This damn 4G mobile love story.

This damn 4G mobile love story.

Don't waste your time.

although they don't write letters anymore, it doesn't prevent the two people who know it from fighting secretly.

because it is a love affair along the Internet, this relationship, which is determined by the strength of wifi signals, seems to need more proof.

before they have a clear relationship, they tend to look for clues about love in chat logs.

I've done similar stupid things.

for example, instead of meeting with what he called a strong relationship, it is reflected in the fact that "chat records alone account for 9 gigabytes of my phone." You should know that except for my own system and some apps, my 128G Xiao 7 has less than 30g, and he alone accounts for 1/3.

this damn 4G mobile love story.

it's all right, so I flip through this 9G love novel back and forth, often reading Chang Xin. I don't think there's anything wrong with me, and I even want to cover the bed for my mobile phone.

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inside the quilt, he also has a "talking" time.

two people are saying bold words in the chat box, but the expression of love must be secret.

more often, he will chat with me late at night. Say such words as "you are so beautiful", "when will you come to Shanghai" and "I really want to see you".

it's not that I don't know whether such an expression can be advanced or backward, but I still can't help thinking: you don't like a person, why are you willing to waste your time and talk to her continuously? And think she is beautiful, care about where she goes, and will you meet?

1. She is not optimistic about the relationship between her ex-boyfriend and his current girlfriend.

because I know she is still digesting the fact that they have broken up.

but sooner or later, she will find that records are just records, and it can't keep love. Only let everyone see love.

No matter at the end of the story, Hiroko Watanabe shouted "I'm fine" to the snow-capped mountain, or "fell short of success" after I unilaterally logged out the online love game.

you don't have to look for it in the chat log.