Top Health Preservation for Adults: exercise

Top Health Preservation for Adults: exercise

Sports is the lowest cost and the most cost-effective investment.


A few days ago, there was a video on Hot search that made people laugh and cry.

in the video, a 72-year-old Uncle Wang trots slowly in the cold wind, accompanied by a policeman.

it turns out that in the early hours of the morning, some netizens saw Uncle Wang running on the bridge alone, when the external temperature was close to minus 10 degrees.

in order to prevent my uncle from having an accident, netizens quickly called the police.

after the police rushed over, they offered to send him home.

but Uncle Wang refused and insisted on running back by himself.

in desperation, the police could only accompany the uncle and did not send him home safely until about 3 o'clock in the morning.

after seeing the video, netizens gave likes and left messages one after another:

some people praise the heroic behavior of the police, while others think that my uncle is really in good health and is stronger than many young people.

indeed, think about our own daily life. Many people are either busy with their work or taking care of their families every day.

I even have very little time for myself, let alone exercise.

Medical journal the Lancet once published a report on the amount of daily exercise in the world:

long-term lack of exercise will reduce tissue and organ skills by 30%, and various diseases will follow.

the fundamental reason is that there is too little exercise.

it is true that exercise is not omnipotent, but its benefits are obvious.

after exercise, everyone's body produces two pleasurable things: the first is dopamine and the second is endorphin.

what we are after is endorphins.

compared to dopamine, which provides short-term pleasure, endorphins are more like a reward for hard work, giving people a sense of achievement.

it's like keeping moving, maybe you'll feel a lot of pain in the moment.

but it is these pains that will give you the results you want after trying to stick to it.

of course, there are many ways to get endorphins: reading, learning, meditation, meditation.

and exercise is the fastest and most direct way.

"whatever makes you feel good will make you miserable, and whatever makes you feel painful will eventually make you a success."

exercise, like the best medicine, can always cure all pain if you stick to it.

exercise, health care

there is a saying:

"the first wealth is health, the second wealth is beauty and the third wealth is property."

at any time, no matter what you do, health is like a cornerstone. Only by consolidating the foundation can you keep making progress.

and exercise is the best way to keep healthy.

people who love sports are never in bad health.

it may not have an immediate effect, but in the long run, you can see completely different changes in your persistence day after day.

for a period of time, host Bai Yansong always felt uncomfortable. After going to the hospital for examination, he found that his blood pressure had reached a critical point.

while the doctor sighed and scolded him for not taking his health seriously, he carefully advised him to take the medicine. And said several times that he had to take the medicine all the time.

Bai Yansong listened to the doctor's instructions, thought for a few seconds, refused the doctor's advice, and said:

"you give me a few months, and I'll adjust it myself first.

if it doesn't work then, I'll come back to you to prescribe medicine. "

Bai Yansong said that the adjustment is actually exercise.

after a period of exercise and running, the blood pressure really fell back to normal range, and all physical indicators returned to normal.

exercise is not the easiest way to take care of the body, but it is the most effective and beneficial one.

stop being too lazy to exercise because of your work, and don't be tired of exercising because of laziness.

only by having a good body can you do what you want and live the life you want.

get into the habit of exercising and keep exercising.

when a person is immersed in exercise, the body will naturally give you the best feedback.

exercise, purify the heart

exercise, in addition to strengthening the body, can also cultivate a person's heart.

A person who often does exercise will not only change his mood, but also have a different attitude towards things.

Haruki Murakami wrote in his book:

"I finally sat on the ground, wiped my sweat with a towel and drank as much as I could.

unlock the laces of running shoes, in the surrounding twilight, carefully do ankle stretching exercise, this is a person's joy.

body is unraveling bit by bit. "

exercise, like a cardiotonic, can cure physical pain and bring peace of mind.

it's as if no matter what kind of annoyance you encounter, you can disappear with exercise.

writer Jiang Fangzhou could not fall asleep for a long time because of the evaluation of the outside world.

later, she followed the advice of her friends and started running every day.

at first, it was impossible to continue running only two kilometers.

but when she gritted her teeth and ran to 3.5 kilometers, listening to the wind on both sides, her heart slowly began to calm down and no longer had any distractions.

As she rushed to 5 kilometers, she felt indescribably happy when she saw the tail of her hair shaking in her shadow.

slowly, she no longer limited to running and began to try all kinds of sports.

with the increasing time of exercise, the state of mind becomes better and better.

later, when Jiang Fangzhou was talking about this topic with his friends, he said:

exercise improves the state of mind, which determines fate.

exercise may not help you solve a specific problem, but it allows you to adjust your mindset to face everything that happens.

there is a saying that the joys and sorrows of life are largely caused by the state of mind.

mindset is wrong, life is full of negative; mindset is right, life is full of joy.

for the rest of my life, I will continue to increase the frequency of exercise and increase the probability of exercise.

learn to use exercise to solve the suffering of life, let oneself maintain a healthy state of mind, can have a happy life.

exercise, improve mood

We often say, "exercise is the cure for everything."

the benefits of exercise can only be understood by those who have really exercised.

run when you are depressed, do yoga when you are upset, play basketball when you feel anxious, or choose a sport you like.

in this world, there is always a way to exercise that can release your negative emotions.

neuroscientist Wendy Suzuki once talked about her personal experience.

as a scientist, Wendy devotes almost 2% of her time every day to the laboratory.

work pressure, mental tension, over time, Wendy is all depressed.

sometimes she even feels like she's accomplished nothing.

A friend saw that she was so negative and advised her: "Why don't you exercise?"

in this way, Wendy began to enter the gym that she never walked into.

at first, like everyone else, she was very painful every time she exercised.

after a period of time, she slowly felt her change, and after every exercise, she was in a very good mood.

and my memory and concentration are much better than before.

later, when she shared the experience, she said:

"there is one thing that will have a positive effect on your brain, including mood and concentration.

this is exercise. "

A scientific study shows that exercise can secrete endorphins that the body needs, and endorphins improve mood, resulting in a certain sense of self-satisfaction.

exercise often, not only will the body become better, but also people will gradually stay away from anxiety.

like everyone in life, there are countless negative emotions.

and exercise is the best way to help yourself relieve stress.

learn to use exercise to ease release, maintain the habit of exercise, and do a "thorough cleaning" of emotions.

only when the heart is clean, life will be smoother.

exercise, overcome inertia

inertia is a terrible thing at any time.

many people indulge themselves for the sake of short-term comfort.

do not realize that this kind of indulgence will only destroy oneself.

keep exercising, you may not get immediate results in the short term, but if you stick to it, you will benefit a lot.

most of the time, we also know the importance of exercise, but we find all kinds of excuses for ourselves because of laziness.

as a result, others are getting better day by day, while themselves are getting worse.

when some people exercise hard, they just pass the buck for short-term comfort.

when some people keep exercising for a perfect figure, they are eating high calories and drinking high-carbon water.

while some people are working hard for their health, they stay up late day by day and end up in a hospital bed, sighing.

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Life never gets something for nothing, and everything has to pay a price.

whatever you want, you need to give the same.

it may be difficult to overcome inertia, so try to start with exercise.

make a small plan for yourself every day: walk for half an hour, run for an hour, do a set of aerobics, take a yoga class.

the process of persisting in exercise is also a process of self-challenge.

slowly change from laziness to diligence, abandon more and more, and the whole person becomes positive.

as the ancient Greek saying goes:

"the best human life is air, sunshine and exercise."

it heals not only the body, but also the heart. "

regard overcoming inertia as a habit and exercise as the best helper against inertia.

when a person knows how to persevere and learn to exercise restraint, he is one step closer to success.

exercise, exercise thinking

A netizen once shared his story.

he has excellent grades since childhood and is what his parents call "other people's children".

after graduating from college, I successfully entered the ideal company. He was greeted by intense work.

keep busy for a moment, thinking non-stop.

is often the last job is not finished, the nextThe work is ready.

he once said:

"I feel like I'm always struggling with deadlines, not one or two a week, but five or six a day."

when he is too busy to rest, he will lay down his work and let himself have a rest for a while.

exercise for 20 minutes to relax the taut body and give the brain a chance to cushion.

for so many years, no matter how busy he is at work, he can keep exercising.

and exercise brings him not only a strong physique, but also quick judgment and clear thinking.

"exercise is like a natural brain pill. In the past, mental illness was treated by drugs, but now it is advocated to strengthen the brain function by means of exercise. "

everyone's brain is like a machine that rotates forever, blindly running without knowing how to stop, it will only speed up the brain's "downtime"; only when there is movement and stillness can it really give full play to its maximum value.

and exercise is the best way to help the brain restart and open up thinking.

A person who adheres to sports will continue to improve his thinking ability, and people will become smarter and smarter.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences once published a figure:

compared with sedentary peers, those who exercise regularly have a 2% increase in hippocampal volume.

as the part of the brain responsible for the storage, conversion and orientation of long-term memory, the hippocampus has a direct impact on a person's memory, and this is the most direct benefit of exercise.

Don't take exercise simply as a thing, the difference between people is already within an inch.

when a person forms the habit of exercising, every step you take can lead to a different life.

exercise, develop self-discipline

Haruki Murakami once said: