The recent situation of China's first beautiful man is sad: he has no father, no mother, no wife and no children, and he is too miserable in his later years.

The recent situation of China's first beautiful man is sad: he has no father, no mother, no wife and no children, and he is too miserable in his later years.

Let's wish Zun long happiness in his old age.

Xiangjiang, which is so prosperous, is never short of legends.

but few people's lives are that extreme:

he was born with no father, no mother, no name, but climbed to the pinnacle of showbiz from the starting point of low to dust, and then left the scene lonely and disappeared to this day.

he once satisfied the world's fantasy about the East. He was handsome, cold and arrogant, and brought his own noble spirit.

Today, when it comes to the most beautiful man in China, he can't get around his name-Zun long.

however, a photo was brushed on the Internet a few days ago, which made people feel infinitely.

Zun long in the photo is still strong, but his appearance has changed greatly.

some netizens even regretted that: who would have thought that the first beautiful man in China had been "disfigured"?

but who can escape the erosion of time? it is rare for people who are nearly 70 years old.

looking back on Zun long's life, beauty is actually the least worth mentioning.

in 1987, the film the Last Emperor was released.

this magnificent, colorful and magnificent film has caused great repercussions all over the world.

the three protagonists Zun long, Chen Chong and Wu Junmei are all due to the great increase in fame of this film.

especially Zun long, who plays Puyi.

Director Bernardo Bertolucci once revealed that Zun long was the first actor to audition, and he fell in love with his temperament at that time.

but I can't believe Bertolucci, who came so easily, searched for a long time, and finally decided to let Zun long play the leading role.

the last emperor in Chinese history, Aixinjueluo Puyi, had ups and downs in his life.

he ascended the throne at the age of three and abdicated at the age of six. After being abolished, he was forced to become a "puppet emperor" supported by Japanese militarism, and it was not until Japan's defeat that he was finally freed.

this life spanning 60 years of ups and downs, the drama tension is extremely strong, but also extremely difficult to interpret.

Zun long showed incisively and vividly the changes in the mentality of the characters of the last emperor, who were young, unwilling in middle age, and relieved in his old age.

this film finally won nine awards such as best picture, best director and best adapted screenplay at the 60th Academy Awards.

by virtue of this role, Zun long was nominated for Best Actor at the 1988 Golden Globe Award, becoming the only Chinese actor nominated for the Golden Globe Award.

that year, Zun long was 31 years old, and his life seemed to have reached the pinnacle of his acting career.

however, it is sad that "the Last Emperor" has won numerous awards, but Zun long, the leading actor, has never won any international awards because of his ethnic Chinese identity.

as a result, his acting skills and efforts were naturally ignored.

his unique temperament and the combination of the East and the West make him the representative of the beautiful men of the East and are rated as the 50 most beautiful people in the world by people magazine of the United States.

Wu Junmei, who plays Wenxiu in the Last Emperor, once laughed that when she first met, Zun long gave her a bright smile, which made her sigh: how could anyone in the world smile so beautifully? After filming the film, what impressed her most was the appearance of Zun long.

the goddess Lin Qingxia and Wang Zuxian, the goddess of the Hong Kong Circle, were also crazy about him. When they saw him, they couldn't take their eyes off him and looked admiring.

full of mystery, born with stories, he has become the dream lover of countless people.

in the most proud and brilliant highlight of life, Zun long is always shrouded in loneliness and loneliness.

because, back to the hotel is a person, no one is waiting for him, there is no phone call.

considering Zun long's temperament, it is not difficult for him to be born into a wealthy family or a scholarly family.

who would have thought he was actually an orphan.

all because of his life background, created the background of his sad life.

Zun long was born in Hong Kong in 1952, but he doesn't know his last name and his biological parents.

because he was just born, he was abandoned on the streets of Hong Kong.

but I do not know whether it is lucky or unfortunate, because his adoptive mother is not well-intentioned, but because the adopted child can get government relief.

the adoptive mother is physically disabled, lives in poverty and has a bad temper. She is apt to vent her dissatisfaction with life on Zun long.

he spent his childhood in abuse and beatings, and his daily meal was a bit of leftovers.

never felt the warmth of the family, scared and dark all day long.

at the age of 10, Zun long was abandoned and sold to the Hong Kong Spring and Autumn Opera Club to study Beijing Opera, where food and accommodation were managed by the Society.

get up at 6 o'clock every morning to practice, day after day, often beaten by the master, he has nowhere to go, he has been in the drama club for eight years.

until the age of 18, he was chosen by an American couple for a performance and was willing to sponsor him to go to the United States.

Zun long went to Los Angeles alone. In order to survive, he washed dishes, worked as a cook and shop assistant, worked while studying, and was finally admitted to the American Academy of dramatic Arts a few years later.

but because of his ethnic Chinese identity, his acting career did not go well after graduation.

has been a walk-on in various groups, often waiting in line for an one-on character for a day to compete with a group of actors and then come back in defeat.

until 1985, he played a gangster in the movie year of the Dragon.Big, excellent appearance and acting skills so that he was finally seen.

two years later, the "Last Emperor" became popular, and the respect for the dragon really came out.

by this time, he has been working in the American entertainment industry for more than ten years.

this play not only delights him with its famous director and production, but also makes him happy that he can finally go to the mainland to shoot in the Imperial Palace.

although there are no relatives he cares about in his hometown, he still misses him.

everything seems to be getting better.

it is a pity that God did not bless him for long.

in 1992, the film Farewell my Concubine directed by Chen Kaige began casting.

the role of Cheng Dieyi was initially decided not by Zhang Guorong, but by Zun long.

Zun long is also very fond of this role, because he is also an outcast, grew up in a Beijing Opera class, was abused in childhood and then became famous and criticized, and all kinds of experiences touched him extremely.

the role of Cheng Dieyi seems to be a replica of his life.

even if he turned down a lot of scripts and was willing to reduce his salary by $300000, the crew finally gave up on him for a variety of reasons.

it was painful to lose his beloved character. I don't know why rumors began to spread in China that he was abandoned by the crew because he raised his salary and dumped a big name.

Zun long's reputation and evaluation in China began to crack.

Farewell my Concubine became not only the regret of his life, but also the turning point of his life.

for this role, he rejected Duras's original adaptation of the Lover.

probably too eager to return home for development, he was coaxed by the hype-loving Deng Jianguo to get rid of Hollywood's Memoirs of a Geisha and returned home to shoot extremely poorly produced comedies and Qing Palace dramas.

this series of developments led to the continuous decline of his reputation, and even reduced from an internationally famous actor to a domestic third-rate actor.

without a company or team, he is unable to cope with the collapse of word of mouth in China.

he returned home with joy, but he was not treated gently. In 2007, he left his native land, settled in Canada and dropped out of the film industry.

probably because of his childhood experience, Zun long has never been good at getting along with others. He doesn't know how to love or how to be loved.

he once said:

I feel that my greatest achievement is not my career, but that I can cry for the lady who adopted me.

that year, Zun long became famous and returned to Hong Kong to meet his adoptive mother. at that time, he still had hatred in his heart.

but when he saw that his adoptive mother had lost her teeth and couldn't even eat, he couldn't help crying again:

I gave her money to get a tooth, but she said no, it was too expensive. I said it doesn't matter. I can eat for another month and a week. In my opinion, to be intolerant of the world is to be intolerant of oneself.

he finally let himself go.

when he was young, some Hollywood actresses liked him and even said they were willing to have children for him, but he didn't have to raise them.

Zun long refused: don't let the child be an orphan.

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Today, he is still unmarried, has no children, and has one man and one dog.

he lives his own little life, and all the excitement seems to have nothing to do with him anymore.

, let's wish Zun long happiness in his old age.