Wang Leehom official Xuan divorced: he gave birth to 3 children in 5 years, and his "spoiled wife" of 8 years collapsed?

Wang Leehom official Xuan divorced: he gave birth to 3 children in 5 years, and his "spoiled wife" of 8 years collapsed?

I wish them well in the future.

divorces occur every year in the entertainment industry, but there are a lot of them this year.

not long ago, Wang Xiaofei's divorce just passed.

this morning, the Taiwan media once again revealed that Wang Leehom is divorced!

and pointed out that Wang Leehom and his wife Li Lianglei have completed the divorce formalities and their eight-year marriage has come to an end.

prior to this, a person familiar with the matter revealed that the two had long been preparing for divorce, but happened to be pregnant with their third child and the other two children were young, so the divorce had been shelved.

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according to Taiwan media, the biggest reason for this divorce is the contradiction between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.

you can eat melons when you eat melons. Most netizens still understand the truth that they can eat melons if they are not announced by officials.

it wasn't long before Wang Leehom's agent came out to refute the rumor: as far as I know, there is no divorce.

as a result, the heated discussion gradually faded.

but who would have thought that in the afternoon, Wang Leehom suddenly posted a blog to admit Guan Xuan's divorce and said he would always be a family.

did not mention too much about the reasons for separation, just hope that the outside world will give them more space.

fans expressed their regret.

it is easy to fall in love and difficult to get along with, which seems to be a common problem in many marriages.

in the eyes of many people, Wang Leehom grew up with the high achiever halo of "other people's children" on his head.

Wang Leehom was born into a scholarly family, and his family has been full of elites since his grandfather's generation.

Great-grandfather Xu Fengzao was a Chinese admiral; Grandma Xu Liufen was a top student in the economics department of Tsinghua University. She compiled books such as Accounting principles and English-Chinese-English Dictionary of Accounting.

No wonder he was so talented that he laughed at himself that he was the worst in the family.

you can laugh at yourself. Looking at Wang Leehom's experience and achievements, Uncle just wants to say, "you are too modest."

Wang Leehom has a talent for musical instruments since he was young. He began to learn the violin at the age of 6, practiced the piano for six hours a day, studied the piano at the age of 8, wrote lyrics and music at the age of 13, and wrote his first song.

many years after graduation, Wang Leehom returned to school and received an honorary doctorate from Williams College and Berkeley Conservatory of Music. High achiever is no doubt!

at the age of 19, his musical talent was spotted by talent scouts and began his singing career.

although there have been twists and turns at the beginning of his music career, Wang Leehom's accumulation and talent will certainly make him shine on this road.

in 1998, Wang Leehom released his new album "rotation", from lyrics and composers to arranging and even filming.

this album made 23-year-old Wang Leehom an instant hit, winning the Golden Melody Award for "Best male Artist" and "Best producer", thus gaining a place in the Chinese music industry.

"Descendants of the Dragon", "only", "Big City and Little Love", "Sun and Moon in the Heart", "change the World" …... As long as Wang Leehom's songs play, you will always hum along with them unwittingly.

Wang Leehom is the pinnacle of the music world, and his legend is still circulating in the world today.

so, on November 27, 2013, Wang Leehom announced on Weibo that he had found the person he wanted to spend the future with.

and also attached a photo of his girlfriend Li Lianglei, the two snuggled up to each other, looking happy.

for a time, the whole network was almost paralyzed.

for fans, this ordinary-looking, plainly dressed woman is simply not worthy of the scholarly and talented Wang Leehom. Their relationship has never been favored.

even, there are a lot of dirty stories about Li Lianglei on the Internet.

but Wang Leehom always stands up for his wife in the first place.

makes many people wonder what kind of charm Li Lianglei has to win the favor of Wang Leehom.

Li Lianglei is not a public figure, nor is she a person in the entertainment industry, but she is a veritable high achiever.

he studied at the famous Princeton University in the United States, majoring in financial engineering and operations research, and then studied for a master's degree at Columbia Business School, all the way to his doctorate.

after graduation, he went to work for the American financial giant JPMorgan Chase, in charge of strategy, development, operational risk and other fields. He changed from a newcomer to an assistant vice president in just 2 years.

Li Lianglei was born in 1986, 10 years younger than Wang Leehom.

the two met early and met under the introduction of Wang Leehom's father when Li Lianglei was 15 years old.

Wang Leehom treated her as a sister until Li Lianglei graduated from college before the two officially fell in love.

Wang Leehom has always envied his parents' warm feelings of embracing each other and longed for the romance of holding hands and growing old together.

this relationship is not sudden for them, it just happens naturally, and the perfect couple is made in heaven.

since they got married in 2013, they have been together for eight years and have gradually expanded from a small family of two to a happy family of five.

Li Lianglei, after marriage, put the focus of her life on her family and took care of her family.It's very appropriate.

at Christmas, Li Lianglei will decorate her home with the flavor of Christmas and prepare a lot of delicious food to entertain her friends.

take the children together to prepare a surprise for Wang Leehom on Father's Day.

A photo taken together to show the birthday surprise prepared by my daughters, happy and sweet.

in my spare time, I take three little guys out for an outing to accompany them to grow up.

when she discovered her child's hobbies and talents, she decided to start practicing the piano herself, because she knew that only through personal experience could she better accompany her child, encourage her child, and aspire to become her daughter's younger sister.

but Li Lianglei did not give up herself because she took care of the housework.

after completing the upgrading of her wife and mother, she will continue to update herself and find a better herself.

will also use his major as a producer in Wang Leehom's music album.

you see, their marriage is not the story of Cinderella marrying the prince from the beginning, but that you are good and I am not bad.

it is this kind of mutual support and common progress that makes them go through so many years of ups and downs together.

from being unfavored at the beginning, to walking into the hall of marriage hand in hand, and then to today's peaceful separation, their marriage experience is really sad.

I suddenly remembered what Zhang ailing said: "Life is a gorgeous cheongsam full of lice."

the same is true of marriage.

every seemingly perfect and happy marriage hides hidden hidden wounds invisible to outsiders, and there are all kinds of stumbles in the cheongsam of marriage.

what outsiders want to see is idol-like perfect love, but only the parties themselves know whether they are really happy or not.

with regard to the reasons for their divorce, Uncle does not want to delve into it here, because marriage is a journey with an unknown future, and many of them are separated, regardless of right or wrong.

as sung in our Song: "lovers are always on and off."... "

when they were together, it was for happiness, but now they decide to divorce, also for happiness.

Uncle has always believed that the end is just another beginning.

they used to be a model couple, and now they are parents of three children. I believe they will play the role of good parents even if they are not together in the future.


May Wang Leehom and Li Lianglei be well with each other for the rest of their lives and find their own happiness soon.