The next time I pet the cat, I hope you can come and play.

The next time I pet the cat, I hope you can come and play.


it turns out that "Pet Day" was more than ten days ago.

to make this event more experiential, we contacted tail Forest, a pet brand that we have always cooperated and trusted before.

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everyone is stroking the dog and the cat. While talking about a lot of topics:

many people just like the sense of freedom on the surface of our work, but in fact, we don't know all kinds of anxiety.

if you find the above work emotions acceptable, you can start preparing for entry into the company or industry.

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-the profession of teacher is often misunderstood.

for example, when it comes to children's personal safety or emotional ups and downs at school, we certainly have the responsibility to pay attention to and take care of them, but we also hope that parents can understand that teachers are not omnipotent, and there will be times when they cannot cover everything.

because educating people is a matter of great social responsibility, from the public level, its every move will easily attract everyone's attention.

I think that medical staff and teaching staff are the same to a certain extent, one is to educate people and the other is to save people, and they bear far more social pressure than other professions.


We have been together for more than two years. Recently, because my cousin got married, I, who had already planned the next step, wanted to ask him more urgently, "what are we going to do next?"

first of all, I think there is something wrong with boys' communication. No matter "I don't have a plan for the time being" or "I have a plan, but not now", we should communicate honestly with girls instead of procrastinating all the time.

-I like someone unreservedly, but I can't get the other person's love.

in fact, we hear that many of the things you feel very moved just move yourself, and this kind of touching is even a burden for her who is loved by you.

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We chatted from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. That afternoon.

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