There is a wide range of recruitment this time.

There is a wide range of recruitment this time.

I can't draw. The publishing house is hiring.

if you are eager to create,

here is a specific job description.

1, have the desire to express, not afraid of their own story exposed in the eyes of others.

3. Identify with the idea that you can't draw-- provide value with stories.

5. You need teamwork and willingness to communicate.

2, 2k salary for interns + 1k for each article.

5, participate in the bonus package with a monthly limit of 10W.

1, a collection of works.

3, a resume.

6, the company address is Haizhu District, Guangzhou. The specific arrival time can be negotiated.


1. If you want to be an actor or a camera blogger, you can let it go without fear of the camera.

3, no style, no gender, no requirements for past experience.

5. Plain people and students are welcome to try.

# treatment:

1, specific salary interview.

1, a video content (which can be self-introduction, some of your own works or random jokes, etc.)

4, the subject of the email is: name + do not know how to draw actors.

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