The three manifestations of a person's higher and higher cognition

The three manifestations of a person's higher and higher cognition

I don't know the whole picture. I don't want to comment.

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"Choice is more important than effort.


what determines the height of everyone's life is not only his hard work, but also his judgment.

the so-called gap in wealth and status is not only caused by a small part of luck, but also based on the gap caused by the level of cognition.

therefore, we should focus on the improvement of cognitive level.

people with high cognitive level know their "ignorance"

"wasting an opportunity is far more remorseful than missing it."

this sentence can express the feelings of many people.

that's because most of us are cursed by knowledge.

the so-called knowledge is an abstract concept summed up by predecessors' experience, but all people will have blind spots, and the more out of sight they are, the more they will contain the truth of the problem.

existing knowledge sometimes hinders our steps, and ignorance brings new possibilities.

Socrates said: the reason why I seem to have wisdom is that I know how ignorant I am.

there are four cognitive levels of life, they are:

do not know that you do not know: without awe, you think you know everything;

know that you don't know: begin to be in awe and be able to meet new cognition;

know that you know: have a certain cognitive depth, but still have your own blind spot;

I don't know what I know: the state of being wise as if foolish, always keep an empty cup state of mind.

people with lower cognitive levels are blindly confident in their own abilities, disdain to listen to other people's opinions, and are not good at accepting new ideas.

people with a high level of cognition are not. They are "open-minded" and "happy when they have heard it."

they are well aware of their limitations, that the knowledge they have is so small, and that they have always maintained a strong desire for knowledge from the outside world.

they are happy to find their own shortcomings, constantly correct, constantly improve, there is no end.

people with high cognitive level focus on "basic logic"

the sage "knows five hundred years before, then knows five hundred years later".

not because they have the ability to predict prophets, but because the fundamental laws of the world are immutable.

although the ancients had limited knowledge, they had excellent knowledge; today, although they are immersed in the ocean of knowledge, they are shallow.

lies in the ancients' specialization and mastery, to seek the truth; today's people are broad and shallow, impetuous and fast.

the reason why those classics are immortal after thousands of years is because what those classics explain is fundamental logic, and fundamental logic, even though time goes by, will not change.

Bruce Lee said: "I am not afraid of people who know a thousand leg techniques. I am afraid of people who have practiced one leg method a thousand times."

now many people, lost in fragmented information, are shallow, swallowed, and without thinking, the brain has become a racecourse for other people's thoughts.

instead of reading 100 books, but all of them are shallow, it is better to interpret those classics and understand them thoroughly.

only thoughts that arise from one's own mind are alive;

only the thought rooted in the underlying logic has the power of "turning things around".

people with high cognitive level do not rush to conclusions

in life, we often meet such people who always label others in a preconceived way:

if you look at your backpack, you can see that your monthly salary is less than 8000 yuan.

if you see a girl sitting in a BMW, you will know that you are a material girl.

you have to send out 9 pictures when you eat a steak. You must have never seen the world.

A few words blurted out may be a tsunami to others.

Woolf wrote in to the Lighthouse:

half of one's opinion of others is absurd. This view is entirely out of one's own personal motivation.

A person's greatest malice is to impose his own understanding on others and comment freely before he knows the whole picture.

Don't always act like I know well and I know everything;

Don't always generalize on the basis of your inherent knowledge and experience;

Don't always be held hostage by the emotions of the group.

people with a high level of cognition deeply understand, do not know the whole picture, and do not comment.

they always take the time to master multi-dimensional knowledge and learn from others, so as to look at the problem in a more comprehensive way.

they always stand at the end of the line to think, with more concentration and judgment.

Don't rush to a conclusion when something happens, let the bullet fly for a while, is a rare calm and thinking, but also a rare accomplishment and quality.

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