Ten "laws of minutes" change countless people

Ten "laws of minutes" change countless people

What you will look like ten years from now is hidden in your choice now.


I believe many people have heard this sentence:

"thought determines action, action determines habit, and habit determines success or failure."

in order to get rid of his problems, he made up his mind and made up 10 habits.

includes ordinary words and deeds, and even refines the formation of habits to every day and every minute.

the improvement of life is inseparable from the slow cooking of small things and the fermentation of time.

the true self-discipline lies not in doing something earth-shaking, but in daily practice.

here are 10 "laws of minutes" to help you become a better yourself.


talk for half a minute

have you found that many quarrels and misunderstandings in life are caused by a quick mouth?

obviously there is no malice, but he offends people because he speaks without thinking.

it was originally kind-hearted, but it was complained because it could not be expressed.

it's easy to open your mouth, but it's not easy to communicate well.

Socrates is right. Go through the sieve before you speak.

think before you speak, so that you won't hurt others without knowing it.

if you open your mouth slowly, trouble won't knock on the door.

when you want to judge someone, stop for half a minute and ask yourself if you really know the truth.

when you want to argue with someone, take half a minute to see if there is a better way to express it.

it is the greatest kindness to leave a little silent time for yourself and others.


do something for two minutes first

there are two fighting villains living in everyone's heart:

one is called "start now" and the other is called "talk later".

think about it, do you often come across when they are at loggerheads:

the work to be handed in was put off until the night before before it began in a hurry.

I said I wanted to read a book. I swiped my cell phone around, and it was early in the morning when I wasn't careful.

in psychology, there is a famous two-minute law:

you'd better do what you want to do within 2 minutes, or you will procrastinate or even give up.

A giant who can get rid of procrastination and take action by starting everything first.

every time I don't want to write, I force myself to sort out my thoughts for a while.

once you get into the state, it can easily become 20 minutes or 1 hour.

Bad habits cannot be eliminated, they can only be replaced by other habits.

it is always concrete actions that defeat confusion and anxiety.


be angry and calm for 3 minutes

as the old saying goes, boiling water is not fully reflected, and anger can not see the truth clearly.

when a person is angry, reason is easily defeated.

often comes out with disingenuous words and does things that hurt others and themselves.

calm down afterwards and either feel worthless or regret it.

whenever Lin Zexu wants to get angry, he will look up at the two words hanging in the study: control anger.

every time Hu Shi couldn't help quarreling with his wife, he immediately locked himself in the bathroom.

people are emotional creatures, where there are joys, there are sorrows, and there are joys and anger.

people who are really mature know how to handle things coldly.

the next time you're emotional, try taking a few deep breaths, and then count from 0 to 100.

if you don't act on the spur of the moment, you will leave yourself a way back.


keep accounts for 5 minutes at hand

about the financial situation of contemporary people, there is a popular joke on the Internet:

"everything goes up except wages; the income is all right, but the rest is pitiful."

in my opinion, I would like to add one more sentence: if you look at the small number of flowers, they add up to a huge sum of money.

there is a "crazy savings" group on Douban:

some people save 200000 yuan two years after graduation, while others earn 8000 yuan a month, but students dig out the down payment of two apartments.

A good habit is indispensable behind enviable savings: bookkeeping.

Mobile payment has become a daily routine, so don't underestimate the power of bookkeeping.

if you don't stimulate yourself with numbers, people will never have a sense of urgency to restrain consumption.

every account you write down is a scale in your heart.

small to food and clothing expenses, human exchanges, to financial investment.

it is clear at a glance which money does not need to be spent and which money can be saved.

Adults, who pay attention to money, are responsible for life.


8 minutes of distracted meditation

when it comes to meditation, many people think of the scenes of experts practicing behind closed doors and meditating under the trees of eminent monks.

in fact, it's a good way for you and me to manage emotions on a daily basis.

stress and anxiety have become the norm in a fast-paced life.

there are moments when everyone is impetuous: too tired at work, too many chores, and children don't worry.

sometimes what bothers you is not the thing itself, but your own opinion.

the next time you are upset, try meditation.

close your eyes, block all foreign thoughts, and only feel your own breath and breath.

calm down, it is possible to look at all things.

in just a few minutes a day, you will find your previous anxietySwept away.

things that seem tricky are also getting easier.


everything happens 10 minutes in advance

A red light on the way to work, a sudden accident, an important company meeting.

Life is a dish that can collapse at any time. Be prepared for everything so that veterans will not be in chaos.

make it a habit to make it a habit to keep the little things from getting bigger.

10 minutes earlier in the morning, you don't have to worry about losing things, being late and starving.

work is scheduled 10 minutes in advance so that you can get into the state more quickly and calmly.

the meeting arrives 10 minutes early to make a good impression on others, and you may bury an egg for yourself.

there is a good saying: "10 minutes is details, 10 minutes in advance is foresight."

in this era where every minute counts, life is a battlefield without gunpowder smoke.

your concept of time and principle is your hardest card.


Review 15 minutes before going to bed

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in the Ming Dynasty, there was a scholar named Xu Pu who used to review before going to bed every day.

if you do anything wrong, you will throw a black bean in the bottle on the left-hand side;

if there is any progress, throw a soybean to the right.

over time, there is no change in black, but more and more soybeans.

people live, life, work are inevitably negligent to make mistakes.

learn to reflect and review in order to quickly accumulate experience.

try to spend more than 10 minutes before going to bed every day and ask yourself a few questions:

what have you done today? What lessons should be learned? Where else can it be optimized?

people who have no experience but have no experience will only stay where they are forever.

introspection leads to growth, and change leads to improvement.

those insights after reflection will become the road of tomorrow.


take the time to read for 30 minutes

at any time, reading is always the only shortcut for ordinary people to improve themselves.

only by studying social sciences can you know the mystery of the universe, while reading literature and history can enrich your spirit.

philosophical psychology can calm your heart and clear your head, while professional books can help you improve yourself and optimize your life.

on the way to work and before going to bed, take time to read for half an hour every day.

it doesn't matter if you don't like it at first, the novel and prose will be introduced first, and then the politics, history, philosophy and classics will be made step by step.

when reading becomes a habit, change occurs.


keep exercising for 40 minutes

do you know?

some studies have shown that running for 1 month can reduce body weight and improve cardiopulmonary function after 3 months.

the immunity of the body increased after half a year, and the functions of the body improved obviously after one year.

if you persist for more than 3 years, your physical quality and mental outlook will obviously surpass those of your peers.

there is no exercise in life for nothing.

in the adult world, it's easy to get fat, lazy and depressed.

but you can still meet that better self as long as you want.


study for 60 minutes every day

as the saying goes, people's skills are like bowls and chopsticks. If a pair is broken, take out another pair.

in this era of surging rivers, the world is changing every minute.

those who expect to lie at home and eat their old money will inevitably be left behind.

keep investing in yourself in order to remain competitive forever.

in the Internet era, there are no barriers to knowledge and there are resources everywhere.

spend at least an hour investing in yourself after work every day.

believe me, time will cash in and make you more valuable.

people's whole life is a process of constantly defeating themselves.

what you will look like ten years from now is hidden in your choice now.

making good use of sporadic time will often have the effect of compound interest.

No matter how small a change is, the accumulation of an inch can be earth-shaking.

finally, I would like to give you a message:

"one day in the future, you think it's luck, but in fact, you deserve it."

, may you not be lazy, do not panic, grow every day, and surpass the past year after year.