The best rest of life: light in the fundus, love in the heart, money in the pocket

The best rest of life: light in the fundus, love in the heart, money in the pocket

May you and I bring the light in our eyes, the love in our hearts, and the money in our pockets.

Sanmao once said: "people and things in the world have their time to come and go. We just need to make ourselves look the best, and then wait quietly."

this is true. Life is a spiritual practice, and life is the greatest ashram of practice. When you cultivate yourself, those beautiful things will come as expected.

May you have light in your eyes, love in your heart and money in your pocket for the rest of your life.

Fundus light

you should have heard this story:

deaf girl Jiang Mengnan was admitted to Tsinghua University by reading lips.

when Jiang Mengnan was half a year old, she was deaf because of a high fever. She could not hear anything from the outside world and could not hear her own pronunciation, which meant that she had lost the ability to speak.

in order to adapt Mengnan to the hearing aid, her parents will quietly put it on her while she is sleeping, and then play various sound tapes in her ear.

but Meng Nan didn't respond and didn't blink an eye.

in order to make Mengnan better communicate with the outside world and live like a normal person, her parents decided to teach her lip language.

her parents train her day after day how to recognize other people's lips, watch TV programs with letters, and learn words and sentences.

slowly, Meng Nan can tell what the other person is saying by the changes in her lips, and her reading ability has improved a lot.

since junior high school, she left her parents and chose to live on campus and live independently.

she can easily read what her parents say, but it is difficult for her to understand what strangers say. But instead of giving up, she redoubled her efforts to learn lips.

after graduating from high school, she was admitted to the undergraduate pharmacy major of Jilin University with a score of 615, and completed all the postgraduate courses during her stay at school.

when she was about to graduate, under the advice of her doctor, she received a cochlear implant and regained her hearing. She was 26 years old.

in September 2018, she was admitted as a doctoral student at Tsinghua University.

she tries to tell many people that she can open the door of hope by virtue of her stubbornness in her bones, no matter how hard she eats, as long as she keeps the light of her eyes and loves life.

as Oscar Wilde said, "We all live in sewers, but there are still people looking up at the stars." Those who look up at the starry sky must have endless dreams and hopes in their hearts. "

if you come out of your suffering generously, you are an artist.

May you have light in your fundus, grow savagely, and never wander.

Love in my heart

read a story on Weibo.

A poor man inadvertently saved a child.

to his surprise, the child came from a wealthy family, and his father came to thank him in person the next day.

the poor man said, "although I live in poverty and hard work, I never save people for reward."

while talking, the poor man's son happened to come back from playing.

the rich man said, "how about this? I'll take your son away and give him the best education."

the poor are grateful.

many years later, the child of the poor graduated from medical school, discovered penicillin, saved countless lives, and became a world-famous bacteriologist. His name is Fleming Alexander.

the child who had been saved by the poor was seriously ill. Fleming used his superb medical skills to save the child from death.

as the saying goes, all your good luck is the blessing you accumulate after doing good deeds.

recently, a sugarcane seller in Jiangsu was robbed by a group of people in uniform.

looking at the sugar cane taken away, the old man cried helplessly.

as things went on, the relevant departments took the initiative to apologize to the old man.

remembered the saying: "A hundred ghosts walk at night in the heavy rain, and some people are happier than ghosts."

in this complicated world, some people are full of malice, while others are warm.

after the old man was bullied, netizens formed a sugar cane group and sold more than 700 sugar cane for the old man in one night.

the trivial act moved not only the elderly, but also tens of millions of netizens, who all wanted to buy the old man's sugar cane.

everyone picks up firewood and the fire is blazing, and everyone sends out a little love, which will certainly warm the whole world.

Russell said: "of all moral qualities, the nature of goodness is the most needed in the world."

No matter what profession or role we play, we should be kind to everyone.

but do good deeds, not to mention the future, all trivial good deeds will gather into the power to cut through difficulties.

May love, warmth and light shine through the mountains and rivers in your heart.

have money in your pocket

you may have eaten dumplings at Wanchai Wharf, but you don't necessarily know the story behind it.

the founder of Wan Chai Ferry Pier is Zang Jianhe.

she was born poor, never had enough to eat from a small meal, and had nothing to look forward to.

when there was a severe drought in Shandong at the age of 14, the family left their hometown and begged all the way to make a living, so they found a place to live in Qingdao.

in order to lighten the burden on her family, she dropped out of junior high school and finally became a nurse in the hospital.

in the hospital, she met her lover, a Chinese doctor in Thailand.

the two fell in love and soon got married and gave birthTwo daughters.

unexpectedly, a piece of news from Thailand broke the peace of the family.

in 1974, the husband received the news of his father's death and immediately left for Thailand to take care of the affairs.

I haven't heard from him for three years, and my husband seems to have disappeared.

until 1977, her husband wrote from overseas asking her and her children to go to Thailand to find her husband.

Zang Jianhe was so overjoyed that he quit his job and went to Thailand with his children.

and she was greeted by another woman of her husband.

my mother-in-law comforted her and said, if you stay, I'll make sure you have enough food and clothing.

the husband also said, I will support you and make your life very easy.

Zang Jianhe stuck to his dignity and left with the child.

"I raise you" is such a fragile love word, life is not once and for all, you can only rely on yourself forever.

when Zang Jianhe came to Hong Kong, she had to support her daughter on her own.

can't understand Cantonese, so she can only do the most tiring work, washing dishes, washing cars, and working as a cleaner.

once a friend went to visit her. Zang Jianhe could not afford to buy valuable food, so she personally made a dumpling and cooked it for her friend.

after eating, her friend was full of praise and asked her to make dumplings and set up a stall on the floor.

more than ten days later, she pushed a trolley and sold dumplings at Wan Chai Ferry Pier.

so Wan Chai Ferry Pier is taken from the place where she started from scratch.

Zang Jianhe understands deeply that money is more reliable than love.

when love doesn't please you, you have to create your own life. It's better to win your dignity and courage than to care about being betrayed.

"the first half of my Life" said: "Love is fragile, marriage is fragile, I can only travel day and night to pursue material and spiritual independence."

remember, at the age when it's time to make money, don't choose comfort, and don't want to rely on anyone.

I wish you, with money in your pocket, hold your own umbrella and Kunlun immediately.

Li Hongzhang wrote a couplet in his later years.

the upper couplet is: enjoy Qingfu is not an official, as long as you have money in the bag, rice in the warehouse, poetry and books in the belly, you are the prime minister in the mountain.

Get ready to shop the perfect ethereal wedding dress for your wardrobe? Effortless to use and amazing value too.

the next couplet is: pray for longevity without taking medicine. I hope there is no disease in the body, no worries in the heart, no creditors in the door, and can be immortals on earth.

there are all kinds of things in the world, one after another. If you take it easy and work hard, there will be no hurdles that cannot be overcome.

setbacks will come, they will pass, tears will flow, and they will stop.



, tell the friends around you to live every day bravely. Come on!