the mother urged her daughter to get married, she felt a little excited and explained that from the mother's point of view, she wanted her to be happy. If she felt unhappy, don't give in.