This recruitment is a little different.

This recruitment is a little different.

Welcome to the clutter.

18 years inside incubation can not draw publishing house, can not draw editor-in-chief is Ze Peng, is a messy former deputy editor;

20 years we began to launch "Tan Yan" video IP, the person in charge is Tan Min, he is a messy 19-20 deputy editor.

on the contrary, it is precisely because we are not good enough that the above introduction has only three short sentences. It could have been better, but now it looks "feels good", but we understand that it is far from "good".

and this recruitment is also a little different from the past, we especially hope that friends who have work experience and insight into life will join the team.

1, responsible for short video topic selection, creativity and script content output;

3. Optimize the quality of short video content timely and continuously according to the response of platform users to the content.

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2, be good at perceiving the psychological states of young people from daily life, and actively update the quality of content;

4, know how to make short videos, have short video works, and successfully plan and implement popular short videos. Successful experience is preferred.

2, track and analyze various index data, and continuously optimize marketing programs based on data guidance;

4, expand online channel resources and be responsible for follow-up docking, track promotion results and continuously optimize resource allocation;

job requirements:

2, those with online channel resources in pet industry are preferred;

4, cat and dog owners are preferred.