She was "abandoned" by Eason Chan and married a 5-year-old scum man. Now she has become like this.

She was "abandoned" by Eason Chan and married a 5-year-old scum man. Now she has become like this.

Everyone has a unique splendor, Yang Qianli is, and so are you.

the entertainment industry is really lively these days.

just some time ago, Yang Qianyu, who has always kept a low profile, immediately rushed into the hot search because # Yang Qianfu moved to the mainland.

Click in and take a look. It turns out that due to the need for isolation when returning from the mainland, in order to accompany his family and facilitate his work, Yang Qianfu's whole family simply moved to Shanghai.

the most popular comment on Weibo is that Yang Qianzhu can open her voice more.

is it possible to look forward to Sister Chien-Yu's concert? the live stage is really yyds.

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Don't say anything, just look forward to having a concert!

I still remember that in our Song 3, which just ended, Yang Qianli's performance really caught our eyes.

as soon as I opened my voice, Kiss everywhere subverted all sentient beings, the singing was charming and tasteful, and the scalp was numb when I heard it. It was too much!

A song "Love that will never be lost", shocked by this immortal affectionate chorus, is breathtaking, penetrating and has a different flavor.

caused many netizens to shout: "Yeqing Hui".

Let Uncle appreciate the charm of singer Yang Qianyu again, and really respond to the phrase "human CD player", hitting the soul martyr.

Yang Qianyu is still the same Yang Qianfu!

there is a playlist on NetEase Yun's music called "how have you become since you fell in love with Yang Qianyu?"

the most liked message in the comment area is:

have the courage to be ordinary. "

however, when it comes to the story of Yang Qianfu, it is by no means ordinary.

Yang Chien-Kai was born in Hong Kong. Her father is a teacher and her mother is a company employee. She is the eldest daughter of the family and has taken on more expectations from her parents.

in order to enrich Yang Qianfu's experience, her parents sent her to learn singing, dancing and other talents from an early age, so she fell in love with singing.

when he graduated from high school, Yang Qianling and his parents expressed their idea of becoming a singer, but they met with strong opposition. Their parents thought that singing had no future.

in desperation, Yang Qianfu had to follow her father's advice, applied for nursing school, and became a nurse after graduation.

on her first day at work, she was arranged for the dead to be encoffined. At that time, she was very scared, but she had no choice but to bear the scalp.

like her own recollection:

"in my four years as a nurse, I learned more. Living in a dormitory for four years, the hospital is also a 'small society' and sees many ways of life. "

perhaps, it is this rare experience that makes it easy for her to perform all kinds of songs, play various roles and move people's hearts.

however, after watching too much parting and joy of life and death, and the strong contrast, Yang Qianfu was at a loss as to what to do and began to use singing to release his emotions and relax himself.

but the day-to-day life is boring, as if to see the end at a glance.

Yang Qianqian is not reconciled to this. In order to become a singer, she resolutely quit her job and took part in the rookie singer competition.

but did not think of, bent on the dream to go, the beginning of the road may not be smooth.

in the early days of his debut, Yang Qianfu had no formal music training, lacked the advantage of singing, did not stir up a splash in the music world, and the response was mediocre.

in order to make a living, Yang Qianfu has done everything, such as singing in a bar and working in a restaurant. It's all routine.

, the sweat and tears behind it, only she knows.

after a five-year low ebb, Yang Chien-Kai finally got out of the siege, made small achievements in her career, and gradually got rid of the label of "little Zheng Xiuwen" and got his own name.

in 2000, Yang Qianli won the gold medal for female singer for the first time for "Girl's Prayer". Standing on the stage, she cried into tears, saying, "I am not beautiful enough, only the word brave in my heart."

since then, Yang Qianfu climbed all the way, sang one classic after another, and won a lot of awards.

from "Big City and Little things" and "Kiss everywhere" to later "unfortunately I am Aquarius", almost every song is a melody engraved into DNA.

of course, Yang Qianwei is not only successful in the music industry, but also has great strength in the film and television industry.

singing with heart and emotion, acting is the same.

she is Fang Lijuan, who is a little neurotic and a little frank and lovely in "Sister Xin Zha";

is the "subway", although it has lost its light, it is still looking for the sea covenant with faint light in its heart.

is Feng Xiaomin, a beer girl who has an amazing amount of alcohol but is optimistic and open-minded in "A thousand cups don't get drunk";

Yu Chunjiao, who dares to love and hate, cheerful personality and distinct flesh and blood in the "Chi Ming and Chunjiao" movies.

in the eyes of many people, "there is no Yu Chunjiao in the world except Yang Qianfu." It is true that meeting Yu Chunjiao is not only an opportunity for Yang Qianqiao, but also Yu Chunjiao's luck.

there is a scene in the play that shows the feeling of suffocating in the water.

in order to make the performance real, she forced herself to sink into the water again and again to achieve the real effect.

however, Yang Qianwei can't swim, and every time she is filmed, she is on the verge of suffocation and drowning, which makes her collapse and can't be calm for a long time.

rely on sincere emotion.She moved the audience when she entered the performance.

in seven years, Yang Qianjiao has achieved Yu Chunjiao, while Yu Chunjiao has also achieved Yang Qianqiao, who has a clear distinction between love and hate.

from singer to film queen, she has finally been recognized by the audience and let many people know and fall in love with Yang Qianwei.

Yang Qianli sang and acted her own story, and it was like everyone else's story.

each of her songs and works has its meaning, interpreting an open-minded and brave …... Everyone can find their own shadow in it.

along the way, I encountered setbacks and was not favored, but with a lonely and brave voice, Yang Qianfu's acting career advanced by leaps and bounds, and finally broke out a piece of his own world.

however, compared with a more successful acting career, Yang Qianfu's love life is not going well.

the most regrettable "ex" is Eason Chan.

at the beginning, the two met in the rookie singer competition, signed a contract with the same company to become brother and sister, and liked each other day and night.

it's a pity that it wasn't long before Yang Qianqian was arranged to go abroad for further study, and her budding relationship was missed.

perhaps by fate, two unsatisfied lovers become the most important best friends in each other's lives.

Love is like this, some people are doomed to love, some people are destined to have no fate.

but there is still a long way to go.


to bid farewell to the feelings of failure, the frustrated Yang Qianfu focused on his acting career.

however, Yang Qianfu reached the peak of his career, but he did not escape the venomous tongue of the media and was satirized as a "leftover woman".

she ignored this and still had the courage to believe in love and move on until she met Mr.Right-- Ding Zigao in her life.

at that time, Ding Zigao was not nearly as famous as Yang Qianyu, who was a music diva worth more than 100 million, but he was an ordinary person and a proper "scum man" in the eyes of others.

after the relationship was exposed, the pressure came one after another, and public opinion almost fell to the ground.

the gap between the two is so great that outsiders are not optimistic about this relationship and feel that they don't match at all, and even many people are talking bad.

the two, who are not yet in a stable relationship, are also a little confused about whether to "fall in love", while Yang Qianli handed over the choice to Ding Zigao, because she believes they can tide over the difficulty together.

in order not to affect Yang Qianqian, Ding Zigao proposed a temporary separation, leaving each other room to calm down and consider the relationship carefully.

Ding Zigao, who returned to Shanghai, tried to change himself, unlike in the past, he always went out to socialize, and gave up the bad habit of drinking.

and this separation makes them realize each other's importance more clearly and cherish each other's feelings more.

Ding Zigao chose to hold Yang Qianfu's hand tightly and face the gossip in front of him.

even without a little blessing, they don't care, follow their hearts and enjoy love generously.

as long as we truly love each other, no difficulty will stand in the way.

later, Yang Qianwei also admitted that she had never thought of getting married, but Ding Zigao made her yearn for marriage:

"the life of two people is not to ask him to achieve anything, but that he is willing to accompany me to find himself."

from not being favored at first to their love and happiness for 12 years now, they have used time to prove everything.

two people clean up the room together, but don't forget to complain about each other and look at each other "disagreeably", which is funny and funny.

Yang Qianyu, who was hit by a cow and did not cry, could not help crying in front of her husband. Ding Zigao was so distressed that he offered a kiss to comfort him and praised: "my wife is so brave!"

Ding Zigao began to learn to be mature for her, take good care of her, and always remind her to pay attention to her health with the nagging of "thousands of exhorts, ten thousand orders".

of course, Ding Zigao is also very thoughtful and creates surprises and romance for his wife from time to time.

this is what love looks like.

accompany you laugh accompany you to make trouble, give you wholeheartedly guard, unbridled favor, blatant companionship.

gives you the strength to do whatever you want, and gives you a sense of security account every day.

whether she is a 21-year-old ignorant girl or a 47-year-old middle-aged sober girl, Yang Qianwei is a brave man on the road.

she has experienced frustration, confusion and self-doubt both professionally and emotionally.

those difficulties and setbacks inspired her to grow up and realize the magnificent transformation of her life.

"Beauty in life does not necessarily mean smooth luck." It is because of bad times that you understand what true wisdom is. "

now, when Yang Chien-Kai recalls the "ups and downs" of the past, he just smiles.

live happily, contented, more free and easy and mature, is still the memory of the "wild child".

Life is a rough road, only occasionally petals fall.

the most important thing is that Yang Qianqian never forgets to play himself.

Please believe that everyone has a unique splendor. Yang Qianli isOh, you too.

, I hope you can also dare to love and dare to be the queen of true freedom, all the way forward, striding towards your happy life.