This domestic romance film uncovers the truth of adult love!

This domestic romance film uncovers the truth of adult love!

Love is not the goal, but to make yourself happy is the goal.

have you ever thought:

what does the adult view of love look like?

when they fall in love with someone, will they show their feelings honestly or wait clumsily?

recently, the movie "Love Myth" gives us the answer.

some people say that this may be the best love movie of 2021.

is just a trailer that arouses the curiosity of countless people.

Xu Zheng,

Ma Yili,

what kind of sparks will happen when five powerful actors, Wu Yue, Ni Hongjie and Zhou Yemang, play on the same stage?

Let's take our time.

there is no most appropriate age, only just the right love

Love is an eternal topic for human beings.

especially adults who have experienced marriage, standing in front of their parents and dragging their children behind them, they always have a lot of misgivings even when they meet the person who is attracted to them.

are the problems of divorce and age really obstacles to love?

doesn't think so.

in the play, Miss Li, played by Ma Yili, is divorced from her husband and has a child.

at the beginning of the film, she staged a romantic encounter with Lao Bai played by Xu Zheng.

I have to say that adults are as brave as anyone in love.

Beibei, played by Wu Yue, is Lao Bai's ex-wife.

although she and Lao Bai have been divorced for many years, she often visits Lao Bai's house.

Lao Bai's mother wants to arrange Lao Bai to remarry her all day long, and she is used to thinking that her husband is still her own.

and Gloria played by Ni Hongjie.

she is a student of Lao Bai, a mysterious rich woman who loves her feelings and never hesitates.

when their three mature women with distinct personalities sit at the same table, it smells like gunpowder.

"Lao Bai and I have been together for more than ten years, and no one has ever paid any attention to it. Now as soon as we are separated, it has become a hot item."

"Dinner, first come, first served, right?"

"so someone jumped the queue."

"there are also wild cats robbing leftovers."

"who do you think is a wildcat?"

"I don't like to compete with people for food."

although it seems to be jealous, the line that "no customers fight for a dish" is the truth.

although several people look forward to love, they always have a clear understanding of love.

for them, love is more like a chemical reaction, invisibly injecting a new vitality into their peaceful life.

they get together because of love, and they also glow with a different kind of charm under the influence of love.

you see, there is no most suitable age, only just the right love.

Love has nothing to do with age, no matter how old it is, long live love.

emotional independence is the most beautiful appearance of a woman

once read such a sentence on the Internet:

"treat love as a woman who sends charcoal in the snow. Once charcoal leaves, she will only be frozen to death.

and women who regard love as the icing on the cake, whether they spend it or not, they have the ability to make themselves happy. "

every word is true when you taste it in detail.

the most beautiful appearance of a woman is not for the sake of love grievance, but for the courage to pursue love but never to be trapped in love.

when Lao Bai found out about Miss Li's residence, he went after Miss Li.

Miss Li became more familiar with Lao Bai in this process, but when Lao Bai asked her to move in, she immediately hinted that she would no longer get in touch with Lao Bai in the future.

if the front foot spends the night at Lao Bai's house, the back foot can be separated, and the love of mature women is never muddy.

when he woke up drunk, Lao Bai found Gloria spending the night at home.

did you have sex or not?

Lao Bai is not sure, but men always have to show their attitude.

just when he was about to find Gloria responsible for her, he found that he was celebrating his birthday with the handsome boy in KTV.

Gloria said frankly:

"Mr. Bai, you are a good man, but a woman will not be with a man just because he is a good man."

then drop the sentence "I'm old and dangerous, don't fall in love with me." turn around.

is it beautiful and rustling!

and ex-wife Beibei.

you will find that the women in the play are neither red roses nor white moonlight.

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they are mature, free and easy free women with a sound self and a thorough understanding of the relationship between men and women.

in love, they can take the initiative on their own, and it is up to them whether they love or not.

they are not confined to love, they are not attached to others, and they do not pester others.

such a sister, who has seen it without saying a like it!

to please yourself is a woman's greatest sobriety

there is such an impressive conversation in the play.

Lao Bai asked Gloria, "where's your Taiwanese husband?"

she said her husband was missing.

the aunt next to her interrupted: "there is someone outside your husband."

Gloria responded:

"if there are people, there will be others." I'm not a little girl anymore, am I? I can't see.

I am at my best now. I have money and leisure, and my husband is missing. Don't be too smart. "

it's really sober.

she knows very well:

for adults, love is not the goal, but to make yourself happy is the goal.

so even if her husband has an affair, she can still live a good life.

there is nothing wrong with pursuing love, but if you are too persistent, the loss will outweigh the gain.

how many women, clinging to those who can't get it, ignore the other happiness in front of them.

how many women have spent their whole lives because of a failed love?

you know, truly mature women never regard love as the whole of life.

even if you don't have love, you have relatives around you, you have a young and strong body, and you have a simple and happy life.

Love is not a necessity of life. Learning to please yourself and make yourself happy is a woman's greatest sobriety.

there are no tears or hoarse voices in the whole film, but every line touches life.

this is a film about love, but it is not just about love.

in the play, the humorous and sharp words between the three women and two men not only make people laugh, but also convey some different thoughts.

how should a woman spend her life?

Beibei said: "A woman's life without children is not complete."

Gloria said: "it is incomplete for a woman not to live for herself in her life."

Miss Li said, "it is not complete for a woman not to earn 1 million yuan in her life."

Yes, women can never be simply defined.

Director Shao Yihui outlines three complex female roles from a unique female perspective.

the most interesting thing is that these characters completely break the traditional perception of women.

unlike other female characters in film and television works, they are calm, sober and chic


, always occupies the dominant position of love.

you will find that this is a group of anti-guest-oriented women, on the contrary, Lao Bai appears to be a little passive in life and emotion.

in addition, the film is full of the texture of life everywhere.

Lao Wu, Lao Bai's best friend, talks about the love affair of his youth all day long, and the experience of his encounter with an Italian actress has always been an indistinguishable legend.

Young pigeons like to wear makeup, so they talk back to their stodgy father every day, fall in love with the girl they love, and are forced to go on a blind date by their mother at the same time.

the little cobbler on the street does not forget to reserve a coffee time for himself while working, and the golden sentence of love blurted out occasionally makes people feel amazing and interesting.

these ubiquitous characters in life, as well as a variety of life scenes, outline the moving fireworks smell of Shanghai.

it is both romantic and relaxed, which makes people bring it into it unconsciously.

some netizens even affectionately call it "Friends in Shanghai".

those little obsession in love, small temper in friendship, and small touch in affection are all integrated into the movie to unfold to you slowly.

on Christmas Eve, December 24, the Love Myth will be officially released across the country.

on this special holiday, bring your loved ones and go to see this movie.

I believe that those long-lost tenderness and heartbeat are the best gifts on Christmas Eve.