The most structured way to deal with an accident

The most structured way to deal with an accident

The real character and pattern will be reflected in the response and handling of incidents.


in life, many people lose their temper when something happens.

but there are also people who "Mount Tai collapsed in front of him without changing his face" to figure out a way to solve the current predicament with a clear head at a time of crisis.

in fact, a person's first reaction to an accident hides the knowledge, knowledge, character and self-cultivation he has accumulated in the course of growing up.

how to deal with and solve problems can best see a person's bearing and breadth of mind, insight and pattern.

slow down in case of emergency

in the combination of maxims, it is said: "the wider the difficulties, the thicker the difficulties, and the slower the most urgent matters."

Di Zi Gui also said: "Don't be busy with things, busy is more wrong." Emergencies always give people pressure and disturb their minds.

when you encounter an emergency, if you are impetuous and eager for success, you will often make mistakes.

Zhou Rong recorded such a story in his Chunhan Tang Collection in the Qing Dynasty.

one winter, Zhou Rong wanted to enter the county from a nearby river port and ordered the children to tie up a large pile of books with wooden clips to follow.

it is getting late and the sun is about to set. There are still about two miles to look at the county seat.

he asked the ferryman, "is it too late before the city gate closes?"

the ferryman looked at the bookboy carefully and replied, "go slowly, it's OK; leave in a hurry, and then close it."

Zhou Rong thought that the ferryman was playing with them, so he walked quickly with the bookboy.

halfway, the child fell, the rope broke, and the books were scattered all over the floor. By the time the books were sorted and tied up, the gate in front of him had been tightly closed.

Zhou Rong commented on himself after the article: "things in the world are in a hurry to defeat themselves!"

"when things are slow, they are round, but it is hard to achieve results in a hurry."

instead of making mistakes in a hurry, it is better to slow down and do a good job.

slow down when you encounter an emergency, give yourself a mood and environment to do things, and then immerse yourself in this and selfless work can often achieve twice the result with half the effort.

when the state of mind and action are stable, it will be perfect.

be quiet in case of major events

Daojing says, "stillness is an impetuous monarch."

"stillness" can overcome impatience in people.

keeping quiet is the basis of sharpening one's will and cultivating one's character.

in life, we often encounter a lot of unpredictable emergencies.

the more anxious you are, the more confused your mind will be and the easier it will be to screw things up.

A lot of wisdom in life is often hidden in calmness and calmness.

read Mr. Yang Jiang's "the three of us" and was impressed by her sentence "it doesn't matter".

the door shaft of the house is broken and the door can't be closed. She smiled and said, "it doesn't matter."

Qian Zhongshu had a scabies on his head and was irritable. "it doesn't matter," she comforted.

whenever her husband is depressed, she gently advises her, "it doesn't matter."

she is calm and calm all her life, and no matter what happens, she never seems to be in a panic.

behind the simple words "never mind" lies Yang Jiang's philosophy of "seeking stability by meditation".

if you can calm all kinds of worries as calmly as you do when you are free, then what has already happened will naturally disappear.

it takes calmness to make a decision, to make a decision, and to get things done.

things in distress should be "changed"

there is a saying in the Book of changes: "qu into all things without leaving behind."

all things in the world are often twists and turns and cycles.

when we are alive, we always encounter many difficult things that cannot be solved.

when you encounter difficulties, if you don't change your mind in time, you will easily get stuck in the corner and can't extricate yourself.

"if the mountains don't come, I'll pass." when you encounter difficulties, you can often solve problems by being flexible and turning your mind around.

Life is like a process of drilling a well.

if you can't get water in one place, and you persist in fighting, it will only waste more time and energy, and in the end it will be in vain.

be flexible in time, analyze calmly, and find a place to drill a well where it is easier to get out of the water before you can find clear spring water.

Li Hahai of the Song Dynasty said: "the art of saving malpractice is not as great as change."

rivers flow into the distance because they are good at turning; if wise people are good at changing their thinking and solving difficulties with the help of external forces, the problems will be easily solved.

it is precisely our thinking that needs to change at critical moments and difficult times.

be "restrained" when things go well

Confucius has a saying, "A gentleman is not arrogant and does not honor his merits."

not taking yourself too seriously is a kind of self-cultivation and a kind of maturity in mentality.

"there must be people coming later, and the former also imitates the ancients. Save me from time to time and be a superior person. "

there are mountains beyond the mountains, but there are people outside the people.

people with a large pattern are more introverted when they are "complacent".

actor Chen Daoming is full of poetry and books, and he is upright. Ji Xianlin praises his knowledge, and Qian Zhongshu makes friends with him.

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in an environment where everyone calls himself a "teacher", Chen Daoming always thinks of himself as an "actor". He says:

"acting is my profession, and I am an actor." Be a man and do thingsYou can't take yourself too seriously. "

modesty, low-key, introverted, moderate, will make a person's mind more broad, the pattern more ambitious.

keeping a humble heart at all times is the biggest card of being a man.

monthly profit leads to loss, and water overflows.

Wood is more beautiful than the forest, and the wind will destroy it; if you walk higher than man, you must be wrong.

the larger the pattern, the more modest and low-key people are, the lower they are, the higher they are, the more modest they are, and the more they achieve themselves.

the ancients said: "the taste is in the thing, the heart is hidden in the body."

the real character and pattern will be reflected in the response and handling of things.

Life in the world, we have to face countless things and choices, when the mind is broad enough, the difficulty is less, when the vision is high enough, the world is small.

, at the critical moment, take a long view and enlarge the pattern, our life will reach a different level.