The really good people live a simple life.

The really good people live a simple life.

The better a person is, the simpler his life is.

Madame Curie, a scientist, is a legend.

she and her husband won the Nobel Prize in physics in 1903 and the Nobel Prize in chemistry again in 1911.

her eldest daughter and son-in-law won the Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1935.

and she herself, in her capacity as director-general of the United Nations Children's Fund, won the 1965 Nobel Peace Prize.

during her tenure as director of the Radium Institute in Paris, there were four Nobel Prize winners.

but she, who is so extraordinary and outstanding, leads an extremely simple life in her life.

first, social minimalism.

she once wrote in her article:

"in the past 50 years, I have devoted myself to scientific research, and research is the exploration of truth. I have many beautiful and happy memories.

when I was a teenager, I spent my schooling alone at the University of Paris. Throughout that period, my husband and I sat painstakingly in our humble study, as if in a dream, where we discovered radium.

in my life, I always pursue a quiet work and a simple family life. In order to realize this ideal, I try my best to maintain a quiet environment so as not to be disturbed by personnel and exaggerated by fame. "

on weekdays, the Curies stay in the laboratory and rarely talk to their friends.

even if she occasionally has to talk to a few scientists, Madame Curie will save time by talking while mending clothes for her daughter.

even in order to better participate in the research, they always lack sofas and chairs at home, which not only rejects visits from others, but also reduces the time spent cleaning.

second, the material is minimalist.

she discovered radium, but did not apply for a patent or offer any material compensation to those who used the method. She voluntarily gave up a large sum of the proceeds of the invention. But live on the meagre income of husband and wife.

A total of 430 francs and forty lives were spent that month, which was actually a very small amount, but she felt overspent and specially drew two emphasis lines under her monthly expenses.

I wonder if you have found that the more excellent people are, the more achievements they have made in their careers, the more simple and simple they will live in life.

because they devote almost all their body and mind, time and energy to the cause they love.

when a person's pattern is getting bigger and bigger, her vision is getting wider and wider, and her realm is getting higher and higher, the focus of her concern and attention will sublimate from personal hedonism to the greater self.

in 1845, Thoreau, an American writer, lived in seclusion for two years, two months and two days on the banks of Walden, two miles from Concord, and wrote a world masterpiece Walden based on this theme.

in his view, property is more of a burden, he said:

"I see young people, my countrymen, whose misfortune is to inherit farms, houses, barns, cattle and farm tools

because these things are easier to get than to go.


they are busy "working crudely, unable to pick the more delicate fruits of life."


for him, it is better than making money endlessly, in order to live a rich life, and more importantly, to spend more time to fill his spiritual life.

he listed the necessities of life, but a few tools, such as a knife, an axe, a shovel, a wheelbarrow, and so on, were enough.

or for studious people, a lamp, stationery, a few books, these can be regarded as necessities, and can be obtained at a very small price.

on top, he believes that it doesn't matter whether the style of clothes is novel or not, and what other people will think of it.

"the usually light and gaudy clothes on the outside are our skin or fake leather, which has nothing to do with our lives."

in eating, he basically adheres to a vegetarian diet, does not eat meat, does not smoke, does not drink alcohol.

of course, a farmer told him not to eat only a vegetarian diet, because vegetables can't provide people with the nutrients they need for bone growth.

but he believes that the cattle domesticated by this farmer rely only on grass food, which does not affect his heavy work at all.

in terms of housing, he opposes spending a lot of his life earning money to buy a house.

because in his opinion, the loss outweighs the gain by spending the best time of his life on buying a house.

he said: "after a farmer owns his own house, he does not become richer, but poorer because the house owns him."

of course, it is difficult for most ordinary people to be a pure naturalist like Thoreau.

but the point he wants to express doesn't mean that you have to be vegetarian, don't wear nice clothes, and don't get a loan to buy a house.

but to tell you that you do not have to forget the nature of food for the sake of delicacies and seafood, in order to satisfy your hunger.

Don't forget the need for clothing in order to please others, it's to keep warm.

not necessaryFor the sake of the foreign house and villa, and forget the existence of the house, is to let us have a place to stay.

there are many moments when we lose sight of the fact that there is not much that people really need because of our growing desire.

once you chase too much, it is not only easy to lose your way, but also make your life miserable.

even many people, because of too much pursuit of external comfort, comfort and luxury, give up their own spiritual growth and bind their hearts with fame and wealth.

as the philosopher Schopenhauer once said, the lower a person's external material requirements, the higher his internal requirements.

on a certain level, wise people live more frugally than ordinary people.

because the extravagant life doesn't mean much to them, let alone hinder them from devoting themselves to their careers.

and if you focus more on the brilliance of life, you will naturally be unable to maintain a clear heart to experience the most simple beauty of life.

Mr. Yang Jiang is a famous Chinese writer, translator and foreign literature researcher. She and her husband, Mr. Qian Zhongshu, were once a couple in the literary world, and they also left a lot of stories.

but as a writer, she is still an extremely low-key, simple and secluded person in life.

when Qian Zhongshu was alive, the three of them, plus their daughter Qian Yuan, often occupied a place at home, and then sat quietly, reading and writing separately.

they seldom socialize and do not want others to visit.

and the friends who know them well, if not necessary, do not have the heart to disturb them to concentrate on their learning, or even fear of wasting their time in reading.

Mr. Pan Zhaoping, who once worked at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, has been close friends with Yang Jiang and Qian Zhongshu, and they are friends who talk about almost everything.

when the reporter asked him about Mr. Qian's death, how did Mr. Yang live his life?

he said:

"Mr. Yang mainly worked at his desk in his later years, but she paid great attention to health care and exercise. She walks back and forth in the open space at home, walking thousands of steps every day.

as a matter of fact, her home is very narrow. I suggest she go downstairs and get in touch with the earth. Later, Mr. Yang said that she listened to me and went for a walk downstairs.

if you walk a few steps, you will meet an old neighbor, and if you walk a few more steps, you can meet an old friend, and everyone will talk for a long time. She said, this is not a walk, this is downstairs to hold a press conference.

Mr. Yang doesn't sleep well and gets up late in the morning. I try to go to her as late as possible. Sometimes she asks me to have dinner with her.

there are a wide variety of dishes on the table, including two or three steamed fish, a bowl of fried vegetarian dishes with sliced meat, a steamed egg soup, and some cold appetizers, but the portions are all very small. "

Yang Jiang can be said to be a real one, everyone who is never too old to learn, even after the loss of her husband and daughter, she lives alone.

still do not want to see any reporters, do not want to do any interviews, but a person at home, writing, reading and writing, almost never stop.

even at the age of 92, they persisted in daily recollections and notes, and the details of their family over the past 63 years eventually became the famous prose collection "the three of us".

she neither lives in her past achievements, nor is she seduced by fame and gain, because she knows that the world is her own and has nothing to do with others.

so from young to old, she still maintains a constant original heart, leads a plain life, pursues spiritual richness, and knows clearly what kind of life she should live.

Our gorgeous knee length homecoming dresses are definitely eye-catching. There simply is no better place to purchase a dress than

she does not need external flowers and applause, nor even fame forever, even when she is seriously ill and enters the hospital, she still maintains a calm state of mind.

there is no need for anyone to visit, nor for anyone to cry and feel sorry for her. On her deathbed, she did not leave any property, but left what she learned and gained all her life to the next generation.

she comes quietly and finally walks quietly. She knows the nature of life and is not afraid of death.

in fact, a person's simplicity is not reflected in the external lack of desire, more importantly, his heart, maintain a kind of open-minded, open and clear-minded.

of course, there are still many people who mistakenly think that a simple life must mean that this person has a noble spirit.

in fact, a really good person, on the contrary, because the heart first has a higher pursuit, ideals and aspirations, will become pure, simple and simple from the inside to the outside.

because of simplicity, you can save more time, energy and spare energy to devote yourself to one thing.

because of simplicity, you realize the ultimate meaning of life, not in profligacy and enjoyment, but in creation.

because of simplicity, it makes you understand that a person's life is not about striving for fame and fortune, but about self-worth as much as possible.

there are many times when we can't be simple, not just because we don't adapt to the simple life that seems monotonous, boring, and even lonely.

but we have too many impetuous hearts, too many desires, too much can not afford and can not let go.

the better a person is, the simpler his life is.